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Raghav N

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Aum Sairam

When you surrender to Sri Sai Baba, you leave all your problems behind because Sri Sai Baba Himself takes on the burdens which have distressed you for so long. However, you cannot consider surrender until you know what it is that you are surrendering.

There is much talk about surrender, but very few people really know what it means or what it implies. Surrender is a state or attitude of mind. You surrender your will to the will of Sri Sai Baba. You make the choice to let your whole life, everything you do, even every thought, be of His will, not yours. You do everything for and with Him.

You constantly ask yourself, "What would He like me to do in this instance?" Then you do it and you dedicate it to Him. You observe the result but you do not concern yourself with it. You accept every result as His will, knowing that only Sri Sai Baba sees and understands the whole picture and, therefore, only He can understand all that happens in the world.

True surrender brings you closer and closer to Sri Sai Baba, for you are in constant communion with Him during each day. Also, you begin to see Sri Sai Baba in everyone and everything, all around you, all the time, everywhere, always. That is the way to experience the omnipresent Sri Sai Baba.

True surrender will bring peace of mind, a permanent state of tranquility, because there can no longer be anything to worry about. All worries and apparent difficulties are immediately placed at the feet of Sri Sai Baba and He takes care of them. From that point on, they no longer concern you.

Once you have surrendered completely to Sri Sai Baba, you experience for the first time absolute freedom from the worries, problems and ills of this world. You can be happy and even laugh in apparent adversity. Whatever is happening is a game, Sri Sai Baba's game and you play your part and enjoy it.

But man has not surrendered! He lives almost entirely for himself and is ruled by his senses and his desires. He has no peace of mind and he will never experience it so long as he pursues that path. Desires, desires, desire, there is no end to them. It is an endless path.

Surrender to Sri Sai Baba, offer everything to Him and He will take care of you and all your needs. Experience the bliss that comes from unconditional surrender and leave behind for ever more the miseries and disappointments of the past.

The choice is yours, the timing is yours.

Allah Malik


Aum Sairam

Nirmana-moha jita-sanga-dosa
Adhyatam-nitya vinivrtta-kamah
Dvandvair vimuktah sukha-duhkha-samjnair
Gacchanty amudhah padam avyayam tat

Those who are free from false prestige, illusions and false association, who understand the eternal, who are done with material lust, who are free from the dualities of happiness and distress, and who, unbewildered, known how to surrender unto the Supreme Persons attain that eternal kingdom.

Allah Malik


Aum Sairam

The thoughts that we have to control are the thoughts that are not productive, the thoughts that are damaging, the thoughts that are destructive, the thoughts that are silly, the thoughts that are negative. These thoughts can come from outside and enter into us; or they may already be inside us and merely come forward. The thoughts that come from outside are easier to control than the thoughts that are already inside. If an undivine thought comes from outside, we have to feel that we have a shield all around us or right in front of us as a protection, especially in front of the forehead. If we feel that our forehead is something vulnerable, delicate, exposed, then we will always be a victim to wrong thoughts. But the moment we consciously make ourselves feel that this forehead is a shield, a solid wall, then wrong thoughts cannot come in.

The thoughts that are already inside us creating problems are more difficult to throw out, but we can do it. We can do it through extension of our consciousness. We have a body, and inside this body are wrong forces that have taken the form of thoughts. What we have to do is extend our physical consciousness through conscious effort and aspiration, as we extend an elastic band, until we feel that our whole body is extended to infinity and has become just a white sheet of infinitely extended consciousness. If we can do this, we will see that our consciousness is all purity.

Each pure thought, each pure drop of consciousness, is like poison to impurity or to wrong thoughts in us. We are afraid of impure thoughts, but impure thoughts are more afraid of our purity.

Allah Malik

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Guru God

Aum Sairam

Gurur Brahma, Gurur Vishnu, Gurur Devo Maheshwara, Gurur Sakshat Parabrahma, Tasmai Shri Guruve Namaha! Guru is verily the Representative of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. He creates, sustains knowledge and destroys the weeds of ignorance. A Guru has to take on all the three functions of the trinity - Creation [of good qualities], Sustenance [of higher nature] and Destruction [of negative qualities].

The true meaning of Guru is "One who dispels darkness of Ignorance". "GU" means" Darkness of Ignorance" and "RU" means "One who removes". The word Guru also means "One who is beyond Attributes and Forms". GU stands for Gunateetha - One who transcends the three Gunas [Satwa, Rajas and Tamas] RU stands for Rupavarjitha - One who is formless. The One who is beyond all attributes and forms is none other than the Supreme Self who is resident within each of us.

There are several instances where Great Avatars like Shree Ram and Shree Krishna, who had to submit themselves to their Gurus, Vasishta and Sandipani respectively, for getting self- realization and that the only virtues necessary for such progress are Faith and Patience. The Guru-Shishya Parampara honors the teacher as God and promotes reverence for Vidya [knowledge]. It inculcates humility in the student and respect and gratitude in him for the dispenser of knowledge. Other noble virtues like discipline, dedication, sense of duty, sacrifice and compassion also evolve with the Guru's help. He shows the Path of Enlightenment to seekers.

In Shri Sai Satcharitra a seeker asks Sri Sai Baba: "Where to go?" Sri Sai Baba replies "High up". The seeker then asks "How to go there?" Sri Sai Baba answers: "Take a guide; he will take you straight to your destination, avoiding wolves, tigers and ditches etc. on the way. If there be no guide, there is the danger of your being lost in the jungles or falling into ditches." In Sri Sai Baba's words, No Sadhanas, nor Proficiency in the six Shastras, are necessary.

Have faith and confidence in your Guru. Believe fully, that Guru is the sole Actor or Doer. Blessed is he who knows the greatness of his Guru and thinks him to be HariHara and Brahma [Trimurti] Incarnate. [Shri Sai Satcharitra Ch18/19] Sri Sainath also urged that bookish knowledge is worthless and added, "Let us do our prescribed duty and surrender our Body, Mind and Five Pranas [Life] to the Guru's feet. Guru is God, all pervading. To get this conviction, strong unbounded Faith is necessary." [Shri Sai Satcharitra Ch 32] Neither the senses, nor the mind and intellect reach the Self. Modes of proof, such as Perception and Inference will not help us in the matter. It is the grace of the Guru that counts. The objects of our life such as Dharma, Artha and Kama are attainable with our effort, but the fourth object, Moksha [Liberation] can only be had with the help of the Guru.

Having experienced that Sri Sadguru Sainath is our Guru God; we should develop undiluted devotion with unshakable Faith in Him with utmost Patience. Let us purify our hearts to let the Divine dwell in it. Let us install God, our Sadguru in our hearts.

Allah Malik

Friday, June 22, 2007

Light Of Truth

Aum Sairam

What is new in the world? Nothing. What is old in the world? Nothing. Everything has always been and will always be.

What comes and goes is a form of illusion, the creation of man's mind and yet at the time it all seems so important, absorbing his attention and distracting him from the truth and the reality of life. A house must be built on solid foundations if it is to last. The same principle applies to man; otherwise he too will sink back into the soft ground and becomes swallowed up by the world of illusion.

That is why the divine Sri Sai Baba is here today, to act as your guide and teacher. He is here on earth for your benefit, to give all mankind the opportunity to learn the truth and establish solid foundations for spiritual growth. It is an opportunity which you may never experience again and you should take it while it is there. The divine Sri Sai Baba shows you the way but leaves you to
exercise freely your individual will lead to liberation.

With every tide you witness ebb and flow. So it is with life, the ebb and flow of opportunities. Yet another opportunity is offered to you today.

What is that opportunity? It is the chance to move away from the present pattern of life where you live in the twilight world of illusion, a state which constantly obscures the truth and can never bring lasting happiness.

Awaken and see the light. Seize the opportunity which you now have and break away from the grooves of the past. Follow and experience the utter bliss which comes from union with Sri Sai Baba.

Learn the truth, live in truth, open the heart and let your life be filled with love, and then you will experience absolute joy,peace and the unity of all mankind.

Allah Malik

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Where is God

Aum Sairam

There is nowhere where He is not. Just as one thread penetrates all the flowers in a garland, so also, one Self penetrates all these living beings. He is hidden in all beings and forms, like oil in seed, butter in milk, mind in brain, Prana in the body, fetus in the womb, sun behind the clouds, fire in wood, vapor in the atmosphere, salt in water, scent in flowers, sound in the gramophone records, gold in quartz, microbes in blood.

God dwells in all beings as life and consciousness. God is in the roar of a lion, the song of a bird, and the cry of a babe. Feel His presence everywhere. See God in the wings, of a butterfly, in the letters Alpha and Omega, in the cough of a patient, in the murmur of a brook, in the sound of a bell. Behold the wonder of the Lord's face in every object of this world.

Every breath that flows in the nose, every beat that throbs in the heart, every artery that pulsates in the body, every thought that arises in the mind, speaks to you that God is near. Every flower that wafts fragrance, every fruit that attracts you, every gentle breeze that blows, every river that smoothly flows, speaks of God and His mercy.

The vast ocean with its powerful waves, the mighty Himalayas with its glaciers, the bright sun and stars in the wide sky, the lofty tree with its branches, the cool springs in the hills and dales, tell you of His omnipotence. The music of the sweet singers, the lectures of the Powerful orators, the poems of the reputed poets, the inventions of the able scientists, the operations of the
dexterous surgeons, the utterances of the holy saints, the thoughts of the Shri Bhagwad Gita, the revelations of the Upanishads, speak of God and His wisdom.

Everything is God. Good is God. Misfortune is God. Greet Him in everything and rest peacefully in bliss. God pervades the entire universe. He walks in the garb of a beggar. He moans in pain in the guise of the sick. He wanders in the forest clad in rags. Open your eyes. See Him in all. Serve all. Love all.

Feel the Divine Presence everywhere in every form, in every thought, in every feeling and in every sentiment, in every movement, in every emotion.

God, seen through the senses, is matter. God, seen through the intellect, is mind. God, seen through the spirit, is Atman or the Self.

Thou art indwelt by the Lord. He is the inner ruler, Antaryamin, guarding and controlling your life. He is in you and you are in Him. He is quite close to you. He is not very far, but is nearer to you than you are to yourself. You were thinking in the beginning that He could be found only in Mount Kailash, Ramesvaram, Mecca, Jerusalem, sky or heaven. You had very vague ideas. This body is His moving temple. The sanctum sanctorum is the chamber of your own heart. Close your eyes. Withdraw your Indriyas from the sensual objects. Search Him in thy heart with one-pointed mind, devotion, and pure love. You will surely find Him. He is waiting there with outstretched arms to embrace you. If you cannot find Him there, you cannot find Him anywhere else.

Allah Malik

Baba the Parent.

Aum Sairam

Knowing the parental instincts of Sri Sai Baba and understanding His ability to carry the load of millions is the first step to comprehending His enormous power. As a consequence of viewing the incomprehensible nature of this Lord, one begins to see the reason why He does what He does best; i.e., to aid those in real need and to support spiritual progress by first meeting the mortal
needs of all people - His devotees or not. He is flexible to assist the advancement of devotees so long as the latter are willing to stay course during a long and bumpy ride because the path to material fulfillment and then to self-realization is a mixed bag of fragrant roses and piercing thorns. It is the responsibility of a devotee to demonstrate trust and patience along the way, for the person has not seen the larger map with paths leading to Him. Developing a discipline to work hard with dedication and devotion will help realize the greatness that Sri Sai Baba truly is; especially in light of the Lord himself declining any glory and, to that simplicity we flock to Him.

Allah Malik


Aum Sairam
Karma is the cosmic law of action and reaction. Under its control we souls in the material world reap good or bad results according
to each act we perform. Karmic reactions include not only things that happen to us, but also such things as our health, wealth,
intelligence, physical appearance, and social status, as well as our personalities and inclinations. While we have some freedom to
choose our current acts, our choices are influenced by our natures, or personalities, which have developed from our previous
actions. For example, good choices tend to make us good persons who make further good choices.
The law of karma begins to act upon us when we desire to enjoy separately from Sadguru Sri Sainath, and it locks us into an endless
cycle. Each action begets a reaction that begets another action, and so on. Whether the reactions are good or bad, we must
repeatedly accept new bodies in order for the reactions to play out. And each lifetime in a material body means unavoidable
miseries, such as disease, old age, and death.
While Shri Sai Satcharitra give directions for assuring good reactions. Shri Sai Satcharitra tell us that the only truly beneficial
course of action is to perform spiritual acts that can gain us freedom from the bonds of karma. Spiritual acts are acts for the
service of Sadguru Sri Sainath and are the essence of Devotion. Shri Sai Satcharitra awakens our innate love for Sadguru Sri
Sainath, destroying our desire to enjoy separately from Him, which is the root of our karmic bondage.

Allah Malik

Reflection [Thursday - Baba's Day]

Aum Sairam

May This Thursday [Baba's Day] Bring You Strength, Goodluck, Success, Happiness And Joy.

It is that time of the year when gains and losses of the year gone by are calculated and expectations for the year to come are

made. In short it is time for reflections and resolutions. Calculating ones material gains or losses is mandatory by law for many

as they have to file their returns. What about the spiritual side? Focusing on spiritual part of the life and spiritual evolution

is as important as or rather more important than other issues. Spiritual life is not different than the daily life one leads. It is

an integral part of the person. Any spiritual evolution of the soul has a direct bearing on the daily life of the individual.

Delaying or avoiding contemplating on the teachings of the perfect masters and other saints only makes one more miserable as

advances in age. Even though one is born with the inherent knowledge of the truth as the scriptures declare, one is shrouded by

many layers of ignorance that have to be peeled off before one can discover the truth within them. The role of the teacher in

helping one understand their ignorance is very clearly depicted in Shri Sai Satcharitra. It is by contemplating; understanding and

then implementing the teachings of the perfect master that one slowly advances in small steps towards their own evolution. And when

one starts to implement and incorporate the teachings without any effort it becomes second nature as with any other thing. It is

through a series of such small steps probably made during many lives under the guidance of the perfect master that the soul

eventually walks on the path towards the ultimate truth that is the true home of each and every one. So while reflecting on all

other things, do spend some time This Beautiful Thursday [Baba's Day] in reflecting on the teachings of Sri Sainath presented in

Shri Sai Satcharitra too as it will bring you long lasting happiness.

Allah Malik

Friday, June 15, 2007

Be a Messenger of God

Aum Sairam

In the process of achieving oneness with the Divine, the first stage is for everyone to consider himself as a messenger of God.

Everyone should propagate Sri Sai Baba's message of Spirituality. All of you should take note of this Supreme fact.

People should fill their minds with the all-embracing Love Principle. To experience the fullness of Love, you have to fill your hearts completely with Love. That will be the result of total devotion. But today devotion is not total. Part time devotees cannot expect total reward. The Lord confers full grace on those whose hearts are totally filled with devotion. Spiritual aspirants may follow any one of the nine paths of devotion and realize the Divine.

Among these, the attitude of friendship towards God is one to be cherished because God is the only true and enduing friend for everyone.

To transform the world from its present state, there is no need for a new social system or a new religion or creed. What is essential is a body of men and women with sacred ideals. When there such godly souls the country will enjoy divine dispensation. But such godly persons can survive only in a society in which there is purity of mind and good character. For these two to blossom, the basis is morality. But morality cannot flourish without spirituality. Hence the mansion of the good society has to be built on the foundation of spirituality, the pillars of purity and character with morality as the roof.

Cultivate three qualities

Sarvaloka hithe rathah: One must cherish the well being of everyone in the world.

Sarva jnaana rathah: One must be interested in all knowledge.

Sarva sagune rathah: One must foster all good qualities. Without good qualities, without seeking the welfare of the country and without good thoughts centered on God, how could one be a true human being?"

Allah Malik

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Aum Sairam

Happy Baba's Day

You must move toward success, it doesn't come to you.The golden opportunity you're seeking lies within you.It's not in your surroundings.It's not in luck or chance, or the help of others.It's in you alone.

Opportunities are all around you.You can develop them if you apply persistence to your possibilities.If the door of opportunity appears closed,just keep knocking on it, and keep knocking on it until it opens.

Be an opener of doors.

Allah Malik

In Heaven it is all Free

Everything In Heaven Is Free!

An 85-year-old couple, after being married for almost 60 years, died in a car crash. They had been in good health the last ten years, mainly due to her interest in health food and exercising.

When they reached the Pearly Gates, St. Peter took them to their mansion, which was decked out with a beautiful kitchen, master bath suite and a Jacuzzi.

As they looked around, the old man asked St. Peter how much all this was going to cost.

"It's free," St. Peter replied, "this is Heaven."

Next, they went out in the back yard to survey the championship- style golf course that the home was located. They would have golfing privileges every day and each week, the course changed to a new one representing the great golf courses on earth.

The old man asked, "What are the green fees?"

St. Peter replied, "This is heaven, you play for free."

Next, they went to the club house and saw the lavish buffet lunch with the cuisine of the World laid out.

"How much to eat?" asked the old man.

"Don't you understand yet? This is heaven, it is free!" St. Peter replied, with some exasperation.

"Well, where are the low fat and low cholesterol tables?" the old man asked timidly.

St. Peter lectured, "That's the best part - you can eat as much as you like of whatever you like and you never get fat and you never get sick. This is Heaven."

With that, the old man went into a fit of anger, throwing down his hat and stomping on it, and screaming wildly.

St. Peter and his wife both tried to calm him down, asking him what was wrong. The old man looked at his wife and said, "This is all your fault! If it weren't for your blasted bran muffins, I could have been here ten years ago!"

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Develop Divine Consciousness

Aum Sairam

Yes, it is possible to develop Sri Sai Baba consciousness, which means to be aware of Sri Sai Baba all the time, to think of Him all the time and to remain Divine centered continuously amidst busy life.

We do not think of Sri Sai Baba continuously because we are totally preoccupied with our problems and ourselves. We have little time for others.

A mind that is filled with the thoughts of Sri Sai Baba is a divine mind. It radiates His glory and declares His greatness. A mind that is saturated with the thoughts of Sri Sai Baba, speaks the language of Sri Sai Baba. It expresses His thoughts all the time.

To think of Sri Sai Baba continuously is to invite Him into your mind. To invite Sri Sai Baba into your mind is to make your life divine centered, blessed and uplifted.

Sri Sai Baba is the best companion we can have in our lives. He can be the invisible, ever loving, ever forgiving companion, to whom we can express our true feelings and fears without any reservation.

In Him we can confide our inmost secrets and thoughts and from Him we can seek guidance and direction whenever we need.

Wherever you go and whatever you do, make Sri Sai Baba your partner and facilitator. Even to perform ordinary tasks seek His approval and permission.

A mind that is filled with the thoughts of Sri Sai Baba is the doorway to salvation. By repeating His name, thinking of Him, concentrating on Him, visualizing Him, looking for Him every where and in every thing, making Him your partner in all your deeds, attributing to Him all your successes and failures, you can bring Him into your consciousness and feel His dynamic presence in yourself and in every aspect of your life.

So fill your mind with the thoughts of Sri Sai Baba. Use every opportunity to think of Him only. Remember Him on every possible occasion. Attribute all your successes and failures to Him and express your gratitude and admiration to Him.

In the beginning your thoughts of Sri Sai Baba may be mere thoughts, but in course of time you will feel His dynamic presence in your consciousness and realize the true value of His grace and friendship. Remember, the easiest way to realize Sri Sai Baba is to become His true devotee in thought and deed.

The only way to reach Sri Sai Baba is by keeping Him in your thoughts continuously and making Him the cause and the reason for all your activities and achievements. The only way to reach Him is to start living with a divine oriented consciousness in which you are no more, but Sri Sai Baba is. Identifying yourself with Sri Sai Baba therefore is the key. If you are identified with the forces from below, you suffer; if you are identified with the forces from above, you are happy.

Allah Malik

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Aum Sairam
Taking Dakshina [money] from his followers used to be an important part of Sri Sai Baba's style of guiding his followers.
Whatever he used to collect during the day, he used to distribute in the evenings. He used to give out specific but different amounts to specific people around him everyday; he used to pull out money from his pocket without counting. The miracle was that each person used to get exactly the same amount every day. No matter how much he used to collect everyday, by the next morning he used to be back being the poor fakir.
Once the British government wanted to tax the money received by Sri Sai Baba and appointed a secret agent to count the money Sri Sai Baba receives everyday. The agent used to get perplexed and frustrated because, according to his observation, Sri Sai Baba used to receive about 25 rupees everyday but he used to distribute in hundreds of rupees. How was this possible was the dilemma? When God walked on earth, as Sri Sai Baba devotees know, anything is possible.
Sometimes Sri Sai Baba's asking for money used to be to remind the devotees to pay off previously forgotten commitments or to highlight their weaknesses and bring change in them.
Sri Sai Baba used to say:"I never take money unnecessarily nor do I take from everyone. I ask only those that Allah points me to. Actually, the person that gives me money is planting seeds for a better future. Money is there to do good to others and to progress in the path of dharma. If money is spent only for personal comforts, such use of money is a waste.
What you have is given by God and now is being asked by God. By giving money the person attains Jnana and increases his devotion. What do I do with money? I give it back ten times more."
Allah Malik

Monday, June 11, 2007

Purpose Of Miracle

Aum Sairam

One should understand that the body is not the only living thing, but internally there is Atman that is divine, and does not have birth or death. Atman wears different dresses that is nothing but a body, a life and this goes on till the internal Atman has achieved the whole of spiritual knowledge and does not have any desire and reaches the Paramatma.

But to achieve this in life one has to conquer all his desires by having grip on his senses. However, to do this one has to have a Guru who can help one in achieving the highest goal. But he can only help us when we have faith in him.

Sri Sai Baba is the Sadguru who can draw devotees with full faith and surrender or even those who are trying themselves for surrendering to him and then lord Sri Sai helps them in achieving the highest goal. But for all these one should get faith on their Guru and to get that faith from his devotees God can do anything and performs miracles.

The birth and death are pain and to realize oneself from this bondage of earthly life one has to take help of his Sadguru. And then the Guru drives the chariot of heart tied to the horses which are nothing but our senses and lead them in a virtuous path by preventing them of being lost in the four directions or distractions. He also removes the darkness of the path with the brightness of knowledge and guides them to the God.

Allah Malik

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Two Angels!

Om Sai Ram

Two traveling angels stopped to spend the night in the home of a wealthy family.

The family was rude and refused to let the angels stay in the mansion's guest room. Instead the angels were given a space in the cold basement.

As they made their bed on the hard floor, the older angel saw a hole in the wall and repaired it. When the younger angel asked why, the older angel replied... " Things aren't always what they seem".

The next night the pair came to rest at the house of a very poor, but very hospitable farmer and his wife.

After sharing what little food they had the couple let the angels sleep in their bed where they could have a good night's rest. When the sun came up the next morning the angels found the farmer and his wife in tears. Their only cow, whose milk had been their sole income, lay dead in the field.

The younger angel was infuriated and asked the older angel "how could you have let this happen!? The first man had everything, yet you helped him," she accused. "The second family had little but was willing to share everything, and you let their cow die."

"Things aren't always what they seem," the older angel replied. "When we stayed in the basement of the mansion, I noticed there was gold stored in that hole in the wall.

Since the owner was so obsessed with greed and unwilling to share his good fortune, I sealed the wall so he wouldn't find it. Then last night as we slept in the farmers bed, the angel of death came for his wife. I gave her the cow instead. Things aren't always what they seem."

Morel:Sometimes this is exactly what happens when things don't turn out the way they should. If you have faith, you just need to trust that every outcome is always to your advantage. You might not know it until some time later.

Allah Malik

Why is Thursday important for Sai devotees?

Aum Sairam

Sri Sai Baba said that those who burn incense sticks at Gurusthan in Shirdi on Thursdays and Fridays would have their desires fulfilled by God's grace. Some interpret this as Sri Sai Baba's placing significance on those two days as important for poojas and prayers. Several religious sects place importance on Thursday as a day of prayer and reverence for one's Sadguru. Scriptures probably have references to Guruvar, the Sadguruvar, as appropriate day of the week for the prayers for Sadguru.

How does "Thursday" affect a Sri Sai devotee? Initially, it feels good to do pooja and other activities on Thursdays and have the blissful experience of Sri Sai Baba's grace and His presence in our lives. It can also be observed that slowly these activities assume certain routine and thus transform themselves into listless rituals. Even if not, the Thursday practices result in the happiness and satisfaction of a satsang and the sense of communion with Sadguru and at the same time giving one the permit, if not the freedom, to be away from the thoughts of Sri Sai Baba on other days. But the truth is that one is in constant need of Sri Sai Baba's presence in our lives, His grace, and His blessings ever. Sickness doesn't wait for the weekend nor do calamities fall on days of our choosing. One's cognizance of the need for Sri Sai Baba and the dependence on Sri Sai Baba for everything in their lives would loosen the attachment to any time bound practices but long for His company and blessing always. In this context, Thursday becomes yet another day in the sweet presence of Sri Sai Baba our only savior, but not just a Holy day of respite from other regular days. For Sri Sai devotees Thursday is a holy day and everyday is a Thursday.

Allah Malik


Committing a sinful act knowingly or unknowingly are two different things.If any sin is committed knowingly it is certainly much more serious because we are aware that it is not right but still do it.If we are walking on the road and an insect gets crushed under our feet or if we accidently hit someone while driving on road,they are not so sinful acts as as the ones done knowingly and conciously.

The latter type of sins also fall into two categories - physically,by direct acts involving body and mentally ,by thinking sinful acts like lust,anger,violence etc.Very few people can actually understand what the final consequences of any of their actions will be because what is considered to be good today may turn out to be bad tomorrow. We must pray to Baba that He should give us the capacity to discriminate the good from bad.He should give us the wisdom.We must pray to Him to take us from darkness towards light so that we are able to take just and right steps.We should read the life history of Saints to understand how they conducted themselves on this path in human form and how some ordinary human beings realized God by their faith ,patience and self exertion

Friday, June 8, 2007

We All Possess The Key To Happiness

Aum Sairam

"To all outward appearances he looked very happy and contented, but inwardly, and really he was not so." - Shri Sai Satcharitra, Ch. XIV.

What does everyone strive for or hope to attain? Happiness. People go searching here and there trying many different means of attaining it, not realizing that the key to happiness is actually right around their neck. Everyone possesses the key to his own happiness but it covered with so much falsehood, which is not uncovered just by chance.

The key to true happiness is also not found with knowledge alone. It is found by the experience. Just one moment's experience of the key brings realization of the simplicity of happiness. The key to true happiness is found when an individual experiences himself as a peaceful person realizing that is what he actually is. It might be the experience of only just a moment but understanding that you do have the ability to withdraw from the negative vibrations and experience your true peaceful self brings hope and happiness.

The key is to realize that you are not really an angry, miserable, unfortunate person. Your present state of mind may be such, but you are actually peaceful by nature. How often you use the key and experience your true nature of peace is a different matter.

You have been trying to attain happiness and this has cost so much money, time and energy. Why not now discover the key to true happiness? Take a chance on yourself, discover the treasure within and use the key as often as possible.

Allah Malik

Thursday, June 7, 2007


May This Thursday [Baba's Day] Bring You Strength, Goodluck, Success, Happiness And Joy.

Aum Sairam

Whatever you put into your life is exactly what you get out of it, and no more. If your attitude is cheerful, enthusiastic, and positive, that is how your life will become. If you think thoughts of devotion for god, you will feel devotion. But if you fill your mind with negation, criticism, meanness, selfishness, that is what you will receive. That is the divine law. It cannot be otherwise.

It is the coward and the fool who says This is fate - so says the sanskrit proverb. But it is the strong man who stands up and says, "I will make my fate". It is the people who are getting old who talk of fate. Young men generally do not come to astrology. Go on doing well. Never say any man is hopeless, because he only represents a character, a bundle of habits, which can be checked by new and better ones. Character is repeated habits; and repeated habits alone can reform character. The chaste brain has tremendous energy and gigantic will power.

Make your own future. "Let the dead past bury its dead". The infinite future is before you, and you must always remember that each word, thought and deed lays up a store for you, and that as the bad thoughts and bad works are ready to spring upon you like tigers, so also there is the inspiring hope that the good thoughts and good deeds are ready to defend you always and forever.

Allah Malik

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Seven Wonders Of The World

Aum Sairam

A group of students were asked to list what they thought were the present Seven Wonders of the World.

Though there were some disagreements, the following received the most votes:

1. Egypt's Great Pyramids
2. Taj Mahal
3. Grand Canyon
4. Panama Canal
5. Empire State Building
6. St. Peter's Basilica
7. China's Great Wall

While gathering the votes, the teacher noted that one student had not finished her paper yet. So she asked the girl if she was having trouble with her list. The girl replied, yes, a little. I couldn't quite make up my mind because there were so many.

The teacher said, Well, tell us what you have, and maybe we can help.

The girl hesitated, and then read; I think the Seven Wonders of the World are:

1. To See
2. To Hear
3. To Touch
4. To Taste
5. To Feel
6. To Laugh
7. To Love.

The room was so quiet you could have heard a pin drop. The things we overlook as simple and ordinary and that we take for granted are truly wondrous!

A gentle reminder that the most precious things in life cannot be built by hand or bought by man.

Allah Malik

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Shake It Off

Aum Sairam

A parable is told of a farmer who owned an old mule. The mule fell into the farmer's well. The farmer heard the mule 'braying'- or- whatever mules do when they fall into wells. After carefully assessing the situation, the farmer sympathized with the mule, but decided that neither the mule nor the well was worth the trouble of saving. Instead, he called his neighbors together and told them what had happened...and enlisted them to help haul dirt to bury the old mule in the well and put him out of his misery.

Initially, the old mule was hysterical! But as the farmer and his neighbors continued shoveling and the dirt hit his back...a thought struck him. It suddenly dawned on him that every time a shovel load of dirt landed on his back...HE SHOULD SHAKE IT OFF AND STEP UP! This he did, blow after blow.

Shake it off and step up...shake it off and step up...shake it off and step up! he repeated to encourage himself. No matter how painful the blows, or distressing the situation seemed the old mule fought panic and just kept right on SHAKING IT OFF AND STEPPING UP!

You're right! It wasn't long before the old mule, battered and exhausted, STEPPED TRIUMPHANTLY OVER THE WALL OF THAT WELL! What seemed like would bury him, actually blessed him... all because of the manner in which he handled his adversity.

That's Life! If we face our problems and respond to them positively, and refuse to give in to panic, bitterness, or self-pity...THE ADVERSITIES THAT COME ALONG TO BURY US USUALLY HAVE WITHIN THEM THE POTENTIAL TO BENEFIT AND BLESS US!

Allah Malik

Monday, June 4, 2007

Sovereign Recipe

Aum Sairam

Sri Sai Baba said, "Purification of mind is absolutely necessary, without it all our spiritual endeavors are nothing, but useless show and pomp" in Shri Sai Satcharitra Ch.XVI & XVII.

It is the impurity of your own mind that is mainly responsible for bringing to your notice only the dark side of other's character. Make your own mind faultless and you will find that the number of sinners in this world is very much reduced.

Cultivate the habit of observing your own faults, examine the weaknesses of your heart very critically and you will realize that your mind is full of impurities; then you will hardly find any time to detect the fault of others.

Every thought arising in the mind of a man carries with it a feeling of love or hatred, which brings in joy or sorrow, and which prompts him to see virtue or vice in another. Even the vices of him whom we love appear to us as virtue, and the virtues of him whom we hate appear as vices. Unless we take off these colored glasses of love and hatred from our eyes it is not possible to know a person truly.

Be an impartial observer of every thought-wave arising in your mind; very soon you will notice that no thought arises in your mind. This is a sovereign recipe for controlling the mind. Similarly, if you can dispassionately observe the impulses of love and hatred without identifying yourself with them, you will soon find the practice helpful in eradicating those impulses.

Life is very short; live amicably with all, behave well with all; scatter ambrosia everywhere and do not let fall even a drop of poison anywhere. Your conduct influenced by love is ambrosia and that influenced by hatred is poison.

If a person calls on you even for an hour, fill his heart with ambrosia through your loving and guileless behavior; take care that none may catch poison from you. Remove all poison from the heart and fill it up with ambrosia and then scatter it at every step.

Allah Malik

Training And Tuning Our Mind

Aum Sairam

Human mind if left free and untrained gallops like a pack of wild horses in all directions. It is important in spirituality to constantly steer the mind towards God, or Guru. Shri Hemadpant mentions this in Shri Sai Satcharitra that it is the duty of mind to think and cannot remain so without thinking. If you give it a sense object it thinks of the object and if you give it Guru's name it thinks of Guru. So let us make this conscious effort to constantly think of what we read in Shri Sai Satcharitra or discussed in Satsangs and perceive god in all actions of our daily life. We can go about doing our daily chores yet keep thinking of God. In that way we gradually develop the habit of shouldering the burden of our mundane problems at the feet of god, and remain without anxiety and fear.

We come to accept that everything is His will and it will be done. We start to tune our mind towards His teachings and lead a peaceful life. A person who is at peace automatically influences others in attaining peace. When a mother is distressed and angry, the house is havoc, kids are yelled at, things thrown out and house unkept, I am sure most mothers would identify with this scene while mum is at peace so is the house. This applies not just to mothers but also to all individuals. Let us practice and bring out a difference in our life. Let us not accept responsibility for any of the events happening in our life. Leave it at His Lotus feet and watch how He brings us out unscathed through the hurdles. When Sri Sai Baba holds our hand He never lets it go even for a second for innumerable births.

Allah Malik


Aum Sairam

Concentration is the open secret of focusing all one's attention on a particular object or person in order to enter into and have one's identification with that object or person. The final stage of concentration is to discover and reveal the hidden ultimate Truth in the object of concentration. What concentration can do in our day-to-day life is unimaginable.

Concentration depends on the individual. Some people find it easier to look at the flame of a candle and concentrate, while others find it easier to look at a beautiful flower. Still others prefer to look at the rising sun and concentrate. So if the individual gets a kind of inner joy when concentrating on a particular object, he should concentrate on that object in order to achieve his goal.

Concentration can be done at any moment, at any place, in any position, it need not be done only while sitting. When the inner being compels us to concentrate, we concentrate. There is no hard and fast rule that one has to concentrate only while standing or while seated in the lotus position. When the inner being inspires us, we aspire, and this aspiration can be expressed either in the form of concentration or meditation.

Allah Malik

All is Bliss

Aum Sairam

Look out into the universe and contemplate the glory of Sri Sai Baba. Observe the stars, millions of them, twinkling in the night sky, all with a message of unity, part of the very nature of Sri Sai Baba. You can see the moon, which orbits the earth on a perfect path, a path which can be calculated by scientists for centuries ahead.

What about your own path? Here, you are the scientist for your own life and you alone can plot the path that will take you into the future. You are plotting that path, day by day, with every thought and every act. All action results from thought, so it is thoughts that matter.

When you know the truth, you cannot blame others for the misfortunes of the moment; those misfortunes are of your own creation. What matters is to live in the present, live now, for every moment is now. It is your thoughts and acts of the moment that create your future. The outline of your future path already exists, for you created its pattern by your past. But even that outline can change, and will change, depending on your own thoughts and actions as each new day dawns and then dies away again.

This is the lesson for all. Do not be misled by what you see around you, or be influenced by what you see. You live in a world which is a playground of illusion, full of false paths, false values and false ideals, But you are not part of that world.

You must live in the world while you are there, but do not become part of it, for you are part of Sri Sai Baba and do not belong to the world. The life ahead can only be glorious if you learn to live in total harmony with Sri Sai Baba. He is there always, but it is for you to take His hand and proceed through life, hand in hand with Him in all that you do and think.

You will never find peace and happiness in isolation, separated from the omnipresent Sri Sai Baba. And yet this is how most people live their lives, such lives are shallow and without foundation or direction, like a rudderless ship floundering at sea.

Sri Sai Baba says take My hand and secure your freedom while I am here to help you. Leave behind all the past and forget it. Live in the present, in perfect union and enjoy the peace of mind, which it brings. Once you live in complete harmony with Me, all problems and difficulties cease to exist.

Allah Malik

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Positive and Negative Thinking

Aum Sairam

For some reason, most people find it easier to think in a negative way than in a positive manner. It seems that some effort is needed to think positive thoughts, whereas negative thoughts come easily and uninvited. This has much to do with education and the environment one has been living in.

In order to understand how positive thinking works, and how to use it efficiently, it is important to understand the power of negative thinking.

If you have been brought up in a happy and positive atmosphere, where people value success and self-improvement, then it will be easier for you to think positively and expect success. If you have been brought up under poor or difficult situations, you will probably go on expecting difficulties and failure.

Allah Malik

The Spark Of God

Aum Sairam

God is Omnipresent Omnipotent and Omniscient in our conscience, with wisdom, judgment and knowledge, as these are His qualities. He is in our hearts with so much love. If you distribute your love all over the world, still it will be infinite. You have so much love within you that you need never feel lonely...

To remain in tune with your conscience you have to meditate the quality of your Mediator... Then you have to be tuned with his spirit, the spirit of love, the spirit of wisdom, the spirit of the power of control, the spirit of all his qualities, which you also have.

You have to be tuned with Mother Nature working in and around us as a healer, as a protector. We are given so much energy, courage and strength to fight against our various weaknesses and to fight against all evil.

Then you have to meditate and pray for the good of all your friends and associates. Pray for the good of others, not for your own material needs. God is praying through you. Pray for the comfort of others, and then you will become a wonderful person tomorrow.

You have to meditate and have self-introspection. Ask yourself, "Where am I going wrong, what makes others unhappy with me? Is the fault in my words, behavior or actions?" When you have seen what is wrong, decide to correct it, to be alert and not commit the same mistake. Cultivate your own self with all the wonderful qualities in your spiritual life, which help you in your day-to-day life.

Actually, churches or temples came into existence when man lost his way, forgetting how to treat others or how to live together in peace. Teachings were given to try to bring man back to his original nature, to teach him how to follow his good instincts. Therefore, you should follow any good teaching you find.

When any good thoughts or ideas come, immediately follow them, because that is the dictation of God. If you feel angry, do not talk, keep quiet. The anger will leave you. If you talk at that time, your words will be so hasty they will hurt someone. Try to assimilate your anger. You will find all these teachings in the holy books. Read the holy messages and follow them.

You also have to meditate on what is wrong with the world and try to help. Religion means to help yourself and others to grow. Religion means some principles of life and growth that are to be followed and by which you can grow along with your environment.

You cannot grow alone. We support each other, we help each other. The environment is so important. The more you can help others and your environment, the more you will feel happy. If you clean your house, you feel satisfied. If you clean yourself and your life andhelp your friends, you will feel satisfied and happy. If you are not useful to others, what will you do with your own Salvation?

Salvation is the condition of mind that attains the wisdom to understand the oneness that is common in every existence. Salvation is the condition of your consciousness whereby you understand what the soul is; understand that you are the soul, the spark of God. Salvation is the condition of your own self, which has been trained in such a way that no illusions or the world of attraction and repulsion can ever disturb it anymore.

Allah Malik

Purify Yourself

Aum Sairam

May This Thursday [Baba's Day] Bring You Strength, Goodluck, Success, HappinessAnd Joy.

Jealousy often disturbs peace of mind. Are you jealous of somebody? Jealousy is a canker. It is incorrect to imagine that A has blocked your promotion in office or that B has ruined you by competing in the same business. Again and again remember: no one can make or mar your career. Your career and your life are shaped by your previous Karma. If you are destined to rise, not all the world can stop it. If you are not so destined, not all the world can help you to come up either. Each man is governed by his own destiny. Each man's life is independent, though seemingly interdependent with the lives of others. Remember this. Understand this point well. Never again be jealous of others or blame others for your misfortune.

May be, you are fed up with your environment which disturbs your peace. Instead of trying to change the environment--the chances are you may fail--change yourself for the better. Purify yourself. As you do this, even the environment that has remained bad for you, may be for years, will mysteriously begin to dance and change for the better. The more you grow in purity, the more congenial and harmonious the environment will become. Do not ask. "How?". Try and experience.

Put up with things. What cannot be cured has to be endured. Endure cheerfully. Learn to live on this Beautiful Thursday [Baba's Day] with a hundred inconveniences, annoyances, and irritations from morning till midnight. You will gain in patience, in inner strength, in will power. You will turn disadvantage into an advantage.

Allah Malik


Aum Sairam

As human beings, we all want to be happy. And one of the ways to be happy is to feel that everything is okay. The world is okay, and I am okay. But the trouble is, the world doesn't seem to be okay, nor do we seem to be okay. Therefore, in order to be happy, most people live in some form of state of denial or escape.

The same applies to almost everything around us. Suffering is caused by birth, death, sickness, old age and pain according to the philosophers, but the real suffering is caused by our attitude. If we see birth, death, sickness, old age and pain as natural phenomena, there is a minimum of suffering. If we have a different attitude, it can cause great suffering.

Fundamentally if we look at our inner self, we will discover that it is what we think about ourselves that determines how much suffering we're undergoing. That frequently causes a state of anxiety; perhaps anger is always there, perhaps jealousy, perhaps greed, perhaps sadness. Something is there that is our real suffering and determines how we meet life. It is not the outer things that are the cause of our suffering, but how we react to them. What is left over when there is no outer stimulus is what is important.

The key to solving the problem is to recognize that these inner negative states, which seem to be at the core of our being, really are not at the core. There is something within us that is more fundamental, that is aware of all these states. It has the ability, not necessarily to get rid of these states, but to objectify them rather than identify with them.

Normally we do this by offering everything to Sri Sai Baba, by surrendering, by repeating Sri Sai Baba's name or through introspection. The objective is to not tackle these things directly, but rather to identify with that which is aware of them. This is the purpose of all our spiritual practices. And the more we go to this deeper depth of ourselves, the less power these negative states will have over us.

So, we can say that life is fundamentally suffering, but at a deeper level it is all-divine. And the scriptures tell us that not only is Divinity beyond all suffering, but also that is what we are. So our solution is not so much at the physical and mental level as it is at the level of our identity: Believe the scriptures and the gurus when they tell us that we are That. Recognize that we are the witness of all these states, and allow the healing to take place.

Allah Malik

The Sources Of Knowledge

Aum Sairam

Inspiration, revelation, insight, intuition, ecstasy, divine sight and the supreme, blissful state are the seven planes of knowledge. There are four sources of knowledge: instinct, reason, intuition, and direct knowledge of Brahman [God] or Brahma-Jnana [knowledge of God].

InstinctWhen an ant crawls on your right arm, the left hand automatically moves towards the right arm to drive the ant away. The mind does not reason here. When you see a scorpion near your leg, you withdraw the leg automatically. This is called instinctive or automatic movement. As you cross a street, how instinctively you move your body to save yourself from the cars! There is no thought during such kind of mechanical movement.

Instinct is found in animals and birds also. In birds, the ego does not interfere with the free, divine flow and play. Hence the work done by them through their instinct is more perfect than that done by human beings. Have you ever noticed the intricate and exquisite work done by birds in the building of their beautiful nests?

ReasonReason is higher than instinct and is found only in human beings. It collects facts, generalizes, and reasons out from cause to effect, from effect to cause, from premises to conclusions, from propositions to proofs. It concludes, decides and comes to final judgment. It takes you safely to the door of intuition and leaves you there.

Belief, reason, knowledge and faith are the four important psychic processes. First you have belief in a doctor. You go to him for diagnosis and treatment. The doctor makes a thorough examination of you and prescribes certain medicines. You take them. You reason out: "Such and such is the disease. The doctor has given me some iron and iodide. Iron will improve my blood. The iodide will stimulate the lymphatic and absorb the exudation and growth in the liver. So I should take it."

Then, by a regular and systematic course of these drugs, the disease is cured in a month. You then get knowledge and have perfect faith in the efficacy of the medicine and the proficiency of the doctor. You recommend this doctor and his drugs to your friends so that they too might benefit from his treatment.

IntuitionIntuition is personal spiritual experience. The knowledge obtained through the functioning of the causal body is intuition. There is direct perception of truth, or immediate knowledge through Samadhi or the Super conscious State. You know things in a flash.

In intuition there is no reasoning process at all. It is direct perception. Intuition transcends reason but does not contradict it. Intellect takes a man to the door of intuition and returns. Intuition is Divine vision; it is the eye of wisdom. Spiritual flashes and glimpses of truth, inspiration, revelation and spiritual insight come through intuition.

The mind has to be pure for one to know that it is the intuition that is functioning at a particular moment.

Brahma-Jnana [knowledge of God] is above intuition. It transcends the causal body and is the highest form of knowledge. It is the only

Allah Malik
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