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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Desire & Anger

Aum Sairam

Desire and anger are like pests that destroy the tree of human life. Today desire and anger have become rampant in man. Yes, desires are essential for man. But excessive desires wreak havoc. Na Shreyo Niyamam Vina [without moderation, there can be no wellbeing]. Desires should be kept under check. Man sometimes has love in him and at other times goes into a fit of anger. Such a tendency is the result of improper food and habits. Never translate your thought into action in haste. Take time and enquire whether what you want to do is right or wrong.

Allah Malik

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sri Sai Baba's Form

Aum Sairam

Sri Sai said, "All the insects, ants, the visible, movable and immovable world, is My body or form" in chapter III and "Unless there is some relationship or connection, nobody goes anywhere. If any men or creatures come to you, do not discourteously drive them away but receive them well, and treat them with due respect" in chapter. XVIII & XIX of Shri Sai Satcharitra.

If any of God's creatures ever sustains the least injury or suffers pain at your hand, repent for your action from the bottom of your heart. Do not argue in the following strain; "He was destined to suffer, I served only as an instrument; had I not allowed myself to serve as an instrument, how could he awarded the fruit of his evil Karma? It is his fate which is responsible for his suffering, I am not in the least to blame for it" You have nothing to do with what is in store for him; the injunction of God as well as of the scriptures so far as you are concerned is clear; it is that you should injure none. If you injure anybody, you perpetrate a sin, and for this you will have to suffer. For awarding him the fruit of his evil Karma, God would have chosen His own instrument; why should you have taken this sin upon your head by allowing yourself to serve as an instrument in this case?

Remember how bitterly you resent the slightest pain inflicted on you by another. The victim who suffers pain at your hands experiences the same feeling. Therefore, do not entertain even the thought of injuring another. Always pray to God thus: "Lord, guide me in such a way that I may never allow myself to serve as an instrument in inflicting injury or pain on any of Your children in this creation of Yours."

Always wish well of others, and cultivate the spirit of serving them to the best of your ability. When you see a leper, an invalid, or one who is in distress or poverty, never ignore him thinking that he is suffering for his past misdeeds; for whatever he sowed, he is reaping. Do not hate him; nor add to his suffering by your cold behavior.

Whatever be the magnitude of sins committed by him in the past, your function is not to look at his sins. Your duty is to do him good and serve him to the best of your power and ability. Such is the command of God for you. If you cannot do any positive good to anybody, at least take care that you do not inflict pain or injury on anyone. If you inflict pain on anyone through hatred, you commit a sin for which you will have to suffer.

If anyone suffers through your conduct, crave his forgiveness. Shaking off all pride, approach him respectfully and crave for his mercy. Do not hesitate to acknowledge your guilt even before a multitude. Do not try to defend yourself even under changed circumstances; win his sympathy and love by gratifying him and rendering him good offices. Never entertain the idea: "Who can do me any injury? I am strong and invulnerable in every way. I am superior in wealth, learning and position. He is weak and powerless before me and can do me no harm." Divine Justice makes no distinction between great and small; your wealth, position and learning will not be able to influence His judgment. The sighs of the afflicted and the poor will easily succeed in smashing your pride. Even the slightest act of injury done by you to others should prick your heart like a dart. Then alone will your heart attain peace and you will be absolved of sin.

Allah Malik

Good Thoughts And Good Deeds

Aum Sairam

Whatever you put into your life is exactly what you get out of it, and no more. If your attitude is cheerful, enthusiastic, and positive, that is how your life will become. If you think thoughts of devotion for Sri Sai, you will feel devotion. But if you fill your mind with negation, criticism, meanness, selfishness, that is what you will receive. That is the divine law. It cannot be otherwise.

It is the coward and the fool who says This is fate - so says the Sanskrit proverb. But it is the strong man who stands up and says, "I will make my fate". It is the people who are getting old who talk of fate. Young men generally do not come to astrology. Go on doing well. Never say any man is hopeless, because he only represents a character, a bundle of habits, which can be checked by new and better ones. Character is repeated habits; and repeated habits alone can reform character. The chaste brain has tremendous energy and gigantic will power.

Make your own future. "Let the dead past bury its dead". The infinite future is before you, and you must always remember that each word, thought and deed lays up a store for you, and that as the bad thoughts and bad works are ready to spring upon you like tigers, so also there is the inspiring hope that the good thoughts and good deeds are ready to defend you always and forever.

Allah Malik

Let Others Be Right Most Of The Time

Aum Sairam

Being right, defending our positions, takes an enormous amount of mental energy and often alienates us from the people in our lives. Needing to be right — or needing someone else to be wrong — encourages others to become defensive, and puts pressure on us to keep defending. Yet, many of us spend a great deal of time and energy attempting to prove [or point out] that we are right — and/or others are wrong.

Many people, consciously or unconsciously, believe that it's somehow their job to show others how their positions, statements, and points of view are incorrect, and that in doing so, the person they are correcting is going to somehow appreciate it. Wrong!

Have you ever been corrected by someone and said to the person who was trying to be right, "Thank you so much for showing me that I'm wrong and you're right." Or, has anyone you know ever thanked you when you corrected them, or made yourself "right" at their expense? Of course not.

The truth is, all of us hate to be corrected. We all want our positions to be respected and understood by others. Being listened to and heard is one of the greatest desires of the human heart. And those who learn to listen are the most loved and respected.

It's not that it's never appropriate to be right — sometimes you genuinely need to be or want to be. Perhaps there are certain philosophical positions that you don't want to budge on, such as when you hear a racist comment. Here, it's important to speak your mind. Usually, however, it's just your ego creeping in and ruining an otherwise peaceful encounter — a habit of wanting or needing to be right.

A wonderful, strategy for becoming more peaceful and loving is to practice allowing others the joy of being right — give them the glory. Stop correcting. As hard as it may be to change this habit, it's worth any effort and practice it takes.

The people in your life will become less defensive and more loving. They will appreciate you more than you could ever have dreamed possible, even if they don't exactly know why. You'll discover the joy of participating in and witnessing other people's happiness, which is far more rewarding than a battle of egos.

You don't have to sacrifice your deepest philosophical truths or most heartfelt opinions, but, starting today, let others be "right," most of the time!

Allah Malik

What's In Your Sponge

Aum Sairam

There are 5 sponges laying on your kitchen counter top. Each member of your family has been cleaning up different areas of your home, but all the sponges look the same. You are curious as to what was cleaned in your home, but you can't tell by looking ... they all look the same .... so what do you do?

You squeeze each sponge to see what comes out. As you squeeze the first sponge, you see that cola comes out, and so you decide that someone cleaned the kitchen with that one. Upon squeezing the second sponge, you find tub and tile cleaner - that one was used to clean the bathroom.

Next, in the third sponge, you find motor oil -- hubby was cleaning the garage!

In the fourth sponge, baby powder puffs out when it is squeezed -- yep, the baby's nursery was done with that one!

And finally, in the last one, is floor wax -- that was the one you used on the hall floor!

As you lay the last one down, you look again at their similarity - and they all look the same until they're squeezed.

Humans are the same way. As life squeezes us, different things come out - anger from one, a need for revenge from another, tears from one, remorse from yet another - also greed, untruth, lust - and finally, from one saint, pours forth the love of God.

Just like the sponge, we can only squeeze out what is put in – stay in the word daily, and be in continuous prayer, so that when life puts the squeeze on you and it [WILL], God, and God ALONE will shine forth from you!

Have a blessed, squeaky clean day!

Allah Malik

Thursday, April 16, 2009

A lot of detailed information regarding travel to Shirdi

Devotees going to Shirdi by Air:
The distance between Mumbai to shirdi is approx 260 kms. Mumbai airport is also the closest international airport to reach shirdi. So Sai devotees who wish to come to india especially for shirdi darshan can come to mumbai and then take a Bus ,taxi ,train or a flight to shirdi.The nearest airport to shirdi used to be, Aurangabad ( 126 kms ) but very recently major steps have been taken to have the airport close to the Samadhi mandir .The airport is scheduled to come up at Kakadi village, around 15 kilometres from Shirdi in Ahmednagar district. But As for now ,most devotees who travel from abroad have to reach Mumbai airport first. And then take a flight to Shirdi. You can also go to shirdi from Pune . The only airlink to the holy city is a Jagson Airlines 26-seater helicopter service that connects Mumbai and Shirdi with a daily service. Make sure you book ur air ticket in advance by going to -

Devotees going to Shirdi by bus::
The easiest way to get to Shirdi is by bus. It takes up to 7 hrs. If you fly into the Mumbai airport, hire a taxi (the ones that are in lines at the very front of the airport) to take you to the Dadar Bus Stand. The cost is about Rs.-150 to Rs.-200 (make sure they turn the meter on). There are also people who will try to redirect you to their own "private" taxis. These "private" taxis charge between Rs. 400 to Rs. 600 just to take you to the Dadar Bus Stand. At the Dadar Bus Stand, there are long lines of small ticket counters that sell bus tickets to Shirdi. Preferably, try to get an A/C direct bus ( around Rs.-300 -however, the prices keep changing with time so....this is just a rough estimate). If you are not able to get an A/C direct bus, get a non-A/C direct bus (Rs.-150).[Prices may vary a little] Buses leave almost every 3 hours from Mumbai to Shirdi. So your wait will not be long. The buses make about 2 stops for food. The restaurants are non-vegetarian. So make sure you pack some snacks and bottled water for the trip. Keep an eye on your luggage! Some buses goes to Nasik and then to shirdi others take a short cut avoiding nasik.Bus route - Mumbai- Nashik- Niphad- Yeola - Shirdi. Distance between Pune to shirdi - 190 KmsBus route - Pune- Kalamba- sangmner- Talegaon- shirdiDistance between Aurangabad to Shirdi 126 kms.Bus route - Aurangabad- Vaijapur Yeola- Kopargaon-Shirdi. Try to get a bus that departs before 11am so you will not arrive too late at Shirdi. There are buses to shirdi which starts even at 11 pm but if you are travelling alone -Plz be aware that it is not safe specially for female Sai devotees .Ofcourse everyone says Saibaba is there to protect. But still You also need to plan your trip safely.If your flight arrives late night to Mumbai airport or too early in the morning, better stay in a friends house or in a hotel in mumbai . There are few near the airport. I really don’t have any idea about the budget of the Hotels in mumbai. But they can be quite expensive. If your flight arrives early morning 2 am to 4 am , wait in airport for 2 hours and then take taxi to Dadar to take Bus to Shirdi.Theres a cabin inside airport campus itself to book taxi or you can check .
For Private Bus (Volvos) Related queries ie - Bookings,Fares,Route,Pick-up/Drop Point -
For State Transport Buses -
Mumbai To Shirdi Route Map -
Also check out the below link

Devotees going to Shirdi by taxi/cab::
Hiring a car can take you shirdi with in 5 to 6 hours.Cabs from Mumbai to Shirdi cost abt Rs 3500 to 6000 INR for one way. ( approx 90 $ to 150 $ ) .. Must be within 12,000 R.s for two way if you return within a day...I found these websites while browsing online- I have never used any of them for my travel nor do I know anything much abt them but here r some links for you to check out

Devotees going to Shirdi by Train::
Sai Nagar Shirdi Railway station :A new Railway station has been build in shirdi called Sai Nagar. Its just 3-4 kms from the Main saibaba temple in shirdi.
Go to this link to find the fares and seat information for trains going to Shirdi.On the upper left hand corner, choose from the from and to station options and press search trains. For example if u r in Mumbai, type that and for shirdi -type , -Sainagar
also & to check for train seat bookings or availability.
For booking train tickets online
You can also go to

Things to know during your travel to Shirdi:
A majority of the people do not speak English inside or outside of the Temple Complex at Shirdi. Most of the people who speak English are the ones who run the larger hotels. Purchase anti-diarrheal medications before you leave to Shirdi. The Temple Complex has two main places for you to keep your shoes (cost is 1 rupee). If you are wearing chappals or sandals, you have to store them at a separate shoe counter. This is perhaps the most confusing part of the ashram. I would suggest you buy some cheap sandals, mark you name on them and find a place to put them in case you get confused about the shoe counters. Just remember where you put your sandals, because when you come out of from the Darshan area, you are on the opposite side of the Temple Complex. I was not able to find any sort of public internet facilities when I was at Shirdi. Shirdi does have telephone services for local, state and international calls. When booking a return bus ticket to Bombay, make sure you get the earliest bus (it takes 7 hours to get to Bombay) and make sure the bus is A/C (costs around Rs.-300-400). Try to sit on the left hand side of the bus so you can keep an eye on your luggage, which is stored in a compartment below the bus. The boys who sell flowers, pictures and statues can be very stubborn and will literally follow your for hours. If you would like to help them out (most are very poor), make your purchases a few hours prior to leaving Shirdi. Otherwise, you will attract large groups of sellers. A small bundle of roses (about 3-4 roses tied together) costs Rs.-3, if you would like to offer flowers in the temple.

Inside The Temple::
Once you go inside the Temple for Darshan, you can expect long lines if it is a Holy Day or a thursday or a weekend. Otherwise, you will not have to wait long at all. Avoid Holy Days (the lines are extremely long and the wait can easily exceed 5 hours). You can expect police officers and Temple workers to be screaming loudly at people to hurry up and move forward. I would suggest you get in the furthest left-hand side line. In that line, you can touch Sai Baba's actual samadhi and the silver chappals that are located there. You can offer flowers and there are places where you can offer money. As soon as you offer your flowers and touch his samadhi, kindly leave the area. Winters are the best season to visit Shirdi. The months from September to April being the ideal period. The daytime temperature is pleasant during this period, making the days excellent for visiting the tourist attractions of the town. The summers can get very hot (May-August). Make sure you drink bottled water.

Map of temple complex can be found at :
The temple premises of Shri Saibaba is spread in approximately 200 sq. mtrs.It is situated in the heart of Shirdi village and is a major center of pilgrimagefrom all over the world.On an average, daily 20,000 devotees visit Shirdi village, to have the Darshan of Shri Saibaba. In the festival season, more than 1,00,000 devotees visit the Temple everyday.The Temple premises is renovated in the year 1998-99 and now is equipped with all necessary facilities like, Darshan Lane, Prasada (Lunch and Dinner), Donation Counters, Prasad Counters, Canteen, Railway Reservation Counter, Book Stall etc. The Accommodation Facilities are also provided by the Sansthan.

Places To Visit In Shirdi::
Sai Baba's place Shirdi (Maharashtra State) is a very sacred, powerful and important place of pilgrimage in India.
Khandoba Mandir: This place is near Shirsainath Hospital. Baba stepped here in Shirdi at the foot of banyan tree near Khandoba Temple along with Chand Patil's wife's nephew's marriage party. The then Pujari Mhalsapati welcome Him by calling "Ya Sai".
Gurusthan Mandir: This is the place where Baba first appeared to the world as a boy of 16 years & this place is supposed to be Baba's Gurusthan. the famous Margosa (Neem) tree is here. it has a reference in Shri Sai Sat-charita. Devotees claim that their ailments are cured by burning incense here on Thursday & Friday. So dont forget to burn incense there even if it is not a thursday or friday.
Sai Baba's Samadhi Mandir: This is the place where Sacred Body of Baba is resting in Samadhi. The articles handled by Baba are preserved & displayed here in a special showroom. All rituals consisting of Pooja. Abhishek & daily four Aratis are performed here. The Samadhi Mandir of Shri Sai Baba was actually owned by a millionaire from Nagpur and a famous Sai devotee Shreemant Gopalrao, also known as 'Butti Wada'. He wanted to keep an idol of Murlidhar there. However, according to the legends, Sai Baba manifested himself as Murlidhar and the temple became the Samadhi Mandir of Baba. The Samadhi of Baba is built with white marble stones. The railings around it are full of ornamental decorations. The idol of Baba is a marvelous statue made up of Italian marble built by Late Balaji Vasant in 1954. The temple has an assembly hall for about 600 devotees. The first floor of the temple has the pictures depicting the life of the saint. The temple opens on 5 AM with morning prayers and close down at 10 PM with night prayers.
Dwarkamai (Masjid): Baba stayed at this place continuously for 60 years. Innumerable devotees got blessing of Baba here. The Shila (Stone) on which Baba used to sit is located nearby. Also Sacred Fire (Dhuni) lit by Baba is ever burning here. Baba used to give Sacred Udi (Ash) to the devotees to solve their problems in life. Udi distributed to the devotees now is only from this Dhuni. Baba used to cook food here for distribution to devotees. Main attraction of the site is the oil paintings of the sage. If possible, try to read Shri Sai Satcharitra over here. You will find a lot of peace with in you after you do that.
Chawdi Mandir: On every alternate day Baba used to proceed in procession from Dwarkamai to this place at night & halt & sleep here. Now also on every Thursday Palanquin procession of Baba's Photo. Holy Padukas & Satka is taken to this place between 9.15 p.m. & 10.00 p.m. The Chavadi is divided into two parts. One part of the Chavadi has a large portrait of Baba along with a wooden bed and a white chair belonging to him.
Lendi Baug: At some distance from Gurusthan, there is the Lendi Baug. This garden was made and watered daily by Baba himself. It got its name from a nullah (a drain), which used to flow there. Baba used to come here every morning and afternoon and take rest under a neem tree. Baba dug a pit, 2 feet deep, under the neem tree and kept a deep (a lighting object) lit in that pit. An octagonal deepgriha (lighthouse) called Nanda Deep has been built in marble stone in memory of this place. It constantly burns in a glass box. On one side of the deepgriha is a pipal tree and on the other side is a neem tree. There is also Datta Mandir in this garden & Shri Sai Baba's deloyed Horse 'Shamkarna'(Shamsunder) is taking Eternal Rest here. There is also a well here called as 'Baba's Shivdi'.
Other Places: The Samadhis of Shri Tatya Patil Kote, Shri Bhau Maharaj Kumbhar, Shri V.Padmanabha Iyer, Shri Nanawali & Shri Abdul Baba who were ardent Bhaktas closely associated with Shri Sai Baba during His life time are located in Sansthan premises near lendhi Baug.
In addition 3 other Temples are in Temples premises complex : 1) Shri Ganesh Temple, 2) Shri Shani Temple & 3) Shri Mahadev Temple
Nearby Sites:
Situated around 5 km from Shirdi is Sakori. The place is home to the Upasini Maharaj. Shanisinghnapur is 70 km from Shirdi. A temple devoted to Shani is located there.

Staying in Shirdi :
Shirdi has a lot of good hotels as per one’s requirements.
5 Star accommodation : Sun-n-Sand hotel (
Mid-range luxury hotel : Sai Leela Hotel (
MTDC Hotels : Pilgrims Inn Shirdi (
Shirdi Sai Sansthan’s Cheaper Accomodation : Shirdi Sai Sansthan provides cheaper accommodation. For more details please visit the site (
For more hotels with their price details ranging from Rs 500 to Rs 4000:

Useful tips for travellers from foreign countries:
Special VIP Pass :

For overseas devotees, the Shirdi Sai Sansthan provides special passes, which can be obtained from the PRO office, near to the Nanda-Deep.Foreigners can show their passports to get the VIP pass.
Ipods, Mp3 players,Cameras & Mobile Phones :
Photography/video shooting is not permitted in the temple premises, and the temple staff is quite strict about this rule.Cameras and mobile phones are not allowed inside the temple. But there are locker facilities available, for depositing the camera and mobile phones, within the temple complex. But if I were you, I would just leave it in my hotel room or in my car.And specially your ipods and mp3 players, I got stuck once for that so make sure all those hi tech stuff is taken care of before you decide to go to samadhi mandir.

Driving directions from Mumbai to Shirdi::

For more information about the temple log onto:
Shri Saibaba Sansthan Trust, (Shirdi)
PO: Shirdi Tal. Rahata Dist. Ahmednagar

Tel No:+ 91-2423-258500
Fax: office 91-2423-258870 & P.R.O, Office 91-2423- 258770.

Important festivals in Shirdi with dates::

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Aum Sairam

The tears are the greatest possible prayer. Don't be worried about analyzing them, don't try to interpret them; they are beyond interpretation and beyond analysis. Words will not be adequate to say anything about the tears. Tears come from a deeper source than words. And if tears are coming, all that is needed is not to think about them but to allow them, to give them an intensity, to give them a kind of totality. You will understand those tears only when you are not hesitant about going into them, when you are not somehow holding yourself back.

Go into them utterly. Become tears, and when tears come, enjoy. You are overflowing. Thinking of love if tears don't come then you were not thinking about love. Thinking of God if tears don't come then your thinking is futile, impotent. Listening to me, if your heart does not start overflowing with tears, then you were listening only through the head which is not listening. You have been hearing but not listening. When you listen, the heart will start dancing. And the heart has only one way to express itself, and that way is the way of tears.

Allah Malik

Dont Quit

Aum Sairam

May Sri Sai's blessings be forever with all

Worshipful homage to the Eternal and Infinite, the all pervading and indwelling. May Its grace divine be clearly seen and felt. For that Supreme Being is of the very nature of grace. And because that Supreme Being is all pervading, it means that the presence of grace is at all times with us, all around us. We live, move and have out being in the Divine Grace.

Never Despair! Oh man, people of hope, never despair, for grace is at hand. Sai will never abandon us. Even when we think we are finished, that we have lost everything, that all our efforts have been to no purpose that we are defeated, beaten, routed. Even when we think everything is lost, Sri Sai’s grace comes and raises us up from defeat to victory, from abjectness to divine triumph. Grace therefore, is ever at hand. Hence the expression of Lord Sainath. So Never Despair. Struggle on. Never give up.

When we think everything is lost, that help is nearest at hand, and such a thrice so called defeat, will become victory. Grace is always at hand. Therefore, don’t quit. Arise, Awake and Attain Illumination. That is why we are here. That is our Divine Destiny.

When things go wrong as they sometimes will,
When the road you’re trudging seems uphill,
When the funds are low and the debts are high,
And you want to smile, but you have to sigh,
When care is pressing you down a bit
Rest, if you must, but don’t quit.
Life is queer with its twists and turns,
As everyone of us sometimes learns,
And many a failure turns about
When he might have won if he stuck it out;
Don’t give up though the pace seems slow
You may succeed with another blow.
Success is failure turned inside out-
The silver tint of the clouds no doubt,
And you can never tell how close you are,
It may be near when it seems so far;
So, stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit
It’s when things seem worst that you mustn’

Be strong. Be determined. Plod onwards, Heart within and God overhead. If thus we do, we will get help from Sri Sai. In your heart have the right attitude and plod on. Exert, and ten from God, help will come.

Sri Sai bless you. May He give you the wisdom, the vision and the strength to overcome all things.

Allah Malik


Aum Sairam

In 1987, Gopalrao Gund proposed holding in Urs as in expression of his gratitude to Sri Sai for having been granted the birth of a son after many childless years. Sri Sai gave His permission for the celebration and fixed the day for Ramnavami.

This was an ingenious touch of Sri Sai's. Urs is a Muslim festival honoring a Muslim Saint [usually one who passed away]; by holding the Urs, on the day of a Hindu festival, the two communities were brought closer tighter in a natural yet remarkable way. The festival gradually grew in importance and in 1912 some devotees asked Sri Sai if they could celebrate Ramnavami, since it fell on the same day [Ramnavami is a anniversary of Lord Rama's Birth]. Sri Sai agreed and the festival was held in a grand style. From that day, says Shri Sai Satcharitra, "the Urs was transformed into the Ramnavmi festival".

In Shirdi, two locally historic rituals are carried out during this festival: the sack of wheat that is kept in Dwarkamai is changed and the old one taken to prasadalaya to be used there, and secondly, the Dwarkamai flags are replaced. When Urs was first celebrated, Gopalrao Gund prevailed upon his friend to supply a flag for the procession. This was Damu Anna Rasne of Ahmednagar who had similarly been blessed by Sri Sai with Son's having come to Sri Sai for this Purpose on the recommendation of Shama's Father in law. In addition, Gund asked Nanasaheb Nimonkar to supply a second flag with embroidery. This was also done and both flags [described as "huge" by M.W. Pradhan, who saw them] were taken in procession through the village and fixed the two corners of Dwrkamai. Descendants of these two devotees continue this tradition and flags are brought and offered at Sri Sai's Samadhi before being taken on a grand procession.

The procession begins as it did in Sri Sai's time at the house of the three carpenters who did the bulk of the repair work on the mosque [Tukaram, Gabaji, and Kondaji, the former whom personally served Sri Sai for several years]. In the evening, the descendants of Shri Abdul Baba perform a traditional sandal procession, finishing at Dwarkamai and pasting the sandal on the nimbar there.
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