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Monday, March 26, 2012

Special Sai Baba & Saraswati Puja for All Children/Students attending Exams in 2012.

Aum Sai Ram.

I've been performing Special Sai Baba & Saraswati Samuhika Puja for All the Students who are going to face different exams in the coming months of March, April & May. This is the 5th Year that i'm performing this puja to benefit Sai's Children attending thier exams.

I'm performing 5 Thursday Special Puja comprising of Sheerabishekam & Panchamrutha Abhishekam to Sri Sai Baba. Sai Ashtothara Shata Namavali, 108 Pradikshina to Shirdi Sai Baba at my Regular Sai Baba Temple at Jayanagar(E), Tumkur. Offering Dry Coconut, Nava(9) Dhanya(grains) to Dhuni & also performing Dhuni Puja.

Dates of Puja: 1st March 2012, 8th March 2012, 15th March 2012, 22nd march 2012 & 29th March 2012.

I've Completed the 4th Puja successfully on 22nd March 2012 at Dowleswaram Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Temple in Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh where i had been for Sai Pilgrimage Series & it has definitely benefited the Children whose names were read out during the 1st round of Puja.

On the coming Thursday ( 29th March 2012.) Milk Abhishekam to Sai Baba will be performed.

Students interested to participate can give their names along with class/ Std & place & your names will be read out During Puja Sankalpam.

Parents & guardians can also send the Names of the Children along with the other Details & puja will be performed.

Those interested in sending the details, pls do send the same to my mail id:

Those of you Interested in making any contribution to this puja can also contact me at my mail id: for more info.

List of Contributors
1. Mr. Sri Ram B
2. Mrs. Lalitha Ayyari
3. Mrs. U Prabha Murthy
4. Mrs. Prasanna Kumari Lakshmi
5. Mr. Ravindran Thiruvengadam
6. Mr. Krishna Iyer Chandra Shekaran
7. Mrs. Geetha

I Thank all those families, who have supported this cause & made genuine contributions towards the Puja to benefit all the students. Thanks once again for your support.

With the Contributions generated, We are donating Pencils & Pens for children attending exams in govt schools with poor back ground. We are also making contributions to Old Age Homes, Orphanages, Mentally Retarted Childrens homes, Leprosy Camps. So Pls donate generously.

Serial No Student Name Class Place/Country

01. Ashwath, 4th Std, Bangalore, India
02. Aishwarya, 4th Std, Bangalore, India
03. Rahul, 5th Std Chennai, India
04. Rohit, 2nd Std Chennai, India
05. Balaji, 11th Std Coimbatore, India

06. Karthik, 8th Std, Vizag, India
07. Aishwarya, 5th Std, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
08. Panchami, 4th Std, Bangalore, India
09. Pannaga, 5th Std, Bangalore, India
10. Sri Vidya, 3rd Std, Coimbatore, India

11. Sri Ram, 2nd Std, Coimbatore, India
12. Dipika S, 10th Std, Dubai, UAE
13. Abhinav S, 9th Std, Dubai, UAE
14. Luna, 2nd Std, Dehradun, India
15. Sumukh, 1st PUC, Bangalore, India

16. B Chaitanya Sai 9th Std, Devapur, A P.India
17. Sravya K, 8th Sem B Tech, Rajahmundry, India
18. Shreya R, CA, Mumbai, India
19. Aishwarya R, 8th Std, Mumbai, India
20. Kaushik S, 2nd B Com, Mumbai, India

Updated on 28th Feb 2012.
21. Priya S, 12th Std, Kumbakonam,India
22. P.Abirami,12th Std,Madurai, India
23. Upasna Nair, 11th Std., New Delhi, India
24. Menka, Ist year, Masters in Fashion Management, Mumbai
25. P. Anitha, 8th Std, Navajyothi Vidyalaya, Ernavoor, Chennai

26. Veena Alpesh Parmar, ACCA paper F9 and P1, Nairobi, Kenya
27. Anmol Alpesh Parmar, year 5, SCLP Samaj school, Nairobi, Kenya
28. Yashvi Manish Parmar year 7, SCLP Samaj school, Nairobi, Kenya
29. Diya Manish Parmar year 1, SCLP Samaj school, Nairobi, Kenya
30. Vaishnavi Sekar, Class VIII, New Delhi

31. Govind U, 2nd year law, Ontario, Canada
32. Ellannkaathir, Form 4, Bukit Bandaraya School Bangsar, KL, Malaysia
33. Thirunanggaii, Form 1, SMK Bt 14, Puchong, Malaysia
34. Thirunellavan, Form 1, SMK Bt 14, Puchong, Malaysia
35. Elaveaanthaan, Std 3, SJK (Tamil) Bangsar, KL, Malaysia

36. A Sai Krishna, X std, school: B.V. Ashram, chennai
37. Prasiddhi Ravikumar, 12th Std, Dubai
38. Alamelu Vaidyanathan, 11th Std, Dubai
39. M H Vidhyasaga, 11th Std, Dubai
40. Divyadarshini K.M, 9th STD, Muscat,Oman

41. Mayank Garg, 12th Std, Chandigarh, India
42. Saksham Garg, 10th Std, Chandigarh, India
43. Jaideep A, 3rd Eng, pune, India
44. Prerna A, 9th, Pune, India
45. Janaki Iyer, 7th Std, Mumbai, India

46. Mansvini Narayan, 6th Std, Mumbai, India
47. Taruna Iyer, 5th Std, Mumbai, India
48. Shyamnath.P.S, 3rd year 6th semester, Automobile diploma, Pollachi
49. Shilpa sethu P.S, 6th std, chittur-palakkad, kerala

Updated on 29th Feb 2012.
50. Sheetal, 9th Std, Bangalore, India

51. Prajwal, 5th Std, Bangalore, India
52. Sainath , 1st Yr MBA , Hyderabad,India
53. Rahul Kumar Gautam,CDAC Engineer, Noida

Updated on 01st Mar 2012.
54. SHRUTHI.G - 10TH class, Chennai
55. SHRAVAN.G - 6TH class, Chennai
56. Vijaythraj, 4th Std, Chennai, India

Updated on 02nd Mar 2012.
57. T.K.Sai Lakshmi Sameera - V class - Bangalore
58. G.H.Supriya - VII class - Bangalore

Updated on 04th Mar 2012.
59. Vishal, 1st Year Diploma, Bangalore
60. Bhavika, 5th Std, Bangalore

Updated on 07th Mar 2012.
61. P.V.Prathiksha - 6th standard, Bangalore
62. Kaniksha - Mont III, Bangalore
63. Madhan kumar, Ph.D. Submission of thesis work, Chennai
64. Sai krishna, 10th std, Chennai
65. Monica raj, 12th std. Chennai

66. Anurag Gautam, Noida, India
67. CHETNA SETHI, 2nd semester, M TECH, LUCKNOW
68. KHYATI SETHI, 2nd semester, B TECH, LUCKNOW
69. Parvesh Arora, 12th standard, New Delhi
70. Vaishali Kohli, 12th standard, New Delhi

71. Shivansh Bhatia, 12th standard, New Delhi
72. Shivankar Bhatia, 11th standard, New Delhi
73. Viren Tiwari , 8 th Std , Latur,Maharashtra
74. Revati Tiwari , 4 th Std , Latur, Maharashtra

Updated on 09th Mar 2012.
75. sairam, CA-Final , Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
76. Sadhana Ravindran, 12th Std, Chennai.
77. Indhuja, 1st year undergraduate course, Singapore

Updated on 12th Mar 2012.
78. PRANAV DHARSHAN .M (NURSERY) - Pondicherry
79. RAMACHANDIRAN.D (3rd year B.TECH in EEE) - Pondicherry
80. SYLVIA (2nd year BCA) - Pondicherry
81. SANDHIYA (2rd year B.TECH in EEE) - Pondicherry
82. KAVIARSAN (3rd year B.TECH in EEE) - Pondicherry
83. GOWTHOM.S (3rd year B.TECH in EEE) - Pondicherry
84. VICKY PRASADTH(3rd year B.TECH in EEE) - Pondicherry
85. THIGAKER.S(1rd year B.TECH in ECE) - Pondicherry
86. SUGANTHI.S(+2 std) - Pondicherry
87. SUBASH.D(+2 std) - Pondicherry

88. Anusha Keerthi 3rd year M B B S - Kolar.
89. A.Venkata Rama Krishna, Phd Vienna

Updated on 14th Mar 2012.
90. M.Sainath, m.b.a(1st year), Hyderabad
97. Sai Pallavi( class V), St. Anns School, Hyderabad.
98. K. DEVI SREE, c.s.e-3rd yr, chennai.

99. C. PREETHI, 6th Std Aurobindo centenary School, Tadipatri
100. C. KARTHIKEYAN, 1st Std, Sri Aurobindo Centenary School, Tadipatri.
101. Sharanya K.S, 2nd Std, Davangere.

Updated on 24th Mar 2012.
102. M Padmaja, 1st MBA.
103. K.GOKUL, 9th std, Chennai.

Updated on 27th Mar 2012.
104. Rishika Jain, Final MSc, Bikaner, Rajasthan.
105. Omesh Mahtani, BPTC = Bar Professional Training Course, Nottingham, UK.
106. Divyasri, Form 5 Final Year, Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia.
107. Deevan Raj, Form 3, 2nd Year, Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia.
108. Sai Ramya, Moola Nakshatram, 10th standard, Mahaboobnagar.
109. Manoj Kumar, 10th standard, Hyderabad.
110. Sai Srinivas Anirudh, jyesta nakshatram, 7th standard.

111. Pashayanthi, 10th Standard, Warangal.
112. Sravani, 10th standard, Hyderabad.
113. Srilekha, 10th Standard, Siddipet.
114. Purnima, Fazilka, Punjab
115. Chandni, Fazilka, Punjab

Updated on 28th Mar 2012.
116. Bina choudhury,MBA 1st yr,Bhubaneswar,India
117. Abirami, 9th Std, Theni, India
118. Kalpana, 3rd B.A & Diploma in Yoga, Theni, India

Updated on 29th Mar 2012.
119. Sonam Sharma, Bank Exams, Chandigarh, India

Pls continue with the same Format & your names will be read out during the puja.

With Sai's Luv & Best Wishes.
All the Very Best for all the Children attending Exams in the coming Months.
Raghav N
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