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Om Sri Sai Nathaya Namah.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Who are Parents of Lord Shiva?

Aum Sai Ram.

Lord Shiva is asked by a saint "who is your father Lord?"
and he says "Brahma" and then he is asked "and your grandpa?"
Comes the reply "Narayana" and the next querry "then your great grandpa?".
The Lord smiles and says "Myself".

Hope the point is clear. In a circle every point can be the starting point as well as the endpoint.

Moral: Don't look for the End Point at the beginning of any Work you undertake. You will eventually go to the End Point. How you travel through the entire Journey is what one has to look for in Life.

With Sai's Luv & Best Wishes.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Sri Sai Ashtothara Shatanamavali - Type III

Aum Sai Ram.

I recently got this a New Variety of Sri Sai Ashtothara Shatanamavali from a Sai Devotee in Andhra Pradesh & i liked the Sri Sai Ashtothara Shatanamavali. So i'm sharing the same with all Sai Devotees here.

To Download the PDF of Sai Ashtothara Shatanamavali visit: 

1. Om Sri Sai-Ganeshai Namah.
2. Om Sadguru Sai Nathai Namah.
3. Om Jagad-Guru Sai Nathai Namah.
4. Om Param-Guru Sai Nathai Namah.
5. Om Dev-Guru Sai Nathai Namah.
6. Om Sai Shiv-Shaktiai Namah.
7. Om Sai Sarva-Shaktimaanai Namah.
8. Om Sai Sarva-Vyapakai Namah.
9. Om Sai Sarva-Atmai Namah.
10. Om Sai Alakh Niranjan.

11. Om Sai Sarva-Sakshiai Namah.
12. Om Sai Antaryaminai Namah.
13. Om Sai Paripuranai Namah.
14. Om Sai Adi-Shaktiai Namah.
15. Om Sai Anaadi-Shaktiai Namah.
16. Om Sai Ramai Namah.
17. Om Sai Triloki-Nathai Namah.
18. Om Sai Traikal-Darshiai Namah.
19. Om Sai Govindai Namah.
20. Om Sai Sat-Chit-Anand-Swaroopai

21. Om Sai Bhakta-Rakshakai Namah.
22. Om Sai Param-Anand Swaroopai
23. Om Sai Maha-Durgai Namah.
24. Om Sai Akarshan-Shaktiai Namah.
25. Om Sai Agyan-Vinashakai Namah.
26. Om Sai Yogeeshwarai Namah.
27. Om Sai Purushottam-Purushai
28. Om Sai Shankarai Namah.
29. Om Sai Sukh-Swaroopai Namah.
30. Om Sai Kalyan-Swaroopai Namah.

31. Om Sai Jag-Adhaarai Namah.
32. Om Sai Dev-Rakshakai Namah.
33. Om Sai Raghu-Nandanai Namah.
34. Om Sai Asur-Sanghariai Namah.
35. Om Sai Karam Phal-Dattai Namah.
36. Om Sai Dattatrai Namah.
37. Om Sai Karta-Purushai Namah.
38. Om Sai Deen-Bandhuai Namah.
39. Om Sai Bhagat Bhai-Haarai Namah.
40. Om Sai Dukh-Nivaranai Namah.

41. Om Sai Akaal-Purushai Namah.
42. Om Sai Adi-Narayanai Namah.
43. Om Sai Liladhaariai Namah.
44. Om Sai Jan-Hitkaariai Namah.
45. Om Sai Shiv-Shambhuai Namah.
46. Om Sai Aapatti-Haranai Namah.
47. Om Sai Sharnaagat-Vatsalai Namah.
48. Om Sai Madhavai Namah.
49. Om Sai Raakhanharai Namah.
50. Om Sai Jagat-Kaaranai Namah.

51. Om Sai Sadgati-Dattai Namah.
52. Om Sai Maha-Kalikai Namah.
53. Om Sai-Karuna-Sindhuai Namah.
54. Om Sai Sarveshwarai Namah.
55. Om Sai Jagdishwarai Namah.
56. Om Sai Akaal-Shaktiai Namah.
57. Om Sai Patit-Pawanai Namah.
58. Om Sai Vishwa Nathai Namah.
59. Om Sai Ved-Swaroopai Namah.
60. Om Sai Sukh-Dattai Namah.

61. Om Sai Hari-Narayanai Namah.
62. Om Sai Sat-Swaroopai Namah.
63. Om Sai Sarva-Samarthai Namah.
64. Om Sai Jyoti-Swaroopai Namah.
65. Om Sai Maha-Laxmiai Namah.
66. Om Sai Hari-Govindai Namah.
67. Om sai Soham-Devai Namah.
68. Om Sai Onkaar-Swaroopai Namah.
69. Om Sai Maha-Saraswatiai Namah.
70. Om Sai Maya-Vinashakai Namah.

71. Om Sai Vyankteshwarai Namah.
72. Om Sai Hari-Vithalai Namah.
73. Om Sai Moha-Vinashakai Namah.
74. Om Sai Vipatti-Bhanjanai Namah.
75. Om Sai Bhakti-Dattai Namah.
76. Om Sai Mukti-Dattai Namah.
77. Om Sai Gyan-Dattai Namah.
78. Om Sai Gopi-Vallabhai Namah.
79. Om Sai Bhav-Taarakai Namah.
80. Om Sai Sarva-Priayi Namah.

81. Om Sai Apradh-Hartaai Namah.
82. Om Sai Pandhari Nathai Namah.
83. Om Sai Kripa-Saagarai Namah.
84. Om Sai Mangalkaari-Devai Namah.
85. Om Sai Amangalhaari-Devai Namah.
86. Om Sai Amrit-Sindhuai Namah.
87. Om Sai Shanti-Dattai Namah.
88. Om Sai Chandra-Maulishwarai
89. Om Sai Jagat-Roopai Namah.
90. Om Sai Atam-Jyotiai Namah.

91. Om Sai Laxmi-Jyotiai Namah.
92. Om Sai Abhed-Shaktiai Namah.
93. Om Sai Vishwa-Atmai Namah.
94. Om Sai Paramatmai Namah.
95. Om Sai Bhakta-Vatsalai Namah.
96. Om Sai Agni-Roopai Namah.
97. Om Sai Gayatriai Namah.
98. Om Sai Maha-Ambikai Namah.
99. Om Sai Dharma-Rakshakai Namah.
100. Om Sai Sidhhi-Dattai Namah.

101. Om Sai Ridhhi-Dattai Namah.
102. Om Sai Ur-Prerakai Namah.
103. Om Sai Sadhu-Rakshakai Namah.
104. Om Sai Chinta-Naashakai Namah.
105. Om Sai Anand-Muratai Namah.
106. Om Sai Bhagya-Vidhaatai Namah.
107. Om Sai Hari-Harai Namah.
108. Om Sai Para Brahmai Namah.

To Download the PDF of Sai Ashtothara Shatanamavali visit: 


Aum Sai Ram.

If your desires are fulfilled, you feel happy.
If not you will be unhappy and angry on God for this.

It is You who visualised the cycle of Happiness and Sadness.
All these feelings are only due to Your Mind.

If you succeed, you say that is your Achievement.
but if you fail, you throw the blame on God.

Learn to live beyond the happiness and sadness.
Purify your soul, you will get only what you deserve.

Take whatever you get as God's blessings.


Article: Mrs. Padma Karunakaram.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Special Sri Sai Baba & Saraswati Puja for All Children/Students attending Exams in 2013.

Aum Sai Ram.

I've been performing Special Sai Baba & Saraswati Samuhika Puja for All the Students who are going to face different exams in the coming months of March, April & May. This is the 6th Year that i'm performing this puja to benefit Sai's Children attending their exams.

This Year I'll be performing 11 Thursday Special Puja starting from 14th Feb 2013 till 25th April 2013 comprising of Sheerabishekam & Panchamrutha Abhishekam to Sri Sai Baba.

Sai Ashtothara Shata Namavali, 108 Pradikshina to Shirdi Sai Baba at Sri Sai Baba Temple. Offering Dry Coconut, Nava GrahaDhanya (9 Grains) to Dhuni & also performing Dhuni Puja.

For the first time, I'm going to perform 70 days (14th Feb 2013 to 25th April 2013) Daily Puja to Sai Baba by performing Sankalpam, Archana to Sri Sai Baba & Kumkum Archana to Saraswati. Homam will be performed on the final day of the event.

Dates of Puja:
01: 14th Febraury 2013.
02: 21th Febraury 2013.
03: 28th Febraury 2013.

04: 07th March 2013.
05: 14th March 2013.
06: 21st march 2013.
07: 28th March 2013.

08: 4th April 2013.
09: 11th April 2013.
10: 18th April 2013 &
11: 25th April 2013.

01: 14th Febraury 2013: I Started the 70 Day & 11 Thursday Puja on 14th Feb 2013 & successfully completed the 1st Thursday Puja by Performing Sankalpam, Sheerabishekam to Sri Sai Baba, Dhuni Puja, 108 Pradikshina, Archana & Kumkumarchana. Prasad was distributed to Poor People on the 1st Thursday.

02: 21th Febraury 2013: I was in Sri Paada Sri Vallabha Kshetram at Pithakapuram, Andhra Pradesh on 21st Feb 2013 for the 2nd Thursday Puja. This temple is dedicated to Sri Paada Sri Vallabha Swamy, beleived to be the 1st Incarnation of Sri Dattatreya Swamy. I had great time performing Sankalpam in Public for all the Children who's names were provided till 20th Feb 2013.

Then the Panchamrutham Abhishek for Sri Paada Sri Vallabha, Sri Dattatreya & Sri Narasimha Saraswathi & Datta Paduka Commenced. I was able to light a Diya with 365 threads & Black Gingelly Oil on a earthen Diya representing Nithya Deepam/Daily Deepam for 1 Year for all the Students whose names are provided & performed a Pradikshina carrying the same around the sanctum of Sri Paada Sri Vallabha. After the Diya was light, I completed 108 Pradikshina praying for all the Children, their family, friends & relatives for Peace, Success & Prosperity. Dakshina of 10 Rupees each was given to 11 Beggers.

Special Puja's were also performed at Sri Kukkuteswara Temple, Swayambu Datta Mandir, Datta Parampara Sai Baba Mandir, Anagha Datta Ashram & Dhuni Puja at Gopal Baba Ashram in Pithapuram & finally at Sri Satyanarayana Swamy Temple in Annavaram.

03: 28th Febraury 2013: I performed the 3rd week puja at Sai Mandir in Jayanagar, Tumkur. After the sankalpam, 108 Pradikshina & Dhuni Puja, Special Dhuni Puja with 1 extra set of Navagraha Danya, Dry Coconut, Ghee, Champhor was performed on the Name of Ms. Madhuri Dey, who had wished for a Seperate Navagraha & Dhuni Puja.

04: 07th March 2013: I performed the 4th week puja at Sai Mandir in Jayanagar, Tumkur. After the Sankalpam, 108 Pradikshina & Dhuni Puja, Special Dhuni Puja with 1 extra set of Navagraha Danya, Dry Coconut, Ghee, Champhor was performed on the Name of Ms. Madhuri Dey, who had wished for a Seperate Navagraha & Dhuni Puja.

We [Me & Mom] visited Sri Chidambara Ashram, Gubbi, Tumkur Dist on Thursday, 7th Mar 2013 by 5:30pm to Conduct a Program on behalf of Sri Naga Sayee Charitable Trust [R], Tumkur to Distribute, Pens, Pencils, Ruler & Eraser to all the Students who are going to attend their final Exams between the 2nd, 3rd & 4th week of March & Students writing their 10th Std Public exams from 1st week of April 2013.

I was able to spend 30 minutes with the Children of Ashram & gave them Motivation to Study well & Write exams Positively. I'm performing the 70 Days, 11 Thursday's Puja from 14th feb 2013 & after successfully completing the 4th Week of Puja, I Purchased a total of 70 sets of Anchor Italia Pens, Camlin Pencils, Camlin Rulers & Reynolds Erasers & Packed up seperately.

Special Puja for the Stationary was performed after the Sankalpam on all the students names were read out. Archana for Sai Baba, Saraswathi & Ganesha was done with Vibuthi, Kumkum & Akshatha. Later Naivaithyam consisting of 5 kgs of Banana were kept for Puja.

After the completion of Puja The Same Udi, Kumkum were applied to the Children's Forehead by my Mother & her Friend. We started Distributing the Complete set of Pen,Pencil, Ruler & Easer to all the Children. All the Children were given a Banana Each. At the End, Baba's Blessing in the Form of Ashatha were showered on the forehead of all the students who participated in this Event. A Total of 58 Children in the Ashram Received the Baba's Blessings in the form of Exam Stationary.

Later Bhajan & Aarti was performed & the Program concluded with Ashirvachana & blessings to the Kids. I too got the Blessings from the Senior Most Priest of the Ashram for my Well Being & to continue such gud work in the Future too.

It was indeed a Very Nice Experience. Though today being Ekadashi, I was asked to take a complete meal at night in the Ashram consisting of Payasam, Tamarind Rice, Kosamalli, Pickle, Salt, Rice, Sambar, Rasam & Curds.

The Remaining pens were distributed to the children in my Neighbourhood after returning from Ashram at 9:00pm.

I Thank Mrs Veena Narasimha Murty & Mr. Naga Datta for joining us for the program & also giving us the Car for our Transportation from Home to Gubbi Ashram which is at a distance of 25 kms.

I spent 730 Rs on Stationary, 200 Rs on Banana & 250 Rs on the Fuel. I also Thank all the Donors who willingly made their part of Contributions for performing the Event. I'll be performing a similar event in the coming week too. I'm already in contact with the People involved & will update you with more details.

To see the Complete set of 72 Snaps of this Program Visit:

05: 14th March 2013: I performed the 5th week puja at Sai Mandir in Jayanagar, Tumkur. After the Sankalpam, 108 Pradikshina & Dhuni Puja, Special Dhuni Puja with 1 extra set of Navagraha Danya, Dry Coconut, Ghee, Champhor was performed on the Names of Ms. Mahitha Vemuri & Mr. Adithya Vemuri, my Niece & Nephew for their 12th Board & Engineer Exams.

I visited Sri Mahima Shirdi Sai Baba Mandir, Mallasandra, Tumkur Dist on Saturday, 16th Mar 2013 by 5:45pm to Conduct a Program on behalf of Sri Naga Sayee Charitable Trust [R], Tumkur to Distribute, Pens, Pencils, Ruler & Eraser to all the Students who are going to attend their final Exams from 18th March 2013.

I had requested Sri. Rajesh Ramdas, the Trustee & Contact person of Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Mandir, Mallasandra. to help me conduct this Program & gather children from the nearby places close to temple at Mallasandra Village. I was able to spend 45 minutes with the Children who were gathered at the temple.

I had gr8 time speaking to children, knowing their names, Standard in which they are studying etc. I'm performing the 70 Days, 11 Thursday's Puja from 14th feb 2013 & after successfully completing the 5th Week of Puja, I Purchased a total of 25 sets of Anchor Italia Pens, Camlin Pencils, Camlin Rulers & Reynolds Erasers & Packed up seperately.

Special Puja for the Stationary was performed at the temple & after the completion of Puja Udi, Kumkum were applied to the Children's Forehead by me. Akshatha was also showered on the head as ashirvachan/ Baba's Blessings.

I started Distributing the Complete set of Pen, Pencil, Ruler & Easer to all the Children. All the Children were given a Chocolate Each. A Total of 25 Children from the age of 5 yrs to 14yrs of Mallasandra village gathered at the temple Received the Baba's Blessings in the form of Exam Stationary.

I thank Mr. Rajesh Ramdas, Mrs. Mangala Rajesh, Ms. Reema & Ms Harshita for helping me organise this event. I Thank Mr. Naga Datta for joining me for the program & accompanying me from Home to Mallasandra Temple, which is at a distance of 12 kms.

I spent 250 Rs on Stationary, 50 Rs on Chocolates & 100 Rs on the Fuel. I also Thank all the Donors who willingly made their part of Contributions for performing the Event. >

To see the Complete set of 25 Snaps of this Program Visit:

I Visited Beggars Rehabilitation & Care Home run by the Govt of Karnataka to perform a Charity & Awareness Program in my Home Town Tumkur today, Sunday, 17th Mar 2013. I, Mr. Sunny Jain & Mr. Raju visited the cente which is run from a rented premises at Heggere Village in Tumkur Dist & around 11kms from Tumkur Town. It is Near to the Sri Siddhartha Medical College & Hospital in Heggere, Tumkur.

We got an Opportunity to speak to all the 38 inmates who are accommodated at present & Know more about them, the places they have come from & how they were brought here to the rehabilitation centre.

Most of them were from surrounding villages, towns & some as far as maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh & Tamil nadu. 80% of the inmates were mentally not that stable & were not speaking. Some of them though interacted with us & told about their traits before coming here. Most of them were victims of Alcohol & Drug abuse & ended up poor & started begging in streets. Some ran away from family & some where dumped in roads due to their behaviour & financial commitments.

It was not such a Happy moment though to know about each & every ones story. but the Moral being, slave to anti social activities & finally ending up here at the re habilitation. An Inmate, who was previously working as a temple priest, sung a devotional song on Lord Shiva & other gods.

After interacting with all of them, We offered them Orange Fruit & also donated clothes that were collected from friends/colleagues [washed & pressed] that we had carried before returning back from the Rehabilitation Home.

I visited Govt Higher Secondary School at Kanguppe Village, Tumkur Dist on Monday, 18th Mar 2013 by 9:30am to Conduct a Program on behalf of Sri Naga Sayee Charitable Trust [R], Tumkur to Distribute, Pens & Pencils to all the Students who were going to attend their final Exams from today, 18th March 2013.

I had been requesting the School stay to perform the program for almost 10 days now, but there was always a confusion & there was no clarity on the acceptance to perform the Program.

Finally after speaking & conviencing the school staff that we are running a charitable trust only to help the Poor & the Needy, I was given the permission to hand over the Pens & Pencils to the School Staff & they will inturn distribute the same among the students of class 8th & 9th standard in the exam hall & to class 10th students who are in the school for studying during their study holidays.

Though I couldn't personally wish them Gud Luck & give the Pens & Pencils through my Hand or take Photographs with the students, I was extremely happy that i could atleast give some thing from my heart to them & i mentally prayed Sri Sai Baba to bless one & all Students receiving the Pens & Pencils & to help them score well in their final exams.

I Purchased a total of 225 sets of Anchor Italia Pens & Camlin Pencils. A Total of 225 Students were given the pens & pencils by their Class Teachers along with a Chocolate before the Start of the Exam. I was able to see the same from the corridor.

We were not given permission to take snaps of the same due to the exams. Anyways, Mission Accomplished & i successfully handed over 225 sets of Exam stationary to the students.

I spent 1440 Rs on Stationary, 285 Rs on Chocolates & 200 Rs on the Fuel. I also Thank all the Donors who willingly made their part of Contributions for performing the Event. I'll be performing a similar event after the children return from their Summer Holidays in June.

06: 21th March 2013: I performed the 6th week puja at Sai Mandir in Jayanagar, Tumkur. After the Sankalpam, 108 Pradikshina & Dhuni Puja i Prayed for the Success of all the children writing exams in the state of Karnataka their PUC 2nd Year & Class 1st Std to 9th Std Exams.

07: 28th March 2013: I performed the 7th week puja at Sai Mandir in Jayanagar, Tumkur. After the Sankalpam, 108 Pradikshina & Dhuni Puja, Special Dhuni Puja with 1 extra set of Navagraha Danya, Dry Coconut, Ghee, Champhor was performed on the Names of Ms. Gavya Sree Suresh, a 9 year old kid from Chennai, who is suffering with a hole in her Hearth & is going for the treatment on 2nd April 2013, Ms. Vahini, My Niece Studying her BSc Honours at Sri Satya Sai Institute for Higher Learning at Ananthpur & Ms Narmadha Sambandam & Prathika Rajkumar, Toronto, Canada Studying in 12th Std & 2nd Std Respectively .

I Pray Sai Baba to Bless Ms. Gavya Sree to recover from her Ill Health & also help Ms. Vahini, Ms Narmadha Sambandam & Ms. Prathika Rajkumar to Perform their best during the Semester Exams.

Students interested to participate can give their names along with Gothra, Nakshatra, Rashi, class/ Std & place & your names will be read out During Puja Sankalpam.

Remaining 4 Weeks Puja is only Left. Students going to attend Entrance Exams for Engineering, Medical & other Professional Courses are requested to get their Names enrolled for the Special Puja to get the Blessings of Sri Sai Baba & Achieve the Best Results.

Parents & guardians can also send the Names of the Children along with the other Details & puja will be performed on their Names.

Those interested in sending the details can pls send the same to my mail id:

Those of you Interested in making any contribution to this puja can also contact me at my mail id: for more info. It has been found out that some Sai Devotees volunteer to make some contribution ,but the contribution never appears. So People who have promised to make the contributions are requested to Complete the same voluntarily.

List of Contributors
1. Mr. Satyajit Mohanty -- 42. Swanay Mohanty, 12th Std CBSE, India.

2. Mrs. Lakshmi Prasanna Kumari --
            45. T. K. S. Sai Lakshmi Sameera, Std 6th B, Bangalore, India.
            46. G.H.L.Supriya, 8th Std, Bangalore, India.

3. Mrs. Mohini Advani --
            30. Prerna Advani, Tenth boards, Pune, India.
            31. Jaideep Advani, 4th year B.E, Pune, India.

4. Ms. Madhuri Dey -- 32. Madhuri Dey, PGDBCL, Assam, India.

5. Mr. V V S Trinadh [My Elder Brother] --   
            79. Adithya, 3rd B.Tech, Chennai, India.
            80. Mahitha, 12th Std, Chennai, India.

6. Guptha Dan -- Guptha Dan, 12th Std, India.   

7. Guptha Dan -- Guptha Dan, India.   

8. Mrs. Vaishnavi Aravind --
            91. Sai Aditi, 10th Std, Chennai, India.
            92. Sai Meghna, 5th Std, Chennai, India.

9. Mr. Sri Thota Mohan Rao --
           109. T. Sai Ankith,  Inter 2nd yr, Hyderabad, India.
           110. T.Alekhya, Hyderabad, India.

10. Ms. Rajakumari Sambandam --
           113. Narmadha Sambandam, 12th Std, Toronto, Canada.
           114. Prathika Rajkumar, 2nd Std, Toronto, Canada.

I Thank all those families, who have supported this cause & made genuine contributions towards the Puja to benefit all the students. Thanks once again for your support.

With the Contributions generated, We are donating Pencils & Pens for children attending exams in govt schools with poor back ground. We are also making contributions to Old Age Homes, Orphanages, Mentally Retarted Childrens homes, Leprosy Camps. So Please donate generously.

Serial No Student Name Class Place/Country

01. Ashwath, 5th Std, Bangalore, India
02. Aishwarya, 5th Std, Bangalore, India
03. Rahul, 6th Std Chennai, India
04. Rohit, 2nd Std Chennai, India
05. Balaji, 12th Std Coimbatore, India

06. Panchami, 5th Std, Bangalore, India
07. Pannaga, 6th Std, Bangalore, India
08. Varuni, 2th Std, Bangalore, India
09. Sri Ram, 4th Std, Coimbatore, India
10. Sri Vidya, 5th Std, Coimbatore, India

11. Sumukh, 2nd PUC, Bangalore, India
12. B Chaitanya Sai 10th Std, Devapur, A P.India
13. Aishwarya R, 9th Std, Mumbai, India
14. Shreya R, 3rd B Com, Mumbai, India
15. Kaushik S, 3rd B Com, Mumbai, India

16. Hari Prasad, 9th Std, Gubbi, Karnataka. India.
17. Suhas, 9th Std, Gubbi, Karnataka. India.
18. Naga Datta, 1st Year MBA, Tumkur. India.
19. Anirudh R, 6th Sem, DME, Tumkur, India.
20. Adithya R, 2nd PUC, Tumkur, India.

Updated on 10th Feb 2013.

21. Khaweya, Engg 3rd yr, Trichy, India
22. Sahana, 3rd std, Mayavaram, India
23. Govind Upadyayula, Canada.
24. K.Deepthi, B.Tech [IT], Hyderabad, India.
25. K. Raga Divya, B.Tech [CSE], Hyderabad, India.

26. Chetna, Mtech, 4th sem, Lucknow, India.
27. Chandni Swami, Msc.It.4th Sem, Fazilka, Punjab.
28. Kabeer R Sharma,, Ferozepur, Punjab.
29. Purnima sharma, Punjab.
30. Prerna Advani, Tenth boards, Pune, India.

31. Jaideep Advani, 4th year B.E, Pune, India.
32. Madhuri Dey, PGDBCL, Assam, India.

Updated on 11th Feb 2013.

33. Vanshika Garg, 12th CBSE, Ghaziabad.
34. V.Abhijith, XIth   
35. K. Devi Sree, 4th Year B.E, Chennai.

36. M. Monica Raj, 1st yr B.Arch, Chennai.
37. M. Sai Krishna, 11th Std, Chennai.
38. M. Siva Shankar, Chennai.
39. G. Harish, B.Com Final, Chennai.
40. G. Ramesh, X Std CBSE, Chennai.

41. Upasna Nair, 12th Std, Sahibabad, India.

Updated on 12th Feb 2013.

42. Swanay Mohanty, 12th Std CBSE, India.
43. I.Krishna Sruthi, 5th Std, Visakhapatnam.

Updated on 13th Feb 2013.

44. Shilpa Sethu, 7th Std, Chittur, Palakkad.
45. T. K. S. Sai Lakshmi Sameera, Std 6th B, Bangalore, India.
46. G.H.L.Supriya, 8th Std, Bangalore, India.
47. Anmol Alpesh Parmar, 6th Std 12 yrs old, Nairobi, Kenya.
48. Veena Alpesh Parmar, ACCA Exams, Nairobi, Kenya.
49. Lingambhotla Sai Pallavi, 6th Std, Payakaraopeta, Visakhapatnam.
50. P. Anitha, 9th Std, Ernavoor, Chennai.

51. C. Preethi, 7th Std, Tadipatri, A P.
52. C. Karthikeyan, 2th Std, Tadipatri, A P.
53. Aishwarya. B, Final BFM, Mumbai, India.
54. Ashwin B, CFA, Mumbai, India.
55. Hansini M, 10th Std, Mumbai, India.

56. Akhil M, 7th Std, Mumbai, India.
57. Alpesh Parmar, MBA, Nairobi, Kenya.
58. Sai Vahini, 1st BSc, Ananthpur, A P.
59. R.Mahalakshmi, 12th Std, Chennai, India.
60. N. Midhuna, 10th Std, Chennai, India.

61. M. Amar, 9th Std, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
62. G.S. Soundhariya, 8th Std, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
63. G.S. Smitha, 5th Std, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
64. Rohan Kumar, 4th Std, Lucknow, India.
65. Pravalika N, 2nd B Com, Tumkur, India.

66. Bhavika K, 7th Std, Tumkur, India.
67. Parnika K, 1st Std, Tumkur, India.
68. Tanmay Shree, UKG, Bangalore, India.
69. Anand, 4th Sem MSc, Tumkur, India.

Updated on 14th Feb 2013.

70. Sai Ram B, 2nd Std, Bangalore, India.

71. Abhinav Srinivasan Shankar, 10th Std, Dubai, UAE.   
72. Gouthami Shushumna, 8th Std    Rajahmundry, India.   
73. Kusumanjali, 5th Std, Rajahmundry, India.   
74. Mahendra Tulasi, 4th Std, Kakinada, India
75. Tarinii, 2nd Std, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Updated on 16th Feb 2013.

76. B.Sai Surya Tej, 1st Std B Sec, Bangalore, India.
77. A Venkata Rama Krishna, Phd, Vienna, Austria.
78. M Padmaja, MBA, Hyderabad, India.

Updated on 17th Feb 2013.

79. Adithya Vemuri, 3rd B.Tech, Chennai, India.
80. Mahitha Vemuri, 12th Std, Chennai, India.

Updated on 18th Feb 2013.

81. K.Devi Sree, 4th yr B.E., Chennai, India.
82. Bhoomika. M. Shetty, 5th Std, Bangalore, India.
83. Nayana Raj, 11th Std, Dwaraka,Wayanad.
84. Nanditha Raj, 8th Std, Dwaraka,Wayanad..
85. Soumya, 10th Std, Kozhinjamapara, Palakkad.

86. Venugopalan, 12th Std, Kozhinjamapara, Palakkad.
87. Krishna, 2th Std, Meenangadi,Wayanad.
88. Kripa, 2th Std, Meenangadi,Wayanad.
89. Jishnu Venugopal, 9th Std, Meenangadi,Wayanad.
90. Vivek Tyagi, 12th Std., Vasundhara, Ghaziabad, India.

Updated on 01st Mar 2013.

91. Sai Aditi, 10th Std, Chennai, India.
92. Sai Meghna, 5th Std, Chennai, India.
93. M.Siva Swathi, 4th B Tech, Kadapa (A.P)

Updated on 03rd Mar 2013.

94. Sakshi Malik, 11th Std, Revdanda/Alibaug
95. Rupin Malk, 5th Std, Revdanda/Alibaug

96. Nagubandi Pratibha, B tech 4th yr, Visakhapatnam
97. Abhinav Srivastav, B. Tech, Gorakhpur, U P
98. Chetna Sethi, Bank Exam, Lucknow, U P

Updated on 04th Mar 2013.
99. Harshala V, 2nd MCA, Bangalore, India.
100. Kusuma V, 1st MCA, Bangalore, India.

101. Varun C, 9th Std, Bangalore, India.
102. Praveen C, 3rd Std, Bangalore, India.
103. Aishwarya, 2nd PUC, Bangalore, India.
104. Soundarya, 2nd PUC, Bangalore, India.
105. Mamtha, BBM, Bangalore, India.

106. Priya, B.E, Bangalore, India.
107. Ranjitha, B.E, Bangalore, India.
108. Nithin, Diploma in CS, Bangalore, India.
109. T. Sai Ankith,  Inter 2nd yr, Hyderabad, India.
110. T.Alekhya, Hyderabad, India.

Updated on 05th Mar 2013.

111. Pawan N S, VII Std, Bangalore, India.
112. Omesh Mahtani, Nottingham, U K.
113. Narmadha Sambandam, 12th Std, Toronto, Canada.
114. Prathika Rajkumar, 2nd Std, Toronto, Canada.

Updated on 07th Mar 2013.

A01. Arun Kashyap, 10th Std, Gubbi, Karnataka.
A02. Bala Chandra Vaidhya, 10th Std, Gubbi, Karnataka.
A03. Chandra Shekar, 10th Std, Gubbi, Karnataka.
A04. Madhusudhan, 10th Std, Gubbi, Karnataka.
A05. Mithun, 10th Std, Gubbi, Karnataka.

A06. Pavan Kumar, 10th Std, Gubbi, Karnataka.
A07. Subramanya, 10th Std, Gubbi, Karnataka.
A08. Varun, 10th Std, Gubbi, Karnataka.
A09. Arun Shastry, 9th Std, Gubbi, Karnataka.
A10. Hari Prasad, 9th Std, Gubbi, Karnataka.

A11. Kiran, 9th Std, Gubbi, Karnataka.
A12. Narasimha, 9th Std, Gubbi, Karnataka.
A13. Purandara, 9th Std, Gubbi, Karnataka.
A14. Suhas, 9th Std, Gubbi, Karnataka.
A15. Vidya Sankar, 9th Std, Gubbi, Karnataka.

A16. Vinay, 9th Std, Gubbi, Karnataka.
A17. Manju Bharadwaj, 8th Std, Gubbi, Karnataka.
A18. Charan, 8th Std, Gubbi, Karnataka.
A19. Vipesh **, 8th Std, Gubbi, Karnataka.
A20. Narendra, 8th Std, Gubbi, Karnataka.

A21. Vikas, 8th Std, Gubbi, Karnataka.
A22. Vinay, 8th Std, Gubbi, Karnataka.
A23. Ramakanth, 8th Std, Gubbi, Karnataka.
A24. Darshan, 8th Std, Gubbi, Karnataka.
A25. Purna Chandra, 8th Std, Gubbi, Karnataka.

A26. Kanakesh, 8th Std, Gubbi, Karnataka.
A27. Nanjunda, 8th Std, Gubbi, Karnataka.
A28. Vinayaka, 8th Std, Gubbi, Karnataka.
A29. Bharath, 8th Std, Gubbi, Karnataka.
A30. Hemanth Kumar, 8th Std, Gubbi, Karnataka.

A31. Naveen, 8th Std, Gubbi, Karnataka.
A32. Abhijit, 7th Std, Gubbi, Karnataka.
A33. Vishnu, 7th Std, Gubbi, Karnataka.
A34. Manoj, 7th Std, Gubbi, Karnataka.
A35. Hayavadhan, 7th Std, Gubbi, Karnataka.

A36. Ranganath, 7th Std, Gubbi, Karnataka.
A37. Akshay, 7th Std, Gubbi, Karnataka.
A38. Harish, 7th Std, Gubbi, Karnataka.
A39. Nandan, 7th Std, Gubbi, Karnataka.
A40. Srinivas, 7th Std, Gubbi, Karnataka.

A41. Akash, 7th Std, Gubbi, Karnataka.
A42. Naveen Vishwas, 7th Std, Gubbi, Karnataka.
A43. Ajay Simha, 7th Std, Gubbi, Karnataka.
A44. Kanakesh, 7th Std, Gubbi, Karnataka.
A45. Sagar, 7th Std, Gubbi, Karnataka.

A46. Pradeep, 7th Std, Gubbi, Karnataka.
A47. Koushik, 7th Std, Gubbi, Karnataka.
A48. Guru Dutt, 7th Std, Gubbi, Karnataka.
A49. Abhishek, 7th Std, Gubbi, Karnataka.
A50. Niranjan, 6th Std, Gubbi, Karnataka.

A51. Rama Chandra, 6th Std, Gubbi, Karnataka.
A52. Vishnu Prathap, 6th Std, Gubbi, Karnataka.
A53. Sai Vardhan, 6th Std, Gubbi, Karnataka.
A54. Goutham, 6th Std, Gubbi, Karnataka.
A55. Darshan Sharma, 6th Std, Gubbi, Karnataka.

A56. Paneesh, 6th Std, Gubbi, Karnataka.
A57. Manoj, 6th Std, Gubbi, Karnataka.
A58. Prajwal, 6th Std, Gubbi, Karnataka.

173. Samriddhi S, 1st Grade, Arcadia, California.

Updated on 14th Mar 2013.

174. Indukuri Sai Sandhya, MTECH, Eluru, A P
175. Indukuri Sai Vamsi Krishnam Raju, BSc - AG., Bapatla, A P

Updated on 21th Mar 2013.

176. Narendra Ediga, Mtech, Bangalore, India.           
177. Priya Dharshini, 3rd Std, Chennai, India.   
178. Ramya Vaurshine, UKG, Chennai, India.   
179. Nishan Madhavan, B Tech 1st Yr, Tanjavur, Tamilnadu           
180. Hashmitha, 12th Std, Tanjavur, Tamilnadu            

Updated on 28th Mar 2013.

181. Manasa Krishna, 10th Std, Hyderabad, India

Updated on 01st Apr 2013.
182. Chethna Sethi, SSC, Lucknow, India
183. S.P.K.Arul Anandh, 1st Std, Coimbatore, India
184. S.Kavitha, Ph.d, Coimbatore, India

Pls continue with the same Format & your names will be read out during the puja.

With Sai's Luv & Best Wishes.
All the Very Best for all the Children attending Exams in the coming Months.
Raghav N 

Saturday, February 9, 2013


Aum Sai Ram.

Why fear when I am here? Why are you tensed?
I'm here to give solution for your problems. There is answer for every problem.

Though the window is covered by the curtain, it can't change the Day into Night.
Like wise remove the curtain of Ego between You and Me, then you can see Me.

I'll help you for that. I'll do Good for you, you accept it.
Have Patience. Be humble.

Do not leave Hope for tomorrow.
I'll give everything that is GOOD for you.

Have Shradha and Saburi.


Article: Mrs. Padma Karunakaram.

Friday, February 8, 2013


Aum Sai Ram.

This is my Effort to Put some of the Details into Chronological Order of my Own that i Remember very Well. Hope this Benefits Sai Devotees.

1838 ... The birth of Sri Sai Baba. (Possibility)

1854 ... In Shirdi as a Lad of 16 year.

1857 ... Disappeared from Shirdi after showing the first Miracle sitting under the Neem Tree. Enter village drenched in Rain. Baba's Aashan below neem tree totally Dry.

1858 ... Helped Find Bijili the Horse & Came back to Shirdi with Chand Patil Marriage Group.

1886 ...  Slept in Samadhi Stithi for 3 days.

1898 ... slept on the table hanging from a high place.

1900 ... The portrait of Baba came into Existence in the world.

1908 ... First Guru purnima celebrated in Shirdi.

1909 ... Started sleeping in Chavadi n Shej arathi started.

1911 ... Baba rotated Hand mi;l to remove plague from Shirdi. Dabolkar was inspired to write Baba's Satcharitra.

1912 ... Ramanavami & chandan Utsav started.

1916 ... Vijaya Dasami day - Seemalongan by removing dress & putting it into Fire.

1917 ... Dabolkar started writing Sacharitra.

1918 ... October 15th. Baba's Demise.

1918 ... October 16th. Baba's body kept in Butiwada.

1921 ... Formation of Sri Shirdi Sai Sanstan.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sri Sai Baba Photo Magnets [4 Inch * 6 Inch] for Sale.

Aum Sai Ram.

Well & Wish to hear the same from you. We at Sai Photo Blog are Very Happy to Inform you about introducing a New Sai Baba Gift Article under the Gift Section for Sale.

As you all know that we are selling articles under the Gift Section & thus collecting Money earned from the sales to sponsor for the various Charity events we are conducting at different locations.

Instead of requesting the Sai Devotees to donate money, we are selling these Gift Articles at a slightly higher prices & the Profit earned by the sales is used for Charity Purposes.

Recently a set of 7 Sai Baba Photo Magnets has been designed for this Purpose & is kept for sale under the Gift Section.

A 4 Inch * 6 Inch [10.16 Cms * 15.24 Cms] or 6 Inch * 4 Inch Matt Finish Photo of Sai Baba is attached on a Thin Layer of Magnet. It is completely Light Weight & Strong enough to Stick on the Metal Surface of Refrigerator, Steel Almarah, Locker Etc.

Product Code: 
M01 - Sai On Stone. 

Product Code: 
M02 - Sai Gold Crown. 

Product Code: 
M03 - Sai Nagabarana. 

Product Code: 
M04 - Sai Abhaya Hasta. 

Product Code: 
M05 - Sai the Path. 

Product Code: 
M06 - Sai Meditation. 

Product Code: 
M07 - Sai Universe. 

This Sai Baba Photo Magnet with a Photo of Sri Sai Baba is a Perfect gift. It makes a great gift for parents, siblings, friends and relatives. It can be Placed on Surface of Refrigerator, Steel Almarah, Locker etc.

Material : Matt Finish Photo on a Thin Layer of Magnet.
Size: 4 Inch * 6 Inch [10.16 Cms * 15.24 Cms]

This Product is delivered with in 7 - 10 working Days from the Date of Payment by Fedex Courier.

These Sai Baba Photo Magnets are Exclusively Designed for Sai Photo Blog Subscribers & Clients. Sai Devotees have to pay according to the Number of Pieces they would like to buy.

Price For 1 Piece: 250/- { @ 250/- Per Piece}
Price For 2 Pieces: 450/- { @ 225/- Per Piece}
Price For 3 Pieces: 650/- { @ 217/- Per Piece}
Price For 5 Pieces: 1000/- { @ 200/- Per Piece}
Price For 7 Pieces: 1350/- { @ 193/- Per Piece}

The Above Mentioned Charges are towards packing & courier charge.(Inclusive of Courier Charges with in India). Sai Devotees can Mix & Match & buy the Desired Number of Pieces. 
To Buy the Sai Baba Photo Magnets, Pls write to us with u'r Name, Contact Address, Contact Phone Number & Selected Sai Photo Magnets Product Codes to our email id

Mode of Payment can be confirmed once the details are provided by interested Sai Devotees through email. I Hope Sai Devotees will utilise this offer & Get the Blessing of Sri Sai Baba.

We also Request Sai Devotees interested in Procuring the Gift Article to Make the Payment Immediately. It has been seen that some Devotees order the Products, but when it comes to payment, they keep on postponing & at the end, never bother to reply back to our repeated requests for the payment.

Due to this lot of gift Articles are getting accumulated & the money that was reserved for Charity is getting wasted due to the Gift Article not getting Sold. I Request you to complete the Payment Procedure & procure the Gift Article in time.

Some Clients also have doubts whether they will receive the gift articles if they make the payment & due to this, they keep on delaying or don't respond back to us Positively. For Such Sai Devotees who are having any doubts, they can visit the below links to see the Photo Proof of Client Payment & Package Delivery with 

Photo Proof of Client Payment & Gift Package Delivery.

Payment Receipt Proof from our Gift Shop Section Clients

Package with Cd Albums & Photo Gifts Sent to Gift Shop Clients through Courier

Actual Sample's Photo.

Why do we offer food to crows daily?

Once a girl asked me a question:

Why do we offer rice to crows? I live in Denmark, where crows are not to be found to the same extend as in Asia - so my question is , if it is important that it the crows that we offer our food to?


(i) The crows are the representatives of our ancestors; So, when we offer food to crows, our ancestors get pleased.

(ii) The crows are the representatives of the planet Saturn and Yama Dharma Raja. As Saturn is the controller of our duration of life, we will get good health and good image if we offer food to crows.

(iii) As we are very busy, we usually do not have time to help others and hence, we offer food atleast to crows to get the same benefit of feeding people.

(iv) The crowds are very broad minded. They do not eat alone. They invite all their team and eat together. So, you are feeding more birds, not just one.

Though you are in Denmark, offer food on the open terrace of your home, once, twice, thrice, and daily. If one crow finds it one day, it will come the next day also along with its friends. Then if you offer food daily, the crows will make it a habit of coming to your house at a particular time daily. Thus, you can change the customs of crows.

Try this and see what happens. Though it is not insisted , I have been offering food in my home to crows daily at 8 am for very long time since my Childhood. Every day the crows come exactly at 7.45-8 am without any watch. If I delay any day for a few minutes, they call me with a peculiar sound. When I offer food, they spread their wings happily and take their food.

This gives a kind of relief for us when they eat the food punctually and promptly. So, I am still continuing this practice as I try to see Krishna in Crows also. Yes, Krishna is living in Crows also.

So, though a person is a senior devotee of Krishna and has no commitment to do any material rituals, there is nothing wrong in offering food to other animals and see them happy. Jeevakarunya is also the good quality of devotees.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai - Sai Bhajan Dhun by Kousalya & Karthik.

Aum Sai Ram

Today we are uploading this very Famous Sai Dhun - "Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai" Sai Bhajan Dhun Sung by Kousalya & Karthik. This Album has become famous after the release of Telugu Movie "Sri Shirdi Sai" by Nagarjuna. This is Melodiously Hummed throughout the Movie.

This Lyrics of the Dhun goes as below:

Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai

The total Playback time of the Sai Dhun is 5:40 Min & it is quite Energising.  Hope Sai Devotees download the Bhajan, Listen to it & rejuvinate themself.

To Download this Album Visit:

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