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Sunday, August 31, 2014

What is True Knowledge?

Aum Sai Ram.

1. Absence of pride, freedom from hypocrisy, harmlessness, forgiveness, straightforwardness, service of the preceptor, purity of mind and body, steadfastness, control over mind and body.

2. Aversion to all objects of enjoyment (of this world and of the next), absence of egoism, constant revolving of mind in the pain suffering involved in birth, death, old age, and disease.

3. Absence of attachment, absence of identification with son, wife, home etc., constant balance of mind both in favorable and unfavorable circumstances.

4. Devotion to Me (God) through exclusive attachment of mind, living in secluded and sacred places, absence of pleasure in the company of men.

5. Constant fixity in Self-knowledge, observing everywhere the essential Truth (God), - all this is declared to be knowledge (wisdom), and what is contrary to this is ignorance. (Gita XIII. 7-11)

People know that the greatest difficulty for a family is to procure a suitable bridegroom for a girl. But equally, some houses amongst Hindus and much more amongst Muslims felt difficulty in getting a boy married. Help in discovering a proper match for a girl or boy is therefore a veritable boon.

G.D. Pandit of Colaba (Mumbai) was greatly troubled for inability to discover a good bridegroom for his daughter. He made a vow that if he should secure a groom in fifteen days, he would make a trip to Shirdi. Then, from distant Hyderabad, a young man came of his own accord to Pandit's house, took a fancy for his daughter and married her within fifteen days.

Ganesh Keshav Rege, an amin and a staunch devotee of Baba, in poor circumstances, had the misfortune, as he called it, of having many daughters. He had succeeded in getting three daughters married. For the fourth one he was running from pillar to post and could not find any suitable husband.

Sometimes success seemed to be within reach but fate scattered his hopes at the crucial moment. In deep despair he sat in front of Baba's photograph. Suddenly he heard a voice - 'Go to Jirapur'. The words were loud and clear, but there was no person visible who could have uttered them. This, he thought was Baba's 'Ashirvad' for his benefit. But how could he visit Jirapur. He knew none at Jirapur.

When he was in this confusion, the Government sent him an order of transfer to Jirapur. This was Baba's gift. So he went and reported for duty at Jirapur. Then he made enquiries about the matrimonial possibilities of that new place. He found an eligible person soon. Within a month his daughter's marriage was settled.

Ganesh Vaidya had a daughter to be married. Repeated efforts to find a groom were failures. He was much worried. One day Baba appeared in his dream and said: "Why are you anxious? Keshav Dixit has a son". Baba showed him the figure of that boy. Then he got up. He had never heard of Keshav Dixit nor seen a boy like the one shown in the dream. When he mentioned this dream vision to his son, the latter told him that in his office there was a Dixit, son of Keshav, and the boy had the very features described by his father. They made enquiries and soon the marriage was settled.

The cases of Baba's intervention after his Mahasamadhi are similar to those of his intervention and benefit before his Mahasamadhi.

A poor orphan girl had innumerable obstacles in finding a match for herself. She was advised to make a 'Parayan' of Sai Satcharitra. She sat before Baba's picture and started the study. The next day someone came and saw her at the 'Parayan', took interest in her, made the necessary enquiries, and married her within a week.

Ethirajammal was living just behind All India Sai Samaj at Madras. She had difficulty in finding a match for her grown-up daughter. She prayed to Baba. Luckily a groom agreed to marry her daughter and a Contractor visiting Sai Samaj offered his help to lend a sum of Rs. 1700/-. As the program was fixed and just a few days before the D-day, suddenly the contractor backed out of his promise. The girl came with her parents to All India Sai Samaj thoroughly disconsolate. It was a Thursday bhajan and she sang in heart rending tones the well known Tamil bhajan song -"What Baba', Are you testing us still?" Next morning another Contractor came to the Samaj and learning about the pitiable condition, wrote out a cheque for Rs. 2000/- and placed it in my hand and asked me to give to the girl. The marriage was celebrat­ed in the Sai Mandir.

Gopal Ganesh Shriyan entered into a gentleman's agreement in 1924 with a friend that his daughter should wed the latter's son after some years. But as years passed, the boy's collegiate education raised his value, and his father resided from the agreement and was arranging a match elsewhere that would bring him more dowries. When Shriyan heard this, he went and wept in front of Baba's picture. Sai gave him a definite assurance: "Do not worry your self. I will get you the same boy for your son-in-law in two years' time". Sometime thereafter the new arrangement by the boy's father fell through. As days passed the conscience of the educated youth (evidently spurred by Sai Baba within) became so assertive that he impressed his parents the extreme impropriety in breaking the gentleman's agreement. At last the friend confirmed the original pact and celebrated the marriage within the time fixed by Baba.

In 1923, a certain gentleman had expressed himself about marrying Moreswar Chowhan's sister. He had promised to write a formal letter of acceptance. Even after six months the letter did not come and Chowhan's mother felt desolate. She prayed to Baba and said: "Baba, you give experience of your miraculous powers to all. Why not give it to us. I am greatly worried about my daughter. If you have any power I must get a reply approving the match by tomorrow. This was a challenge to Baba to act within twenty four hours. That night she dreamed that the next morning as she sat by her son's side, the postman delivered a letter containing the final acceptance. In point of fact at 9 am next day she sat by her son and began to narrate the dream. The postman peeped in and dropped a letter. That was from the long hesitating party and containing the acceptance she had so long waited for. Baba stood the assay. He is sterling gold.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Why do we Deman Respect or Attention?

Aum Sai Ram.

Why do we demand Respect or Attention from others?

The Moment we Demand, we become Dependent. When others Bind Us, we are not Free.

If we are Ego - Less, then we don't Demand. We are then not Dependent, not Bound.
(However this is different from Respecting Yourself )

If my Smiling or Frowning at your Joke, does not Effect You, you are Free. Freedom Brings Joy and Happiness.

It is Ego that cannot stand someone being Superior. It's always Drawing Comparisons. "I am more Important than You", is the structure of the conversation of Ego.

In the Presence of Ego it is Impossible to keep the Mind Calm. Even if it appears Calm on the Periphery, there is lot of Stress Deep Down.

It is important to be treated with respect by other people, especially in any situations. If you want people to take you seriously and value your opinions and what you stand for, then you have to make a point to get the respect that you deserve from them. Take control of your situation and command and demand respect from the people in your life!

This is lack of freedom. Release Yourself and have a Blessed Life.

Friday, August 29, 2014

What is the significance of keeping the deities in a room full of mirrors in temples?

Aum Sai Ram.

The person who enters the room full of mirrors sees both the Deities and himself. The significance is that one is non-different from the Truth and is a representation of the Vedic Maha Vakya, 'TAT TWAM ASI' (Thou art That).

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Is it right to construct Temple as you wish at any possible Place just to make it a Money minting Business?

Aum Sai Ram.

I was going around to meet some friends at a village near Ongole Dist, Andhra Pradesh in early June 2014. I was surprised to see, so many small temples that have cropped up in every nook and corner.

Even if there is a dingy free space, the best utilization these days, is to build a temple and start minting money from Day 1. Temples have become no more than place of business.

Especially the Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Temples being built in the smallest of the places available, like a 10ft & 10ft Area or even worse a 5ft * 4Ft area adjacent to the Railway Gate in Rajahmundry.

Temple consecration or Agama Shastra, is an ancient and exact science. There are lot many rules in constructing temples for various gods and goddesses. Each of them having different specifications than the rest, right from the ground on which it's built, to the direction it is facing and the kind of idol that has to be consecrated.

Temples in ancient times, were places of divine power and a receptacle for cosmic grace. Mother Earth is a consortium of Geomagnetic, Geothermic and other invisible yet powerful forces. But certain places, have more concentration of these forces than the rest, and that's where most of the powerful temples are built.

If you research on the old temples of yore, you will definitely notice, that the place where it stands, were not built on coincidences, but through a deep study of spaces and it's effects on human psyche.

There are powerful temples, still in India, where just one visit is enough to rewire/dissolve your entire thought process. (Only Energy can effect/affect energy)

The whole edifice, no matter how huge, was self-supporting, without using cement or other man made materials. This natural architectural and geometric interplay of mass and opposing forces, nullified each other, creating a neutral force, which gave an instant sense of calm and peace to the ones visiting it.

One more facet I wish to point out, is the sanctum sanctorum, where the main idol is placed for daily worship. This placement is a highly deliberate and a deeply calculated move, where by, it sits on the exact peak point of the bio-magnetic field underneath. The idol too is made to precise specifications, using exact combination of various metals and minerals, which acts as a powerful storehouse and transmitter, to capture, store, magnify and disperse the powerful underground forces, above the ground.

By performing daily ritualistic ablution of the idol, the geothermic energy is transferred from the idol to the water etc., which is later given as prasad. This water is infused with cosmic energy, which becomes more like Elixir of Life. (Water carries the best magnetic imprints of nature.)

Now a days, people literally construct a shud or wht ever it is called. collected money from various sources. The best way being the Facebook Approach. With so many Mutual friends in rising, it has become a ground to make gud money.

If you are so much interested in building a sanctum to your lord, build a proper one. Also think if you can spend money on upkeep, proper puja ritual as per shastra's? Can you feed the Gods/Guru atleast if not the devotees visiting you!

I get frequent calls from lot of temples saying that they need a Vaastu consultation as the fund flow to the temple is not proper & that the temple is running under lose.

Well, there are many more mysteries to the ways of the ancients; however when time and intention permits, we shall delve deeper into it, maybe some other time.

Till then, think of your last temple visit and decide if it made any difference to you whatsoever?

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Reasons for Reading Sai Satcharitra. Performing Parayan Effectively to get Ultimate Blessings.

Aum Sai Ram.

Sai Devotee’s can do Sai Satcharitra Nithya Parayan [Daily Reading] / Saptah Parayan [Full week Reading] for any of the following reason.

If the Sai Satcharita complete Book is read in one weeks time it is said to Fulfill the Righteous Desire of the

These can Be:

1. Getting some Righteous Wish or Desire being fulfilled by Sai Maharaj.

2. Treatment of an Ailment, Health Issue, Progeny [Santhan Bhagya] or other Health related problem.

3. Seeking the Grace of Sai Baba in Removing the Problem or worries which are surrounding the Bhakta.

4. For Good Education/ Knowledge/ Focus in Studies/ Sai Baba’s Grace in Studies - on a student, for securing good Result.

5. For Employment, Interview and Job.

6. Financial, Material, Emotional, Family and Relationship Related discrepancies.

7. Out of Love, Devotion and Respect to one's Sadguru. 

8. For Grace of Guru in Attaining Salvation[Moksha Pradhan], Success in Path of Self – Realization, Spiritual Upliftment.

9. To Overcome Pride, Egoism, Control over Worldly Objects and Sensations.

10.For Betterment in Life, Peace and Happiness.

The above list is not exhaustive but only indicative of the different reasons for which a Sai Devotee plans to perform a Parayan.

Parayan can fulfill any wish the devotee desires. But the fruit of Sai Satcharitra Parayan and its success Purely depends on Baba’s Grace. He is capable of seeing the worth of devotee, his ture motive, his devotion, His faith and His Past - Present – Future.

Just mere reading of the Holy book with Intention of getting Desired Result may not be blessed by Baba. In this case devotees should not be Disheartened. Baba is the ultimate doer and what He bless shall be the Best for his Devotees.

To be precise, when the devotees start the Nithya Parayan / Saptah Parayan they should completely surrender the result at the Holy feet of Baba and Baba shall bless each according to His Prarabdh Karma or worthiness he continued getting from Past Life.

Procedure to Peform Satisfactory Parayan:

Dear Devotees, there is no Hard and Fast Rule in following these procedure.

All Baba want is Love, Respect & Patience. He did not believe in outward Rituals. If the devotees have firm faith in Baba, parayan shall surly have its own successful Result.

1. Sai Devotees who wish to do weekly Parayan [Saptah] [complete the full book of Sri Sai Satcharitra in 7 days] should start reading the book from Thursday.

2. After taking Head Bath, cleaning temple [Puja Sanctum at Home]. Place a Statue/ Photo Frame of Sri Sai Baba on a Mantap. Apply Chandan & Kumkum Thilak. Place some flower Garland or put some flowers. Light Diya [2 cotton thread per Diya. Light 2 Diya head Minimum or 5 is very Powerful], Incense sticks, Apply Baba’s Sacred Udi & start the Parayan of Sri Sai Satcharitra [called as Saptah Parayan] with complete devotion and faith in Baba.

If the devotees do not have a Puja Sanctum, say for example devotees living in Hostels, Guest House or accomodated in Sharing Basis, they can sit in a Neat Place, where there is no disturbance, and start their parayan.

Similarly if one is not keeping Good Health or by any reason cannot take Bath or Light Diya, taking Baba’s Permission, wash their face & then they can still Read the Book. But Kindly don't read the Room like a Story book sleeping on Cot.

3. Sai Satcharitra has a total of 51 chapters which can be divided into 7 chapters as per to 7 days and can be read by devotees as per to their convenience i.e. they can read all 7 chapter at one go or they can divide these 7 chapter into 3 chapter in the morning and 4 chapter in the evening. This purely depends on the devotees. How they wish to read these chapters in a day.

4. The chapters are divided in the following manner for ease of reading and completing in time. Day 1 Ch 1-6, Day 2 Ch 7-13, Day 3 Ch 14-22, Day 4 Ch 23-28, Day 5 Ch 29-35, Day 6 Ch 36-42, Day 7 Ch 43-51.

5. Every day some Prasad or Naivadiya should be offered to Baba like any Fruit, Dry Fruit, Sugar Candy, Raisins etc as per to convenience of the devotee.

6. By Wednesday evening Sai Satcharitra will complete...

7. After the completion of Sai Satcharitra Prashad[offering] or Dakshina should be offered to Baba either in home temple or in Sai temple near to their home where they can go.

If they cannot go, then they can prepare anything at home or get readymade sweat dish and offer to Baba seeking his blessing for the parayan.

Here again I would like to mention that it is not necessary if you cannot go or offer than, simple Pranam at Lotus feet of Baba shall also do, being in your own place. What ever the devotees eat can be offered as food. It is better to Offer Vegetarian Food towards Naivaithya Prasad.

8. For effective Results, It is highly recommended to Take Head Bath Daily if it permits. Avoid unnecessary conversation & concentrate only on Parayan. During rest of the times, perform Nama Japam or read some spiritual books. Perform 4 Aarti's in a Day if it is possible.

Ladies who are going through their Monthly breaks are requested not to perform Parayan during your Holidays. It is gud to avoid Onion, Garlic, Non Veg in food. Have Lunch in the afternoon & Light tiffin in the evening during the Parayan.

Also avoid consuming Alcohol, Tobacco Products, Smoking. Maintain Celibacy refrain yourself from Physical Contact during the Period of Parayan.

God Bless you & fulfill all your Righteous Desires.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What does the Tortoise Idol in a Shiva temple Signify?

Aum Sai Ram.

You must have noticed that the Tortoise Idol is generally placed near the Nandi (Bull) Idol. Let’s first understand the symbolic significance of Nandi. Nandi is total Devotion. That is “Bhakti”.

A tortoise on the other hand represents Detachment. That is “Vairagya”. Devotion and Detachment together lead us to the path of god.

Here is how the Tortoise represents Detachment:

A tortoise can totally Cocoon itself in its shell. A yogi when meditates cocoons himself from the world too and gets inside his meditative shell. He renounces material possessions or even the thought of them.

Also, the tortoise hatches its eggs in a peculiar way. She does not sit on top of them to hatch them but focuses her attention by constantly looking at them.

So once you are at the temple, look at the Shiva idol or Lingam and that generates a spiritual energy. That’s the importance of Darshan.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Advantages of Being Spiritual.

Aum Sai Ram.

We live in a world where everything is based on Return Value. What will I get if I do that? Similarly what will I get if I am spiritual? Therefore here is a look at the advantages of being spiritual.

1. Inner Peace.
2. Balance in Life.
3. Increased energy.
4. Clarity of Thought.

5. Better Awareness.
6. Makes us Humble and Kind.
7. To Learn to Love and Respect all Living Beings.

8. Helps in Taming Anger, Envy, Ego, Jealousy and Greediness.
9. Realizing the Futility of Sensual Pleasures.

But the Greatest Advantage of being Spiritual is in dealing with life challenging situations – in dealing with death, untoward incidents, broken expectations, unfulfilled desires and more.

One should also be careful that being spiritual does not mean one should be a coward or vulnerable.
Being spiritual does not mean you should say YES always.

Some people by being spiritual, develop unwanted attachments.
Such attachments are the result of ignorance. Do not fall into such traps.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Japa Mala has a thing or two to teach.

Aum Sai Ram.

The Japa Mala (Rosary) has a thing or two to teach,
Of course with the help of Nama (Name). that is,
The Name is the crux of God in the form of Shabdh, (Sound),
Knowing which the chanter can become Nishabdh, (Silent).

When you chant the name with a Mala,
It constantly reminds you to go within with each round.

The name when chanted with faith and fervor,
Will dissolve all the blocks that your mind has clamored.

The name has the power to uplift your consciousness,
Be it Raam or Raheem, it will take you to the same goal.

To unlock the power of the word, one has to chant it slow,
Soak in the essence of it's power to transform your very soul.

When the sound shall mix with your very being,
In that very moment of stillness, you shall realize Him,
In the wordless depth of your very core.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

A Beautiful Inspiration from Sri Sai Baba

Aum Sai Ram.

One Flower Blooms spreading its Fragrance around but it does not stop blooming because there are no other flowers around it.

One Diya stays Lit Spreading Light and Erasing Darkness. It does not stop glowing just because there are no other Diyas lit around it.

In the same way each one of us must continue to do the Good Deeds we do and we must never give up.

When One flower & One Diya can make a Difference. One You can surely make a Big Difference in your Life.

Sai Bless Us All

Friday, August 22, 2014

Don't React for the Smaller Unrelated Aspects of Life.

Aum Sai Ram.

There is ancient story of a Zen Master, Who was always centered in Himself. Living in the outskirts of an old town, Minding His own business ever more.

Once a young unwed pregnant woman came, Seeking refuge in his modest household, She said She was cheated by Her lover, And had no place to go. The Monk graciously let Her in, Took care of her and Her unborn child, Till he became the center of rumors.

Even then he went about His job, Not minding the constant jabs of his neighbors. Soon the parents of the girl found of her whereabouts, Traced Her to the abode of the young monk.

When questioned the girl abruptly confessed, "It is in deed the Monk's child!". The Monk did not react to the allegation, For He knew truth was by his side.

So he said, "Is that so?" and let it pass by. He was stripped off his titles and respects & All began to ridicule Him on his personal aspects.

Yet He lived as if nothing had occurred, Focusing more on the workings of his inner world. Time thus passed by and the girl was stricken with guilt, She realized Her folly and approached the monk for forgiveness.

Her parents too begged of His forgiveness, in front of the whole world, The Monk once again did not react to this mass adulation, For he knew very well, that he was on the side of truth, So once again He said, "Is that so!"

Moral of the Story: Don't React for the smaller unrelated Aspects of your Life. Truth will always win over falsehood.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Multiple Layers of Understanding.

Aum Sai Ram.

There are many layers of understanding,
One deeper than the other,
Just like the humble Onion bulb.

Starting from the gross to the subtlest,
The outer most layer is the driest of them,
Consisting of just dry knowledge about the One,
The second one is a bit moist by experience,
But it is also shaded by the dirt of biased opinions.

The following layer may be pungent and sharp to taste,
It is sad that most of us get stuck in this layer itself,
Never venturing to peel our understanding further,
But the one who goes beyond these outer few,
Will find layers which are juicy, moist and tender.

In time when we transcend our own understanding,
By going deeper and deeper into ourselves/

A time will come when we shall reach the center of our core,
Where there will be nothing to understand, about anything no more.

For then we would have Known the essence of our own being,
That will be the center of the Inner Universe!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Aum Sai Ram.

An inspiring story:

This story is of a Rich Goan Landlord who once asked his parish priest: "Why does everybody call me stingy when every one knows that when I die I will leave everything I have to this church?"

The priest said; "There once was a pig & a cow. The pig was unpopular & the cow was loved by all in the village.

This puzzled the pig. The pig said to the cow: people speak warmly of your good nature & your helpful attitude. They think you are very generous because each day you give them milk, butter & cheese.

But i give too. I give them everything I have. I give them the famous Goa sausages, bacon & ham. I also provide ingredients for mouth watering sorpotel. Yet no one likes me. Why is that?"

The priest continued, "Do you know what the cow answered?"

The Cow said, "Perhaps it's because I give while I am still living."

To give while you are living means you are sharing God's largesse out of love, caring and compassion.

While to give after you are gone seems like you are giving because you cannot take it with you. So it seems like a Forced, Graceless Giving.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Aum Sai Ram.

In 1925, Sri B. V. Narasimha Swamiji, one of the 40 Important Devotees of Sri Shirdi Sai Baba & the Founder of All India Sai Samaj, Mylapore, Chennai met Jagatguru H. H. Narasimha Bharati and sought his advice. The Acharya directed him to enter Vanaprastha (dweller in the woods, which means post house holder's life) and begin his quest for a Sadguru in Ramanasraman at Tiruvannamalai.

Ramana Maharishi had composed hymns on the Lord of Arunachala (Lord Shiva). Sri. B.V.Narasimha Swamiji stayed in Tiruvannamalai for 3 years. After getting Sri Ramana Maharishi's blessings and permission, Narasimha Swamiji went to Pandharpur to worship Lord Vitthal.

He wrote the biography of Ramana Maharishi, the sage of Arunachala, with the title 'Self Realisation'. Till then, Ramana Maharishi's value was appreciated and profiled by a limited circle. Swamiji's quick and intellectual perception, his deep debt of gratitude to Maharishi resulted in the publication of 'Self Realisation', through which he made Ramana Maharishi known everywhere to a larger number of people with religious pursuits. Ramana Maharishi attained Mahasamadhi on 14th April, 1950.

In Pandharpur, Narasimha Swamiji cultivated devotion; but his aim was to find out a Sadguru. He made enquiries and came to know, that in Khedgaon (a place 34 miles from Poona) Sadguru Narayan Maharaj was living. Sri. B.V.Narasimha Swamiji approached him in his Ashram for guidance.

Narasimha Swamiji asked the Maharaj, where he could find the Kohinoor, the richest gem. The Maharaj directed him to go west wards. Narasimha Swamiji went to Meherbad, a place near Ahmednagar and stayed with Meher Baba for sometime. Meher Baba was considered to be a perfect master, who had toured round the world.

He was previously known as Meherwan, born in 1894 in a Zorastrain family in Poona. Sri Meher Baba was a pupil of Sri Upasani Baba of Sakori. Following the advice of Meher Baba's disciples, Narasimha Swamiji proceeded to meet Sri Upasani Baba.

Sri Narasimha Swamiji was in pursuit of the Bhakti - Marg. Sri Upasani Baba advised him to stick to the Bhakti - Marg and not fritter away his powers in metaphysical speculation. He also advised him to develop his knowledge through Japa, Bhajan and Parayan etc. and lead the life of a holy Ascetic.

Upasani Baba's teachings and methods were against Narasimha Swamiji's opinions and expectations about correct religious life. So, he left Sri Upasani Baba in 1933 resolving never to go back.

Sri Narasimha Swamiji began his pilgrimage with a visit to the Siddharudha Mutt in Hubli. Here, he met a Sadaka. That Sadaka was eager to go to some place and settle down to a religious life. Narasimha Swamiji promised to help him. This commitment made Swamiji to take him on a pilgrim from Hubli to Pandharpur, Khedgaon.

The Hubli Sadaka thought that the only safe place for him was Sakori. Being informed, that Sri Upasani Baba was not in Sakori, Sri Narasimha Swamiji agreed to take the Sadaka to Sakori intending to proceed to Dwarka immediately avoiding a meeting with Upasani Baba.

Reaching Sakori to his great astonishment he came to know, that Sri Upasani Baba was there. He paid his respects and bowed to him. The Sadaka told Swamiji that he was not allowed to stay in Upasani Baba's Ashram. He requested Swamiji to speak on his behalf. Upasani Baba agreed to allow that Sadaka to stay with him in Sakori, if Narasimha Swamiji was prepared to stay with him in doing the Sadhana, following his path without proceeding further on pilgrimage.

Narasimha Swamiji had heard from Upasani Baba about Sri Sai Baba of Shirdi (Shirdi is close to Sakori, six and a half kms. from Sakori). He wrote in his book "The Sage of Sakori", how much Sai Baba had helped Sri Upasani Baba.

Sri Narasimha Swamiji bagan to collect information about Sri Sai Baba. He discovered, thai Sri Sai Baba was really Sri Ram or Sri Krishna, born for the welfare of mankind and he found in Sai, The Trinity.

Upasani Baba's reputation was so great that Mahatma Gandhi had approached him in 1927 with a view to secure his blessings for national welfare. Swamiji reasoned, if Sri Upasani Baba, the disciple, was so great, his Master, Sri Sai Baba must be much greater, still it did not occur to him to pay a visit to Sri Sai Baba's Mahasamadhi till the destined hour arrived.

With the permission and blessings of Sri Upasani Baba, Narasimha Swamiji set out for Shirdi to get the Blessings of Sadguru Sri Sai Baba.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Shirdi Sai Baba Udi Miracles

Aum Sai Ram.

What is Shirdi Sai Baba Udi ?
Shirdi Sai Baba Udi is a sacred ash produced in the Dhuni of Sai Baba temples by burning woods. This sacred ash is very powerful and it can cure many diseases.

Sri Shirdi Sai Baba cured many sick people with this Udi. This Udi is distributed in all Sai Baba temples as Prashad for devotees. If we apply this Udi in our forehead then it can treat our headache and head related problems.

If you trust Baba and ask him to shower his blessings in the Udi then you can see miracles. Even Sai Baba cured many peoples from deadly diseases with this Udi.

If you trust, even very dangerous diseases can be cured by this Udi. If you apply this Udi in your body or the area in which you have any diseases or pain then you can get relieved from it if you really trust Baba and if you want to see miracles then sure you can.

The thing is faith and patience and true full hearted prayers are required to see miracles.

Sai Baba Prayer Request

Nothing is impossible for Baba. Mix this Udi with water and keep it under Sai Baba feet and pray Sai Baba to bless this water with his miraculous powers to cure all your diseases and then drink the water. You can surely get cured soon from all your diseases.

In many cases Sai Baba cured many patients with cancer and many deadly diseases. His immortal soul is always with us and he always sees and cares us. Trust in him and you can see miracles.

Read Sai Satcharitra book and you will realize the miracles and blessings of Baba in your life. Chant Shirdi Sai Baba prayers often and stay happy.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Who is a MAN

Aum Sai Ram.

For the 1st time, writing something good for men also!!


A man is the most beautiful part of God's creation who starts compromising at a very tender age.

He sacrifices his chocolates for his sister.

He sacrifices his dreams for just a smile on his parents face.

He spends his entire pocket money on buyng gifts for the lady he loves just to see her smiling.

He sacrifices his full youth for his wife & children by working late at night without any complain.

He builds their future by taking loans from banks & repaying them for lifetime.

He struggles a lot & still has to bear scolding from his mother, wife & boss.

His life finally ends up only by compromising for others' happiness.

If he goes out, then he's careless.

If he stays at home, then he's a lazy.

If he scolds children, then he's a monster.

If he doesn't scold, then he's a irresponsible guy.

If he stops wife from working, then he's an insecure guy.

If he doesn't stops wife from workin, then he's somebody who lives on wife's earnings.

If he listens to mom, then he's mama's boy.

If he listens to wife, he's wife's slave.

Respect Male in your Life. You will never know what he has sacrificed for you.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Status of your Life!

Aum Sai Ram.

we can't Upload Luck,
we Can't Download Time.

Google can't give all the answers in Life,
so just Login to Reality, and like the status of your Life.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Start the Day with Happy Note & End it with a Pleasant Memory.

Aum Sai Ram.

Our Day should start with a Happy Note & ends with a Pleasant Memory. What better way to start with a Happy Note than remembering our Sadguru/God.

Though it may be a Small Happy Moment, but it brings a Smile & an Instant Pleasure. This also reduces the Stress & gives us a Happy Peaceful Sleep.

Work Hard for Money to get Respect in Society & Feed your Family. But Work even More Hard to get Luv & Affection from one & all. The True Satisfaction to reach our Spiritual Goal of Moksha ~ oneness with God is here in our hands!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Shri Sainath Stavana Manjari, its Origin & its Meanings of each Slokha.

Aum Sai Ram.

On 09.09.1918, Monday Vinayaka Chaturdi, Dasa Ganu Maharaj started to write Sthavana Manjari and completed on 12.09.1918, Thursday . On this day Dasganu Maharaj dedicated Stavana Manjari to Sai Maharaj. Saibaba blessed him. This was written 36 days before Baba's mahasamadhi.

Each one of us can read stavan manjari in our known languages so that we can understand the meaning of it...if we know the meaning and start reading then we will be blessed by BABA.

“The Shri Sainath Stavanamanjari” or “A Humble Tribute to Shri Sainath” was one of Das Ganu's Compositions, completed on 9th September 1918 at Maheshwar, near Indore, on the banks of Narmada just Thirty Seven days before Baba took Samadhi on 15 October 1918.

The theme of this Hym of Praise of one hundred and sixty four slokas is very simple ones. After invoking Ganesh and other deities the tribute to Baba starts subtly in the fifth slokha without naming Him but calling Him Vishnu and Shankar. Baba is named only in the 13th slokha.

The persistent plea of Das Ganu to Baba is to cleanse him of His sins and to help him and all devotees to overcome their worldly and spiritual difficulties. Baba is compared to the imaginary stone parees which can turn iron into gold.

He propagated Sri Sai Life History and Miracles through his Hari Katha through out Maharashtra and other places. He has written this "Stavana Manjari" in praise of Sadguru Sri Sainath..

Read this atleast on Every Thursday and get rid of your Problems,Since you may not have the time to read it daily.

Shri Sainath Stavana Manjari,
By Das Ganu Maharaj.

(A Humble tribute of praise to Shri Sainath)
- By Das Ganu

I bow down to Shri GANESH.
Oh, MAYURESHWARA, you are the one on whom we depend,
Oh, Son of GAURI, the all-knowing,
Oh, You inconceivable one,
You with an immeasurable belly,
Protect me, oh, Shri GANAPATI

You are the first and foremost of all Ganas
and of all the deities;
Therefore, you are called “GANESH”
You are acknowledged by all the “SHASTRAS” [sacred books];
You of sacred countenance, oh, BHALACHANDRA!

Oh, SHARADA, Goddess of Speech!
You are the mistress of the realm of words;
Because of your existence,
All worldly transactions are carried on.

You are the deity revered by all authors;
You are eternally the pride of this nation;
Your infinite power prevails everywhere.
I bow to you, JAGADAMBE.

You are the Supreme Spirit and beloved of the saints!
Incarnation in human form of PANDHARIRAYA
You are the ocean of kindness and infinite compassion;
Oh Panduranga Narahari!

You, who control the world like a puppeteer with his strings,
You are omnipresent;
All the sciences and sacred books are still delving
To plumb the essence of your nature.
Those who are pedagogues,
To them, you are not revealed, oh CHAKRAPANI;
All those foolish people
Only indulge in the jugglery of words.

Only the saints understand you
Others remain baffled.
To you, my obeisance,
Respectful and with my whole body
prostrate in veneration before you.

Oh, You, five - headed SHANKRA,
Oh, You, wearer of garland of skulls,
Oh, You, blue - throated DIGAMBARA

One who receits your name all the time,
His worldly adversities are immediately dissolved
Such is, oh DHURJATI,
The power of your name.

With obeisance at your feet,
I am writing this paean of praise;
Help me always to complete this mission,
Oh, you, NILAKNTHA - the blue - throated one!

Now, let me bow to the son of Arti [DATTATREYA],
To the family deity of Indira (VISHNU)
To Tukaram and all other saints;
So, also, to all the devotees.

Hail, Hail to you, Sainath,
Redeemer of sinners and merciful one!
I lay my head down at your feet;
Now give me your protection.

You are the whole world, the abode of bliss;
You, yourself, are Vishnu, the paragaon among men;
One whose wife is Uma!
You are also that enemy of Cupid.

You are God in human form!
You are the sun in the sky of knowledge!
You are the ocean of kindness!
You are the anti-dote for worldly maladies!

You are the CHINTAMANI of the poor and the down-trodden!
You are the divine purifer (Ganges river) for your devotees!
You are the raft for those drowning in worldliness!
You are the refuge of the timid.

You are the very cause of this creation!
That which is pure CHAITANYA!
You are that Oh, very treasure of compassion;
The universe is only one of your LEELAS.

You are not born!
Death also does not affect you!
This is the final conclusion
Which one arrives at, after thoughtful search.

Birth and death,
These concepts are born of ignorance!
From both you are free
Oh, Lord, of course!

If water appears as a spring,
Does it imply that its source is there?
It existed already, full and flush,
Merely sprang up from within the earth.

Water that springs up in a hollow
Is, therefore, so described or named;
A "spring" becomes its proper name.
Without the water, it is only a hollow.

To spring up and to dry up and disappear,
This is not the nature of water;
Because the water of the spring
Has no importance for the hollow it fills.

It is only the hollow that is mistakenly proud
Of itself, rather than the water that filled it.
Therefore, when the water dries up
The hollow becomes impoverished.

The human body is really like the hollow water bed;
The spirit (pure energy) is like the pure clean water of the spring;
Although there are innumerable such hollows
The essence is the same in everyone.

Until now, who are without a beginning,
I say to you, merciful one,
To destroy the mountain of ignorance
Please become the thunderbolt of Indra!

Until now, such hollow (beings)
Have existed in large numbers, on this earth.
Many more exist even now,
And, in the future, as time goes by, many more will come.

Each such hollow (being)
Is given a separate and different name and appearnce;
That is how, in this world,
They are identified.

Therefore, to distinguish that spirit
In terms of “you and me” is not proper;
Because, as there is no duality
That itself is most surely, the Spirit

And, since the Spirit
Truly encompasses the whole world,
Then, the "you and me" the duality concept,
How can it possibly be entertained?

Water latent in the clouds
Is all the same;
But when it descends upon the earth,
It assumes different forms.

That which falls in the Godavari bed
Is known as the (sacred) River Godavari;
That which falls into a well
Does not have the same worthiness or prestige.

Saints are the river Godavari,
And, you are the water in it
We are the puddles, wells and lakes;
That is the difference between us.

For the fulfilments of our lives
We must surrender to you,
Always, with folded hands,
Because you are the embodiment of piety.

It is due to its water - bed
That the waters of Godavari have become holy;
Considered merely as water,
It’s the same everywhere.

The bed of Godavari
That is considered as truly sacred,
Owes all its sanctity
To the quality of the land through which it flows
The water latent in the clouds
Does not alter that part of the earth on which it falls;
Yet, that very part of the earth,
Is called Godavari (or pure) by the scholars
of the sacred books.
Where the water has fallen elsewhere,
It has acquired the qualities of the soil on those places;
Contaminated, bitter, salty it becomes
Though originally sweet.

Same is the case with you, oh, GURURAYA,
In whom there is no impurity of the six vices,
To that holy form
This title, “Saint” is befitting.

Therefore saints are Godavari
So full of grace;
Amongst all the beings
Your place is the highest!

From the beginning of creation
Godavari has been in existence;
It has been full of water
And it has never lacked it till today.

Look, the enemy of RAVAN
Came to the banks of the Godavari
But it’s water has flowd
And the water at present is not the same as old water.

The bed alone remains the same,
The water have flowed into the ocean,
The sancity is eternal
Of the river - bed, to this day.

Each year,
The old waters go and the new
Flow into the river bed;
It’s the law, as you know.

A century is like a year.
The sages of that century
Are like the flowing waters
While the great souls are like the waves on the water.

Of these saints who are like Godavari,
In the early centuries,
There was a great flood

Followed by NARADA and TUMBER
DHURVA, PRAHLAD, powerful king BALI,
Thus, many came the present time
In each of the centuries of the past;
The floods came repeatedly,
Which I am unable to recount.
In this present century,
The sacred Godavari
Has for certain flooded this land
In your form, Oh, Sainath!
Therefore at your divine feet
I make obeisance;
Maharaj, of my faults
Take no notice, I plead.

I am a poor, wretched, ignorant man,
The greatest of sinners;
Ridden with vices,
But do not cast me off!

The inherent defects of iron
Are ignored by "parisa"
The small streams of the village, Lendi and ohol
Are not rejected by the Godavari.

I am full of vices within.
By your merciful glance,
Do, do quickly destroy them.
This, only, is the plea of "DAS"

If after coming in contact with the “parisa”!
The iron’s inherent defects
Do not change, GURUVARA,
Then, it is to the discredit of the “parisa”!

Don’t let me be a sinner
Don’t belittle yourself,
Look, you are ‘parisa’, I am the iron;
My discharge is your concern too.
A child always commits mistakes,
But a mother does not scold;
Remembering this,
Grant me your grace.
Oh, Sadguru Sainath,
You are my "KAPATURU"!
You are the means for crossing this worldly ocean,
you alone are so - undoubtedly.
You are "KAMDHENU"!
You are the sun in the sky of knowledga,
You are great mine of virtues!
Oh, you are the ladder to heaven!

Oh, pious, purest one,
Oh, embodiment of peace and bliss,
Oh, the Supreme Self,
Oh, the non-dual one, the ocean of knowledge;
Oh, incarnation of the Supreme wisdom, the best among men,
Oh, abode of forgiveness and peace,
Oh, refuge of devotees,
Bless me, bless me!
You are the Sadguru MACHINDER
You are the Mahatama JALANDER,
You are truly RAMDAS,
You are TUKARAM, Sainath,

Your present manifestation,
And your manifold nature
are really difficult to understand!
The knowledge about your caste and creed
You do not reveal to anybody.

Some say you are a Muslim,
Some say you are Brahmin,
Thus like Krushana,
You too, are inscrutable!
Having observed SHREE KRISHNA,
Different people called him by various names.
Some call him ‘YADU BUHSAN’
Some call him a cowherd.
YASHODA called him a darling,
KANSA called him a great evil,
UDDHAV called him beloved,
ARJUN called him Omniscient.

Thus, oh GURUVARA, To you
According to each person’s conclusion
Based on his mental attitude,
Names are give, by them.

The masjid being your dwelling,
And your ears not being pierced,
Nothing your offering the ‘FATEHA’
To call you a Muslim is logical!

Similarly, considering the worship of fire,
As done by you, Lord of Mercy,
My own conclusion is
That you are a Hindu!

But these superficial differences
Would interest only pedagogues;
But for those devotees desirous of knowledge
They are of no consequences.

You are BRAHMA Itself!
Caste and creed have no relevance to you;
You are the Guru Supreme!
You are the creator of this world!

There was Hindu - Muslim rivalry;
Therfore to bring about unity and amity,
The masjid and the fire worship were embraced by you,
To show your “leela” to the devotees.

You are beyond caste and greed,
You are Brahman, the essance of Truth;
You are That, verily,
You are beyond human conception!

Giving free rein to surmises and conjectures,
Arguments have flourished about you.
There, my insignificant
Words, how will they prevail?

But when I behold you,
I cannot remain silent;
Because, for encomium, words
Are normally the only means.

Therefore, by means of words,
Whtaever description is possible,
That I will always proffer,
With your grace.

Saints, I reckon
Higher than gods;
For distinctions such as mine and thine
Find not a place in their proximity.

Were killed because of their hatred of god;
Such a deed ha never been done by saints.

GOPICHAND, IN the heap of garbage,
But that sage
Had no rancour for that act.

On the contrary, the king was delivered
from the material world
And was immortalised;
Such is the prowess of the saints,
It is indescribable!

Saints are the Sun,
Their grace is illuminating;
Saints are as pleasing as the moon,
Their benignness is as gentle as moonlight.

Saints, are the soothing musk,
Their blessing are like it’s fragrance,
Saints are the juicy sugarcane,
Their blessings are like its sweetness.

Saints, towards the good and the bad,
Are the same, definitely.
On the contrary, their love for the sinners
Is immeasurable.

In the waters of the Godavari,
Only the soiled clothes come to be cleaned;
The clean ones;in a trunk,
Remain far from the Godavari banks.

Even that which remained in the trunk,
came once,
To be cleaned throughly
On the Godavari banks.

The "DARSHAN" of your feet
Is like a bath in the Godavari;
Wash away my sins.
Oh, Samarth, and purify me!

We worldly people
Gather layers of impurities again and again;
Therefore, we are the right people
For the “DARSHAN” of saints.

In the abundant waters of the Godavari
Comes the wash, to be cleansed at the GHATS;
If, it is really left unattended,
Then, it is a discredit to the Godavari!

You are the cool, shady tree, with abundent foliage;
We are the travellers, really,
Suffering from the scorching sun-rays
Of the three-fold calamities of Life.

From the blazing heat, oh compassionate one,
Protect us, Oh GURURAYA.
The benign grace of your cool shade
Is extraordinary!

Sitting under a tree,
If one feels the heat of the sun,
Then, who will call that tree
The shade-giving tree?

Look, without your grace
Nothing can be right in the world;
To uphold the right.

Due to the kindness of SUGRIV, BIBHISHANA
Came in contact with King RAM,
It is due to the saints,
That Shri Hari is thus glorified.

BRAHMAN, being formless,
VEDAS cannot describe it.
Be endowing it with forms,
The saints have reduced the importance of the formless!

was made a “mahar” by DAMAJI;

Knowing the prowess of saints,
Jagjivan laboured by carrying water.
Saints have truly lorded,
Over God Himself, who is Eternal Truth
- Knowledge - Bliss.

There is no need to speak more.
You are our mother and our father,
Oh, Sadguru Sainath,
Dweller of Shirdi village.

Baba, Your "LEELAS"
No one can comprehend;
Then, my plebain speech
How can it do justice, tell me?

To save the sinners,
You came to Shirdi;
Pouring water into earthen lamps,
You made them burn.

The wooden plank of absurdly small measures
You turned into your bed, truly;
Thereby displaying to the devotees
Your amazing yogic powers!

The barrenness of many women
You have completely dispelled;
The disease of many
You have cured with the "Udi"!

TO ward off worldly difficulties
Is not impossible for you.
The weight of an ant,
Does the elephant consider as a burden?

So be it, GURURAYA,
Have mercy on the humble one.
I surrender at your feet,
Do not turn me away.

You are the king of kings,
You are richer than KUBER himself,
You are the Healer par excellence,
No one is superior to you!

For the worship of other deities.
The ritual is as prescribed.
But, for your worship,
There is nothing worthy of you!

Look, in the realm of the sun,
The festival of DEEPAVALI has come;
But to celebrate it,
what should be the means?

To quench the ocean’s
Thirst, adequate water cannot be found on earth;
To warm the fire
From where will the heat be found?

All articles needed for the worship
Are filled with your essence;
From the beginning, they are part of you,

All my talk is a philosophical statement,
For I have not experienced its truth.
I have spoken without experience,
A meaningless maze of words.

If ritualistic worship
Of You, is to be performed by me,
To do that, I Have no wherewithals,

Mostly with the help of my imagination only
Will I worship you.
That worship itself, oh, compassionate one,
Do accept from this slave.

Now with my tears
I bathe your feet;
The sandlewood of true devotion
I make into paste and apply.

The long tunic ("KAFNI") of these ornamental words.
I place on you, sincerely;
This garland of adoration,
I place round your neck.

The incense of vileness
I burn before You, truly;
Though it is of impure composition
Even then, there will be no foul-odour from it.

Elsewhere, than before the Sadguru,
If incense is burnt,
What happens to that incense
Is like this

When the incense is put on the fire,
The moment it actually touches it
The fragrance from the incense
Leaves it instantly.

Before you, it’s contrary;
The impurities burn away in the fire,
The good remains for ever
For the world to see.

Once the vileness of the mind is burnt away,
The mind will become purer;
Once the Ganga’s impurity is gone,
Then it is holy, naturally

The light of temptations
I kindle, most truly,
From which, may the lusture of asceticism
Be granted to me, oh GURUVARA!

The throne of pure faith
I offer you as a seat;
On receiving it
Accept the offering ("naivedya") of devotion.

You partake the offerings of devotion,
Give me the essence;
Because I am your child
I have a claim on your milk.

My mind is my monetary offering ("DAKSHINA")
That I offer to you;
Therefore, the credit or discredit of any action
Will no longer be mine.

Now most humbly and devotedly
I do abeisance to you;
Please accept it,
Oh divine Sainath!

Possessing peaceful mind, and wisdom supreme,
Sainath, the compassionate,
You are ocean of kindness, truth incarnate,
And destroyer of the darkness of ignorance!
The sage, beyond caste and greed you are,
Beyond comprehension, compassion incarnate;
Protect me, protect me,
Oh, Sainath of Shirdi!
You are the sun of Divine knowledge
The bestower of choicest blessings;
Oh, fabled HAMSA of the minds of the devotees,
Protector you are of those who surrender to you.

You are BRAHMADEV, creator of the world;
You, the sustainer of the world, VISHNU;
The destroyer of the three worlds,
You are that very RUDRA!

There is no place on this earth,
where you are not.
Omniscient, oh you Sainath,
You dwell in all our hearts.

Forgive us all our sins
I implore you!
And those weaves of doubts and delusions,
Repel instantly.

You are cow, I the calf
You are moon, I the stone melted by its light;
At your feet, which are like the Ganges,
Respectfully the slave (DAS) bows down!

Place on my head
Your hand and bless me, oh Lord!
Wars off my sorrow and worry
For this GANU is your servant.

With this eight-fold prayer
I prostrate myself before;
My sins (demerits), suffering and poverty
Ward off immediately.

You are the cow and I the calf;
You are the mother and I the child;
Do not harbour
Any harsh feelings towards me.

You are the sandlewood from Malagiri;
I’m a thorny shrub.
You are the life giving waters of Godavari,
I, the greatest sinners.

If after having your “DARSHAN”
The impurities of my wicked mind remains
Unchanged, GURURAYA,
Who will then call you sandlewood?

The proximity of must (“KAASTURI”)
makes even the dust more valuable;
The fragrance of flowers is transmitted
To the thread which ties the garlands.

This is the way of the great.
Whosoever they come in touch with,
To him they impart
A part of their greatness.

Sacred ashes, join cloth and the bull,
SHIVA made symbolic parts of himself;
Therefore, these objects
Are praised in all quarters.

For the amusement of the cowherds,
At Vrindavan, on the banks of the Yamuna,
The lord of the World played “DAHI-KALA”
That too has earned recognition from wise men.

Similarly, I am a sinner,
But, I am under your protection;
Will you not redeem me, Oh, GURURAYA,
From my sinful state?

Worldly or spiritual,
In whatever objects I seek satisfaction,
I have no doubt, O GURURAYA,
That you will grant me these.

With your grace,
Control my mind;
If the oceans are sweetened
There is no fear of their being salty.

To make the oceans sweet
Truly you have the powers.
Therefore, this supplication of Dasganu,
Please concede.

Whatever my shortcomings,
They are all your!
You are the foremost among the spiritual masters,
So do not stint while giving.

Now, why should I speak more?
You are my only refuge.
The child held in the mother’s arms,
Is naturally without fear.

So be it. This hymn of praise,
Whosoever read with love,
Their desires
Fulfil, O Lord.

Your blessing for this hymn
I entrest.
May the difficulties of he who recites this sincerely,
Be warded off within a Year.

After performing all ablutions,
Should this hymn, be recited regularly,
With a pure and sincere feeling
In your heart.

If this be not possible
Then on every “Ekadasi”
This hymn should be read
To realize the beneficial effect.

One who recites this, with faith
Will ultimately progress spiritually by the Grace of GURU,
Who will satiate the material desires readily,
And thereby deliver him from their bondage.

With repeated recitations of this hymn,
Dull wits will be sharpened.
And, if perchance, someone’s life is short,
Then, by recitation; he will live upto a hundred years!

Where wealth is wanting,
KUBER, the Lord of wealth himself will come to stay,
Oh reading this hymn.
This is the Truth, and so it shall be.

To the childless, children will be born
On reciting this hymn.
And the ailment of one who recites this hymn
Will be dispelled in all directions.

Fear and worry will disappear,
Prestige will increase.
He will realise the imperishable BRAHMAN
With the regular recitation of this hymn.

Regarding this hymn, Oh wise ones,
Have faith in your hearts
Above the efficacy of this hymn;
And give no place
To doubts and misconceptions.

Go on pilgrimage to Shirdi,
Concentrate on the lotus feet of Baba,
Who is the succour of the poor and the meek,
The wish-fulfilling tree for the devotees!

It was because of the inspiration received from Him
That this hymn has been composed.
How else could an insignificant ignorant one, like me,
Have written it?

In Shake 1840
In the bright half of th BHADRAPAD month,
Monday, in the second ‘PRAHAR’,

This humble tribute of praise to Shri Sainath,
Was completed at Maheshwaram
By the sacred bank of the Narmada
Near Shri Ahilya Devi’s SAMADHI.

At Maheshwara, the famous TIRTHA,
The hymn was completed.
Shri Sai nath made me utter every word
By becoming part of my mind.

The disciple Damodar
Became the scribe truly,
I Das, Ganu, Am only an obedient servent
Of all the saints and sages.

Peace be with you! May this humble tribute
of praise to Shri Sainath
Help you cross the worldly ocean.
This is the prayer, with faith and respect
Of Das Ganu, to Shri Panduranga.

Let this be offered to Shri Hari-Hara!
Bless us, O Lord!
PUNDALIK VARDA (fulfiller of wishes) HARI-VITHAL!
I recall sitakanta! Hail Hail Rama
Parvati-pate Har-Har Mahadev!
Hail to Shri Sadguru Sainath Maharaj!
Shri Sadguru Sainath, I offer this to you
Bless us, O Lord!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

'Positives in Negatives'

Aum Sai Ram.

A young woman was sitting at her dining table, worried about taxes to be paid, house-work to be done and to top it all, her family was coming over for Thanks giving the next day. She was not feeling very thankful at that time.

As she turned her gaze sideways, she noticed her young daughter scribbling furiously into her notebook.

“My teacher asked us to write a paragraph on “Negative Thanks giving” for homework today.”said the daughter

“She asked us to write down things that we are thankful for, things that make us feel not so good in the beginning, but turn out to be good after all.”

With curiosity, the mother peeked into the book. This is what her daughter wrote:

“I’m thankful for Final Exams, because that means school is almost over.
I’m thankful for bad-tasting medicine, because it helps me feel better.
I’m thankful for waking up to alarm clocks, because it means I’m still alive.”

It then dawned on the mother, that she had a lot of things to be thankful for!

She thought again…

She had to pay taxes but that meant she was fortunate to be employed. She had house-work to do but that meant she had her own home to live in.

She had to cook for her family for Thanks giving but that meant she had a family with whom she could celebrate.


We generally complain about the negative things in life but we fail to look at the positive side of it. What is the positive in your negatives?

Look at the better part of life this day and make it a "Great Day".

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Morality in a Religion!

Aum Sai Ram.

Religions are set forth in order that people enjoy the benefits of leading a moral life. Religion is a meritorious system that unifies body, mind and intellect. Integrity or wholesomeness of conduct is morality.

Morality is also called as Righteousness (Dharma). Practice of morality alone can help the world attain greater levels of prosperity. All religions have the same goal and establish the same truth.

Their fundamental duty is to transform a human being into a divine being. Religion brings out the inner transformation in a human being. It aims at developing self-confidence to lead a good life.

All religions are built on the secure foundation of morality. If morality deteriorates, not just religions, but humanity as a whole deteriorates.

Every individual must practice being good and lead a moral life. Attainment of wealth and prosperity is possible by practicing moral values.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Sunday, August 10, 2014

How should we respond to difficulties and sorrows in life?

Aum Sai Ram.

You eat food daily, take in thousands of grains! Have you ever calculated how many rice grains you have consumed?

However the moment one minute stone comes in the rice you eat, you are very unhappy that day and complain that your food has stones.

Similarly your life is three fourths happiness and one fourth sorrow. But you become a victim to sorrow.

You choose to give more importance to sorrow than happiness. This is an animal quality (Pashu Lakshanam).

Teach your tongue not to lose its reputation by following the wrong path. Your tongue is capable of raising you to Divine or droop to that of an animal.

If someone is good to you, the tongue praises them as God Himself.

If someone harms you, the tongue then equates them to an animal.

Teach your tongue to ever chant the Name of the Lord and never to criticize anybody!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

It is Light blessed Light.

It is Light blessed Light,
That takes on many forms,
Be it human or divine,
All are but manifestations of the same Light.

Daiva (Divine) is one who has uncovered this vast grace Light,
Manava (Human) is one who has the potential to discover the Light,
Danava (Demon) is one, who have neglected or rejected this Light,
Light is the only illumination of the Universe.

The one that shines bright within each one of us,
Call it the Soul or the Spark of God,
What's kept in a name,
In the beginning or the end Light is Light,
And it is One ever more...

Friday, August 8, 2014

Story on CO OPERATION - Lesson from a TREE

Aum Sai Ram.

Ask the leaf; "Are you complete in yourself?"

"No" the leaf will answer, "my life is in the branches."

Ask the branch the same question. It will answer: "No, my life is in the trunk."

Ask the trunk if it is complete and you will hear: ''No, my life is in the root."

Then ask the root, and if It is honest, it will say; "No, my life is In the trunk and the branches and the leaves. Take away any of them and I will die."

That is the way with the tree of human life.

That is the fact in every society, every family.

No one is completely and entirely alone.

Without other, no one can live, no one can grow no one can succeed.

Thursday, August 7, 2014


Respect every man.

Be sensitive to the other man, your brother.

Think well of all.

Do not think evil of anyone.

Strive to perceive something good even in the worst.

Always speak favorably of others.

Do not speak dissent among people, but unity of heart and word.

Make up for injustice caused by word.

Do not cause dissent among people, but unity of heart and word.

Speak with the language of love.

Don't raise your voice.

Do not swear.

Do not cause mishaps.

Don't cause tears.

Appease and show goodness.

Pardon everything to everyone.

Don't hide injuries in your heart,

Always be the first to extent a hand to agreement and unity.

Always act for the benefit of your neighbour.

Always do good to each as you would wish it done to you.

Don't think of what others owe you, but of that which you owe others.

Be actively concerned with suffering.

Willingly hurry to others with consolation, encourage­ment, advice, help, and love.

Work diligently because others benefit from the fruit of your labour, just as you profit from the work of others. Open your hand to the sick and poor. Strive to find the needy around you. Pray for everyone, even the enemy.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

O Saint of Dwarkamai, The World refers to you as Sri Sai!

O Saint of Dwarkamai,
The World refers to you as Sri Sai.

Your life was a very simple one,
With you, the devotees had much joy and lot of fun.

You bridged the gap between Hindu and Muslim,
The communal fire was by you made dim.

You took dakshina where it was due,
And the ones who gave ; away their misfortunes flew.

Shirdi was your playground , and Shirdi your resting ground,
In Shirdi , the story of your miracles abound.

You taught one and all, you saved everyone,
To you all were yours , your daughters and your son.

O Shirdi Sai ! O Sadguru!
In your presence receded my worries, which other wise always grew.

You are Guru and you are the lord,
In the Heart you reside connected by Love's Chord.

O Saint of Dwarkamai,
The World refers to you as Sri Sai.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Why Baba gave importance to lighting lamps during his life time :

Sai Baba lit many lamps at Dwarakamai everyday to eradicate the sins of villagers and bring health, wealth and happiness for every family residing in the village of shirdi. So remember, you pray sai and your sai himself has indirectly proved the value of lighting lamps continuously. There is a story where the shop keepers dint give oil to baba and baba used water instead of oil to light the lamps.

When you read this incident dont get attracted to the miracle baba did . Think what baba tries to convey. Baba has given so much importance to lighting lamps , He loves it so much.What he tries to convey is a message that ...

1 . Lighting lamps will surely gain you blessings of God, Baba and all the siddhars.

2. It eradicates the Past sins, It prevents evil souls and evil angels to enter your house.

3. It opens the eye of wisdom in you which helps you take a proper decision and lead a simple but satisfactory life.

Helps to over come struggles in life :

It gives you strength to overcome struggles in life and brings good hearted people towards you.
For women who light lamps contineously in temple, she will get a good life partner and for men vice versa.

Gains you blessing of Goddess of learning and Arts - saraswathi :
Kids who are having problem in studies, memory loss and health issues will surely see a good change if their parents light lamp in any temple continuously for more than 48 days.You can do it all life but try atleast once. ( during the days when you cant go temple ask a family member to light lamp )

If you have any pains because of any relationship issues please light lamp continuously .Baba will atleast show you if that person is good for you or bad,so that you can decide to make your mind strong to take any decision properly. If the person is good , lighting lamp will surely bring peace amoung you.

Solves Financial problems :

If you have financial problem or pains because of debt please pray sincerely and light lamp continuously everyday any time ,all your life. someday your sorrows will turn into happiness.

If i say light lamps for 48 days or 64 days it becomes like astrology remedies.You know lighting lamps is of great value.Then when ever you get chance please make it as a habit. If you dont have temples near by, Lighting lamps at house will be enough .

Om Sai Ram

Monday, August 4, 2014

Shirdi Saibaba Speaks To u from Dwarkamai - 1

The Spiritual Aspirant Must Also Carefully Prepare The Field of His Heart. Principles of Cultivation Apply To That Field. First, One Has To Remove From The Heart All Undesirable Thoughts And Useless Habits.

They Have To Be Dug Up And Cleaned Out. After That, You Have To Irrigate The Entire Field of The Heart With The Waters of Love. These Waters of Love Make The Heart Soft And Cultivatable.

With The Help of Spiritual Practices, You Have To Plow The Field of Your Heart And Spread The Fertilizer of Faith In Order To Make The Soil Rich And Nutritious For The Seeds To Grow Well There.

Only When All This Has Been Done Will The Entire Field of The Heart Be Ready For Sowing. When The Heart Is Covered With Bad Weeds of Base Thoughts, When It Is Barren, Hard And Dry And Infertile, How Can Good Seeds Grow There And Have Any Chance of Maturing Into a Bountiful Crop?

It Is In This Connection That Krishna Said To Arjuna, "Arjuna, You Must Cultivate And Transform The Field of Your Heart. You Must Root Out Your External Vision. Develop a Pure And Strong Flow of Love For God.

Sow The Seeds of God's Name In Your Heart And You Will Raise a Rich Harvest of Unity Consciousness There, For That Is What Grows Best In That Field. That Is Its Very Nature. Then You Will Become a Man of Steady Wisdom And Attain Your Spiritual Goal.

So Remember This Words As ur Sai Speak To You From Masjidmai, In The Garden of Your Heart You Will Be Able To Enjoy The Sacred Fruit of Liberation. Once You Have That, Fear Can Never Again Trouble You.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Power of Guru - From the glorious life of Saint Haridas of Puri.

Power of Guru - From the glorious life of Saint Haridas of Puri.

A clerk or an officer earns money by taking bribes, and when his conscience pricks him he feeds some Brahmins and says: "I have done a great duty today. I have fed fifteen Brahmins and given ten cents each." This is his idea of duty. He further adds: "Why should I take Sanyasa and practice Yoga? I will earn lots of money and do charity. This is the best kind of life". Poor deluded soul! May God give him good understanding!

- Swami Sivananda

Manohar Chakraborthy and Ujivala Devi gave birth to a son in 1450 in a remote village Bhat-Kolagachi in Jessore, Bengal. That child was Haridas. Manohar passed away when Haridas was only two years old and his pious wife committed Sati. Orphaned, the beautiful little Haridas was taken away by a Muslim family during a communal tussle. The foster parents took care of him well and wanted him to learn Arabic, Persian etc., but Haridas loved to read the Ramayana and Mahabharatha. Haridas grew up to be a handsome young man. But his mind was always immersed in God. He ran away from the house. He repeated Hari's name with great devotion always. He ate what fate brought him. He resorted to lonely places and always wandered from one place to another.

He came to Nadiya and met Advaitacharya, a well-known devotee. He was astounded to see the towering personality in Haridas. Ignoring the caste problems of his times, Advaitacharya embraced Haridas and began to treat him like a Brahmin. Advaitacharya initiated Haridas into Krishna mantra. And he started reciting at least 3,00,000 times a day. Seeing his Guru suffering at the hands of chaste Hindus, Haridas left Nadia and went to Fulia. At Fulia, one landlord by name Khan put him to test. He sent a dancer to spoil his devotion. But the dancer was thrilled to listen to his loud repetition of the Lord's name and she herself became a great devotee.

Fate led Haridas to Shantipur and here the then king Hussein Shah tortured Haridas for worshipping Hindu God. He told the King, "He who is Rama is also Rahim. Hindus and Muslims are one and the same. The Bhagavan of the Hindus and the Khuda of Muslims is one and the same. The difference is only in the name but God is one". Hussein Shah was not convinced and he gave him maximum torture. But Haridas prayed: - "O, Hari! Forgive these ignorant people! They are not committing any sin. Please forgive them".

Haridas escaped from the Muslim King and arrived in Puri. Here he met Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and was thrilled at his darshan. Having been brought up in a Muslim family, Haridas would not enter the temple of Jagannatha. So he stood at a distance and shed tears of joy at the very thought of Sri Chaitanya. He fell on the ground and began to rub his face on the mud. Sri Chaitanya rushed towards him and embraced him. What is more, Chaitanya exclaimed: - "by touching your holy person, I have become pure".

Haridas settled down at the flower garden in Puri. He spent his days in japa and kirtans. He would not eat anything until he had repeated Hari's name 3, 00,000 times.

It was the year 1534, the last day of his life had come. Haridas was worried lest he should pass away without completing his daily japa. Hundreds of devotees had assembled and Sri Chaitanya himself was present. Haridas completed his daily routine and lay down. He went on looking at the holy face of Sri Chaitanya and finally merged in the Eternity. Sri Chaitanya became grave for some time. He then lifted the holy person of Haridas and began to dance. The ecstatic dance continued for a long time. Haridas was laid to rest at the same place where his little hut was situated. Today, this place is a pilgrim centre in Puri.

By Dr. G.R. Vijayakumar

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Sai Devotee Abdul Baba

Abdul Baba was a resident of Nanded in Khandesh. He first came to Shirdi in 1889. He was under the care of Fakir Amiruddin, who had a dream vision of Saibaba. In that vision Baba gave him two mangoes to give to Abdul and send him to Shirdi.

Baba welcomed him with these words, Mera Kabla Ala, that is My Crow is come. His work was to maintain the lamps at Lendi, Masjid, Chavadi etc and to keep them lighted.

Baba used to give Abdul excellent advice fitting him for a Yogi's life. Baba told him " Eat very little, Do not go in for variety of eatables, One sort of dish will suffice, Do not sleep much". He followed this advice.

Under Baba's tutelage and care he progressed spiritually. Baba made him read the Quran daily and asked him to meditate on it. Abdul had the habit of writing down everything that Baba said, and read it daily as his Quran. After Baba's Mahasamadhi, Abdul used this manuscript to make prophecy.

Abdul Baba was the premier Sevak of Baba. He toiled from early morning keeping Shirdi clean and taking care of Baba's needs.

Abdul had great faith in Baba. He is esteemed as the Hanuman of Baba, constantly attending on the Guru, never expecting any payment or reward, but simply out of Faith sticking on to his master. He was the noble example of complete and perfect devotion.

He died in April 1954 and his samadhi is right opposite to the museum on the way to Lendi Bagh.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Sai Devotee Shama alias Shri Madhavrao Deshpande


3-4 years prior to his death, Madhavrao suffered from gout. At that time, his age was more than 75 years. At the request of Kakasaheb Dixit, he was staying at that time on the upper floor of Dixit Wada. From there, he was unable to come down everyday. He had lost considerable strength. In spite of this, he used to speak and incessantly narrate experiences of Baba.

Madhavrao used to be overwhelmed with emotions while remembering and narrating stories of Baba. “I said a lot to my God” saying so, he used to repent his utterances. Remembering the forgiving nature of Baba, his eyes weeled with tears and he called, “Oh my Lord !”

Baba went to Madhavrao’s house especially on two occasions – firstly, when Madhavrao was bitten by a scorpion and secondly, when he was running a very high fever. On not seeing Madhavrao in the Masjid, Baba enquired with the devotees, “Why Shamya has not come for the Aarati ?” The folks said, “Baba, he has fever.” Baba took hold of his worn Kafni, went to his house and brought him for the Aarati.

Madhavrao stayed in Kakasaheb’s Wada and also looked after the maintenance of the Wada. Kakasaheb was affectionate towards Madhavrao and made him stay in his Wada. On the other hand, he let out Madhavrao’s own house on rent and thus, helped in improving his means of living and finances. After the death of Kakasaheb, Madhavrao used to issue his rent receipts in the name of the Sansthan.

Even Bapusaheb Butti entrusted the work of maintenance and supervision of his Wada to Madhavrao. For this work, Bapusaheb gave Rs. 7 every month to Madhavrao. After the death of Bapusaheb, his son Keshavrao continued the practice.

A few months prior to his death, for some specific reason, Madhavrao was required to leave Dixit Wada and stay at his own house. It was a miracle that 6-7 months before he passed away, Madhavrao’s health improved suddenly and he started moving about. He repeatedly said - “My God has once again started looking at me.”

Balasaheb Deo writes about Madhavrao’s death :-

“Kakasaheb Dixit, Bhausaheb Dhumal, Annasaheb Dabholkar were virtuous devotees who did not experience sufferings before their demise. Madhavrao was similarly fortunate. He spent only a night and time up to noon in an unconscious state. He passed away in his own house on Thursday, 26th April, 1940 (Chaitra, Krishna Chaturthi, Shake 1862). At that time, he was 80 years old. Very rarely, a person is fortunate enough to have such a peaceful death. This is not possible without the good deeds of the past.
The next day, Madhavrao’s funeral procession was taken out with great fan-fare. A lot of people were present. They gave him Tilanjali on the public well of the town.”

After Baba took Samadhi, Madhavrao spent the next 23 years in practicing medicines, looking after the devotees and narrating Baba’s Leelas to curious devotees. It would be proper to say that – besides Mhalsapati and Tatya Patil – Madhavrao was the only other person who had the great fortune to spend so much time in the company of Baba.

There were persons who were ardent devotees of Baba. However, amongst them, the love and affection between Baba and Madhavrao was somewhat unique. Balasaheb Deo – an ardent devotee of Baba – was curious about this relationship between Baba and Madhavrao. He carried out an in-depth research on Shri Sai Sat Charita to ascertain the reasons, why Madhavrao was so close to Baba, why he was so fortunate to have such Bhakti-vaibhav (wealth of devotion) and why Baba used to agree to many things which Madhavrao asked.

For the purpose, Balasaheb also studied the life of Madhavrao. On 2nd April, 1934 Madhavrao placed two chits before Baba’s Samadhi and took Baba’s permission before narrating his life story to Balasaheb Deo.

From the very early times, Baba used to call Madhavrao as ‘Shama’ and Masjid as ‘Dwarkamai’. Balasaheb felt that there was a reason behind this. After careful study, Balasaheb came to conclusion that there were similarities between the relation of Lord Shri Krishna with Arjun on one hand and Baba and Madhavrao on the other hand.
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