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Sunday, January 17, 2016

How Rahu Ketu Transit into Simham - (Leo) and Kumbham - (Aquarius) on 30 January 2016 will Affect our Lives?

Aum Sai Ram.

In Indian astrology the lunar nodes, known as Rahu and Ketu, have special powers in a chart. Often referred to as our karmic destiny, they indicate our greatest gifts and our darkest issues. In prediction they are where the annual eclipses fall, and indicate the areas of our life that involve the most transformation for that year. When the lunar nodes are combined with another planet they take on the quality of that planet. Each combination will produce very different results.

The Moon’s orbit around the Earth intersects the ecliptic at two points. These two points are the nodes of the Moon. The north node of the Moon (Rahu) is where the Moon crosses from south to north, called the ascending node. This symbolizes the birth into the material manifestation. The south node (Ketu) is where the Moon crosses from north to south, called the descending node. This symbolizes our leaving the material plane for the spiritual realm. So Rahu takes us into the physical world and Ketu takes us out of it.

All this represents the cycles of birth and death into and out of this world. Rahu and Ketu are the indicators of destiny and fate, symbolizing our entrapment in this physical plane. These shadow planets control us by our desires. Our desires are our karmas. Our destiny is to release the chains this world has cast upon us. It is like the serpent’s bite. The poisonous venom intoxicates us into this world. Rahu takes us under its spell with the illusions of this world, the promise of happiness, leaving us with a sense of wanting: “If I could only have more of the things that give me pleasure”. But of course, this only leads to insatiable desires. We can never have enough. This is the venomous bite of Rahu. Conversely Ketu strips us of the objects of our desires, revealing that nothing in this world gives us security and permanence. It is essentially the process of enlightenment, when we come to realize that ultimately, it is all an illusion. Nothing of this material world lasts, therefore; it is all an illusion or Maya. Ketu is the bringer of enlightenment through the realization of this truth. Ketu is the release of this world.

Rahu and Ketu, the two Nodes of the Moon, take about 18 months to transit through a sign. Rahu enters in Simham - Leo and Ketu enters in Kumbham - Aquarius on 30th January 2016 according to Thirukkanitham Panjangam ( Ephemeris) and it will stay there up to 18 months. But mostly, in the temples, poojas for the transit of Ragu-Ketu and the poojas for Remedial measures are performed according to Vakkiya Panchangam only. So, we will also take the day of transit as on 08 January 2016.

The following is a general prediction based on this transit of the nodes. This is based on your natal moon sign (Rashi) placement. In any case, the specific results are heavily dependent on the basic strength of the natal chart and also the running mahadasha of the individual. A strong natal chart is a blessing from the heavens and minimizes all negativity. Also, as there are seven other planets in Indian astrology, their placements and transits have to be taken into account for an accurate prediction.

Rahu will be favourable for Mesham, Kadakam, Dhanusu and Vrichikam. Ketu will be favourable for Makaram, Tulam, Mithunam and Rishabam. The transit of both Rahu and Ketu become unfavourable for the Rasi Simham, Kanni, Kumbham and Meenam. ‪#‎SriChakra‬

Mesham - Aries
Current Transit : Rahu is now in the 5th house and Ketu in the 11th.
Favourability Rating - Rahu 50%; Ketu 100%

People in creative fields will excel. Your sharp intellect and practical nature will be put to good use. Those in business will get their problems reduced and will have more opportunities. You may get co-operation with some of those who actually help you in furthering your business prospects. Those in service will get their favorable transfer and promotion. Higher educational degree may be achieved. Those eligible may have a child. Pregnant women must exercise a lot of caution. Students will face some impediments in their routine. Problems related to children’s or problems from them. During this period, Ketu will move through your eleventh house from the Moon. This generally signifies attainment of wealth and acquisition of landed property. This is also a good time to accomplish your ambitions. You are likely to start some new project that would require a big investment promising you the same or more profit in return. There could also be certain sudden gain of money for most of you. At home, your children of marriageable age may find their perfect match and decide on marriage. Take care of your small child, as he or she may suffer from physical ailments or bodily pain during this time. During the time when the moon grows in size, some of you may have the opportunity to meet some spiritual guru. This acquaintance may encourage you to meditate and be more spiritual in nature. This period may also bring you good fortune and exotic dairy food. However, if this position of Ketu happens to fall during the waning period of moon, you are likely to develop a feeling of lack lustre and sickness in your mind. This period may also see you developing interest in agriculture. Your enmity with your own family may arise and you may also incur loss in business during this period.

Rishabam - Taurus
Current Transit : Rahu is now in the 4th house and Ketu in the 10th.
Favourability Rating - Rahu 25%; Ketu 75%

This brings in mixed results and depends on the waxing and waning of the moon. During the waxing moon period, your income may rise with the help of some otherwise depraved people. You may also expect to progress in your field of work and gain further monetary gain during this time. However, during the waning moon period, most of you may face loss of money as well as material riches due to some wrong company. You are also likely to suffer from mental agony, which could also be due to loss in trade or lack of progress in your field of work. Generally, this position of Ketu signifies an increase in your enemy and health problem of your parents. There could also be some function at your place of residence during this period. You are also likely to establish a good rapport with some important influential people through whom you are likely to be benefited. Some of you may also experience sudden rise in profit in your field of work. You may also look forward to a rise in position in your profession, which would bring in more responsibility as well as respect to you. There might be an increase in landed property and vehicles. Students in scientific streams will do extremely well. Bad for native and for his mother in respect of health, He would spend his money too much. He can become a alcoholic. There will be lack of mental peace, obstacles & strains, which could make you tense. You might as well change your job also. Your projects may get obstructed and you may also receive some untoward news. Heart related problems might crop up. There might be some allergic problem also. Control your food habits & enjoy walking. Some people might have to leave home for a completely new environment. Decrease in landed property and vehicles.

Mithunam - Gemini
Current Transit: Rahu is in the 3rd house and Ketu in the 9th house
Favourability Rating - Rahu 87.5%; Ketu 37.5%

During this period, Ketu will move through your ninth house from the Moon. This signifies, apart from other effects, few minor physical complications and development of mental qualms. Your finances would require careful handling, as most of you are likely to invest your hard earned money in lottery and other speculations. Hold tight to your finances, as you may have to embrace poverty during this particular phase. Most of you are also likely to get involved in some illicit activities, which is unacceptable in your religion. Avoid any kind of arguments with your siblings. Handle your friends and acquaintances carefully to avoid being forsaken by them. You may have to travel to a foreign land or to some mountainous regions during this particular time. During the waning moon period, some of you may experience loss due to enemies or rivals in your trade. Rahu in your 3rd house will give you material comforts & Ketu in 9th house will make you more spiritual & religious. There might be an increase in interest in the occult and religious activities. New friends & social circles might emerge and you will enjoy the new developments. Your confidence & importance will increase. Success in achieving goals is assured. Business will run smoothly. There will be remarkable improvement in your financial position. Students should do very well by dint of sheer determination. Success in competitive examination is indicated. He may not keep good relations with siblings.

Kadakam - Cancer
Current Transit: Rahu is now in the 2nd house and Ketu in the 8th house.
Favourability Rating - Rahu 12.5%; Ketu 12.5%

There might be initial delays and obstacles, but life will go on well. Your responsibilities will much increase and you will give good account of your performance. Those trying for job overseas have the right time to try. Fruitful long journeys are also expected which would give you additional money. Profit can be expected in new business adventures. Increased income & unexpected gains are also expected. Those unmarried have fair chance of getting married. Younger students will fare well. Those desirous of study abroad will have good opportunities. There might be tensions at home but if you control your temper, it will be bliss at home. Rheumatic complaints & joint pains are likely. Exhaustion, restlessness might set in. Caution is required for all money dealings. Be wary of new partners & business diversifications are also indicated. Excessive speech may harm you. Accidents cannot be ruled out. Transit of Ketu in the 8th house from Natal Moon mostly signifies physical suffering for you. Take care of your health during this time and avoid risking your life in every way possible. You are susceptible to developing various diseases during this time. Fever, body pain and diseases of the reproductive systems may make you experience pain during this phase. Mentally you may feel drained out. A happening in your place of residence may bring in grief during this time. Watch out your expenses and save for the unforeseen expenses. Try and keep yourself away from illicit practices, which may lead to prosecution. You may also be defamed in the society due to your own misdeeds. However, during the waxing moon, some of you may expect some good time and may also experience a new more zestful life. Your interest in food, and spiritual activities is also likely to rise during this time.

Rahu & Ketu are the mysterious unseen points in space causing the eclipses. They’re not technically planets but their influence is so significant that they’re given the status of planets (grahas) in vedic astrology. These two are next in importance to the other two planets - Jupiter and Saturn. These four are the slowest moving planets and require maximum attention when they are in transit.

Simham - Leo
Current Transit: Rahu is in the 1st and Ketu in the 7th house.
Favourability Rating - Rahu 50%; Ketu 50%

Rahu gives lot of indulgence in the materialist affairs. You will have to increase your self-confidence in dealing with a large number of situations that will be challenging. Lovers would meet their beloved and love affairs would gain impetus. There would be warmth infused in relations. On the personal front life would be more colorful. However, economically it would be satisfying period as you shall manage to earn required money and other sources to meet your requirement. For business and profession this would be an average period. Do not let your ego emerge as hurdle in doing the jobs to assure personal gain. Can have general weakness, which might reduce your dynamism. Control in your food habits & proper medication can solve that problem. Spouse may go through a rough time. New ventures and partnerships must be avoided. Students must not lose sight of their goals. Lack of concentration might be of some concern. Transit Ketu will be in your 7th house and this mostly brings in personal sufferings for you. Your health may require utmost care, as you are likely to suffer from many diseases primarily related to the stomach. You may also feel lacklustre and fatigued. Mentally also you may feel sick and agonised. Keep an eye on your expenses, as you are likely to spend your money on useless heads. Avoid borrowing at any cost. If you are into agricultural production, keep an eye on your products, as there could be a theft of the same. However, some of you suddenly encounter progress in trade and your financial condition. Maintain proper code of conduct and avoid getting involved in any argument with your spouse. Any fight with your spouse may make your spouse leave you during this time. Establish a cordial relationship with your relatives who may become your enemies if not attended to correctly. Avoid all kinds of disputes and litigations during this time. You would also need to hold on to your reputation as it could be hampered and you may be defamed in the society. Travel is also on the cards.

Kanni - Virgo
Current Transit: Rahu is in the 12th and Ketu in the 6th house.
Favourability Rating - Rahu 25%; Ketu 75%

This denotes good times for you. If you are into business, you are likely to progress in the same and you may also consider improving the same. Those who are involved in agriculture and cattle rearing may expect considerable profit in their respective field of work. Financially you would be sound. You may also gain from lending money to others. Moreover, you would also be able to influence the people from whom you may also expect profit. You are also likely to defeat your opponents and gain over them. However, your health may need your focused attention during this time. Attend to any physical complaint immediately as you are likely to develop diseases of chronic nature. At home, you may enjoy great times entertaining and being pampered. Some auspicious event like a marriage may commence at your residence or you may even go on family picnics. You would be at peace with yourself and your surroundings during this time. You will experience domestic happiness, peace and prosperity. Your family members will be in harmony with each others. A change of residence is possible. The tensions and physical problems will reduce. You may also undertake a journey abroad. You shall get over your problems with your intelligence & abilities. Enemies will constantly bother you but you will succeed after a few difficulties. You can score victory over enemies. You may also get a legal victory. Past debts will be reduced. New offers for a better job will arrive to those who are unemployed. Excessive expenditure may also take place. Health problems that you had in the past would subside & this feeling of good health will help you to achieve your targets easily. Obstacles in business will recede & economically you would be better off. Students will get rewards for the efforts put in. higher education in the field you desire is indicated. Excessive expenditure may also take place. Women can have problems from evil spirit.

Tulam - Libra
Current Transit: Rahu would be in the 11th while Ketu would be in the 5th house.
Favourability Rating - Rahu 87.5%; Ketu 37.5%

During this period, Rahu will move through your eleventh house from the Moon. This brings in good times for you. This period could be regarded as particularly favourable for matters related to your finances. You may expect the inflow of money, some of which could be sudden, from several sources including foreign travel, sea voyage and business relating to the waterways. You may even acquire some landed property and buy some jewellery during this particular time. Domestic life would be good. You are likely to enjoy exotic dishes at home. Your ailing spouse would recover from diseases and would be glowing with health. If you have children of marriageable age, you may plan their marriage with suitable person during this time. Ailing children, if any, would travel the road of fast recovery during this period. This could be regarded as a socially good time as well, as you would be able to command more respect and honour in the society. Your interest in religious and spiritual field would increase and you may also get providential help from these disciplines. An increase in income, positive changes in profession and fulfillment of long cherished desires. There will be inclination towards Study of spiritual & religious. Control your socializing and be cautious while driving. Outflow of funds will be high. However, children might cause some tension. Students must be very thorough in their studies otherwise results can be disastrous. Friends and unfavorable atmosphere might cause some disturbance in education. An injury cannot be ruled out. Pregnant women must be extremely cautious. Not a good period for speculation.

Vrischikam - Scorpio
Current Transit: Ketu transits in your 4th house while Rahu in the 10th house.
Favourability Rating - Rahu 100%; Ketu 50%

This brings in mixed results for you. Hence, if you see a great time during the first half of this period you may have to experience some negative results in the second half of this phase. Finances should be in a good shape as you are likely to gain in your field of work. You may expect a cooperative atmosphere at work, as you are likely to establish cordial relations with your superiors. You may even expect some gain from your cordial relationship with people of distinction. You are also likely to get new opportunities in your work front, which would give you higher responsibilities and more rights. Finances would require your focused attention or else you may lose some of them. Health could be a matter of concern during this particular time. You are likely to develop sleep disorders, which could also be a result of your constant worries. Health of your parents would require attention as well. If you are also going through the phase of a malefic dasha you must avoid any life-risking task during this period. Some of you may also have to perform funeral rites of your parents, which could be the result of past karma. Mentally you may not feel fine and your decision-making skill may get disturbed. Beware of your enemies and avoid making some new ones. Some of you may also be affected by black magic. At home, you are likely to get involved in fights with your spouse. You are also likely to be transferred to a place that doesn’t interest you much. Your food habits may also suffer due to several reasons. Some auspicious deed may be performed at your home. Those seeking job, promotions foreign postings will get positive results. New avenues for investment & profitable ventures will open up. Help from father or higher authorities will help you in achieving your goals. Increase in property. May do bad deeds and wrong in business or profession. This brings in significant ups and downs into your life. There could be, on one hand, unusual gain of money and excessive expenditure on the other. You may find it hard to stop unnecessary expenses especially if it is a period of the waning moon.

Dhanusu - Sagittarius
Current Transit: Rahu in 9th & Ketu in 3rd house
Favourability Rating - Rahu 12.5%; Ketu 62.5%

This brings in happiness and financial gain for you. This is the time when you may expect progress and successful completion of your projects at work as well as your pending work. You would also be able to influence others at work or in the society. You may also expect to get the cooperation of your colleagues and seniors at work during this time. However, your business would require some extra attention if this position of Ketu happens during the waning moon period. Socially it could be a satisfying period as you are likely to gain fame and respect in society. Students would excel in their respective field of learning. Some of you may also acquire some additional mathematical knowledge during this time. This period also brings in travel in its agenda. You may have to travels towards the northeastern direction or may need to go on a voyage. However, if the travel plan happens to fall during the waning period of the moon, you may end up wandering the mountainous areas and may also encounter some negative spirits. Overseas travel to the west for higher education/profession is a possibility. After initial setbacks, fortune will favor you. New investments opportunities and profitable ventures are there. Good time for sportsmen and artists. Visits to some religious or a place of spiritual significance will take place. Marriages of brothers or sisters. Problems may arise from brothers or sisters. Relations with other women may cause fall down. Possibilities of separation from brothers or sisters.

Makaram - Capricorn
Current Transit : Rahu in 8th & Ketu in 2nd house
Favourability Rating - Rahu 25%; Ketu 25%

There is a possibility of getting an unexpected inheritance & sudden gains from lottery or stock exchange. Some journeys may prove fruitful. You may win some legal cases. You may get unexpected wealth. However your expenses are likely to soar and there could also be a theft in your house. You must avoid taking loans during this period. During the period of Moon’s waning, you may suffer from physical as well as mental ailments. Take care of your eyes as well. Try to stay away from probable fire accidents during this particular time. If married, you may get involved in a conflict with your spouse. This could be the result of your misbehaviour with your spouse’s family. Some of you may also experience discomfort due to a forced change of residence during this phase. Avoid getting involved in any kind of litigations as you may lose in the same. Not a very favorable position for career. Avoid changes in job. Even if you work hard you will not get due reward and you will have to struggle. Do not go in for fresh investments in Stock Exchange. If you are in service your seniors might cause some tensions and create difficulties.

Kumbham - Aquarius
Current Transit : Rahu in 7th house and ketu in Ascendant
Favourability Rating - Rahu 12.5%; Ketu 12.5%

May get gains from women or opposite sex. Caution should be the watchword in emotional matters. Be careful while dealing with opposite sex. If unmarried choose your partner carefully. This period can also create problems in married life. Troubles with spouse can be there. Be careful in partnership. Professionally, carefully chosen partners can help in realizing goals. You may have sexual relations apart from your spouse. There may be Rheumatic complaints & head injury is also possible. The health of spouse and relationship needs extra care. Success for students in competitive examination is there. Restrict your craving for luxury and pleasures. Restrict your company with the opposite sex. This brings in some trying time for you. Beware of your enemies during this time, as they are likely to become more strong and offensive. Financially also this could prove to be a tricky time for some of you. Expenses may soar and saving money could be difficult for you. However, avoid taking any kind of loans during this time. Your endeavours may not bring in the desired result. Stay away from activities that might defame you in society. Health may suffer some setbacks especially during the fading moon period. Avoid doing any task that might involve risk taking. Maintain your calm of mind, as you are likely to be agitated, restless and develop mental affliction. You may even suffer from diseases related to your head. Avoid creating any unpleasant atmosphere at home and avoid arguments with your family members. You are also likely to get involved in fights with your family members during this time.

Meenam - Pisces
Current Transit : Rahu is in the 6th house and Ketu in the 12th house
Favourability Rating - Rahu 87.5%; Ketu 37.5%

It gives you courage mental strength. You will gain confidence & your social circle will expand. Victory over enemies is assured. If you are in service you will now attempt to project yourself well in the eyes of others. It may even motivate you to take up a new type or line of work, something you had earlier thought of and abandoned. Success through occultism and spiritual pursuits may take place. Students will be successful if they follow a disciplined routine. Admission to courses of their choice is assured. There may be delays in your transfer or promotions so put restraint. On the health front some incidence of intestinal/nerve disorder can be there. Excessive expenditure may also take place. May have problems or loose in legal court cases. This signifies a bumpy time for you. Your health would require extra attention during this time as you are likely to develop certain bile related diseases. You are also likely to develop piles during this period. Health of your spouse may also become a matter of concern. Due to physical ailments of the couple, conjugal life may also suffer. Some of you may also suffer from temporary seperation during this time. Work might ask for some more dedication, lack of which may make you suffer in your field of work or business. Take care of your finances and keep an eye on your expenditures. Avoid taking any loan during this particular time. Keep yourself away from all kinds of litigations as the judgement may go against you and you may even be imprisoned. You are also likely to face humiliation and defamation during this phase. Try and develop a good rapport with your near and dear ones to retain their support towards you. However, some of you may experience happiness and comfort due to the waning moon. Though inflow of money would be limited; some of you may also expect to travel to foreign land during this period of time.

First, we would like to caution you that this is a general prediction relating the Rahu-Ketu period lasting next 18 months. It is applicable to billions of people across the globe. But one must remember that these are general in nature. If you want a specific report about the specific effects on you personally, you will have to consult your family astrologer or any competent astrologer. The results derived from the transit get altered due to the time scale called dasa-bhukti which depends on the position of Moon at birth.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Why are girls not allowed to visit temple during menstruation ?

Aum Sai Ram.

This is the most common question what people usually ask me and I think this question is in mind of every women.. Therefore I thought to put light on this subject and reveal the most biggest fact about menstruation..

Firstly, let me tell you Menstruation is nothing to do with impurity.
Human beings are not aware about the major fact that's why they call it Impure.. Even cows get menstruation and they still roam freely in temple and it's premises..

So why are women's not allowed ?
Answer for this question is very simple..

We don't touch anything that is pure. And what we don't touch we call it as taboo.

During Menstruation each and every women is actually a Living Goddess and She is very Pure.

Kamakhya Devi is one of the most important Shakti Peeth situated in Assam. And the reason why it's so powerful is because here the goddess is worshiped in the form of YONI (vagina). Every year for 3 days even she goes through her menstruation cycle.

The blood of menstruation has number of hidden powers, therefore it is also used in ritual of black magic. This blood has a power to absorb all the energies from God's idol and make it lifeless. That is why Girls are not allowed to come in contact with God's Idol at home or in temple. As I already told a women in her period is actually a living goddess that's why she is been asked to sit aside and not allowed to do any house work.

It is true that women in primitive years were actually worshiped during their menstruation cycle. Their aura is strongest during that time. We are actually at our best. It's sad that today people think exactly opposite and they treat women as untouchables whereas she's actually in her purest form.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Why do we keep Tilak & Bindi (Pottu) On Forehead ?

Aum Sai Ram.

The Tilak invokes a feeling of sanctity in the wearer and others.It is recognized as a religious mark. Its form and colour vary according to one's caste, religious sect or the form of the Lord worshipped. Religious marks are worn by men and women with ashes, clay, kumkum (Powdered red turmeric) or sandalwood powder. It is a visible sign of a person as belonging to Hindu culture.

In earlier times, The brahmin applied a white chandan mark signifying purity. The kshatriya applied a red kumkum mark.The vaishya wore a yellow kesar or turmeric mark.The sudra applied a black bhasma, kasturi or charcoal mark.

Vishnu worshippers apply a chandan tilak of the shape of "U," Shiva worshippers a tripundra of bhasma, Devi worshippers a red dot of kumkum.

Saivites typically use ashes ( called Vibhuti) and draw their tilaks as three horizontal lines ( tripundra). Vibhuti used by Saivites, means glory and it is also called bhasma (that by which our sins are destroyed and the Lord is remembered ). The holy ash is worn with adoration and respect. This is also known as “ thiru neeru” in Tamil. The holy Ash has lots of spiritual meaning.

Vibhuti is so named because it endows one with prosperity. Ash is the substance that results when things are completely burnt off. In natural terms it is a final state. It is also known as Bhasma because it burns away all sins. This ash is the ultimate reality and cannot be changed any more. By applying this as a symbol of Divinity, we prepare ourselves to give up all desires, burn our attachments and temptations and make ourselves pure, holy and sacred, for liberation.

Vaishnavites apply clay (preferably from holy rivers) or sandalwood paste. They apply the material in two vertical lines, which may be connected at the bottom, forming either a simple U shape or a form said to be like a tulasi leaf. Their Tilak is called the urdhva-pundra. Vaishnavites use clay for their Srichurnam. This is also called “thirumann” ( mann is the tamil word for clay).This is known as Srichurnam and wearing this is as an important part of the daily rites of a Sri Vaishnavite.

The Tilak is applied to twelve parts of the body, reciting the twelve names of the Lord. Vedas say, by wearing this mark, he becomes fortunate, gets released of all the worldly bondages and attains liberation.

In Sri Vaishnava sampradaya the tilak is made out of the white mud found in anthills. The scriptures tell us that the mud from the base of a Tulasi plant and the white mud from within the anthill are both pure and best for making tilak.

The Sri Vaishnavas will draw two lines representing the feet of Sri Narayana, and in the middle they will put a red line to represent Lakshmi Devi. Because the Sri Vaishnava sampradaya begins with Sri Lakshmi Devi, and they approach Narayana only through Lakshmi, their tilak reflects this process of surrender. Using mud also makes us reflect that we come from clay and go back to clay.

The Tilaks of each sampradaya actually depict the siddhanta of the sampradaya. The Tilak is also believed to have medicinal and protective functions. The pastes applied are considered to give cooling effect to the body.

The Tilak is also considered to bestow spiritual comfort and protection against demons, bad luck, and other evil forces. The tilak cover the spot between the eyebrows, which is the seat of memory and thinking. It is known as the Aajna Chakra in the language of Yoga and gives concentration of spiritual energy on the forehead between the eyebrows. The tilak is applied with the prayer -

"May I remember the Lord. May this pious feeling pervade all my activities. May I be righteous in my deeds."

Even when we temporarily forget this prayerful attitude the mark on another reminds us of our resolve. The tilak is thus a blessing of the Lord and a protection against wrong tendencies and forces. The scriptures say that a Hindu without tilak is worthy of condemnation and is compared to intellect without clarity.

Traditionally Bindi is red in colour.'Bindi' is derived from the Sanskrit word 'bindu' or a drop, and suggests the mystic third eye of a person. It is applied as an ornamental mark on the forehead between the two eyebrows — a spot considered a major nerve point in human body since ancient times. The bindi is believed to prevent the loss of "energy", as well as bringing spiritual protection against demons or bad luck. The red 'kumkum' between the eyebrows is said to retain energy in the human body and control the various levels of concentration. It is also the central point of the base of the creation itself — symbolising auspiciousness and good fortune.

The Kumkum which ladies keep on the forehead , is to symbolize that they are married. Normally guys walk straight and ladies would walk with head down.By seeing the Kumkum on the forehead, one can understand that the girl is married.. In early days, there had been a custom that married guys would have a ring in their second foot finger, as metti seeing that the girl would identify that he is married.

We are told that in ancient times, in Aryan society, a groom used to apply his blood on-his bride's forehead as a recognition of wedlock. The existing practice among Indian women of applying a round shaped red Tilaka called Bindiya or Kumkum could be a survival of this idea.

No one knows exactly when the tradition of putting a bindi started,In earlier times, the four castes (based on varna or colour) – Brahmana, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Sudra – applied marks differently. The brahmin applied a white chandan mark signifying purity, as his profession was of a priestly or academic nature. The kshatriya applied a red kumkum mark signifying valour as he belonged to the warrior races. The vaishya wore a yellow kesar or turmeric mark signifying prosperity as he was a businessman or trader devoted to creation of wealth. The sudra applied a black bhasma, kasturi or charcoal mark signifying service as he supported the work of the other three divisions.

Also Vishnu worshippers apply a chandan tilak of the shape of “U”, Shiva worshippers a tripundra of bhasma, Devi worshippers a red dot of kumkum and so on.

The tilak covers the spot between the eyebrows, which is the seat of memory and thinking. It is known as the Aajna Chakra in the language of Yoga. The tilak is applied with the prayer – “May I remember the Lord. May this pious feeling pervade all my activities. May I be righteous in my deeds.” Even when we temporarily forget this prayerful attitude the mark on another reminds us of our resolve. The tilak is thus a blessing of the Lord and a protection against wrong tendencies and forces.

The entire body emanates energy in the form of electromagnetic waves – the forehead and the subtle spot between the eyebrows especially so. That is why worry generates heat and causes a headache. The tilak and pottu cools the forehead, protects us and prevents energy loss. Sometimes the entire forehead is covered with chandan or bhasma. Using plastic reusable “stick bindis” is not very beneficial, even though it serves the purpose of decoration.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Science Behind Temple Bells.

Aum Sai Ram.

Most Of The Old Temples Have Large Bells At The Entrance Of The Temple And You Need To Ring Them Before You Enter Temple.

Temple Bells Have A Scientific Phenomena; It Is Not Just Your Ordinary Metal.

It Is Made Of Various Metals Including

The Proportion In Which Each One Of Them Are Mixed, Is The Real Science Behind A Bell.

Each Of These Bells Are Made To Produce Such A Distinct Sound That It Can Create Unity Of Your Left And Right Side Of Brain.

The Moment You Ring That Bell, Bell Produces A Sharp But Lasting Sound Which Lasts For Minimum Of Seven Seconds In Echo Mode Good Enough To Touch Your Seven Healing Centres Or Chakras In Your Body.

The Moment The Bell Is Rung, Your Brain Is Emptied Of All Thoughts. Invariably You Will Enter The State Where You Are Very Receptive. This Trans State Is The One With Awareness. Your Mind Is So Pre-Occupied That The Only Way To Awaken You Is With A Shock!

Bell Works As Anti-Dote To Your Mind. Before You Enter Temple – To Awake You And Prepare You For Taste Of Awareness Is The Real Reason Behind The Tradition Of Ringing The Temple.

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Three Hundred Names of Goddess Lalita Introduction.

Aum Sai Ram.

Three Hundred Names of Goddess Lalita Introduction.

This Introduction Deals With The Background Of Lalita Trisathi Stotram.

Among the 18 puranas, brahmanda-purana is well known for the extolling of Lalita . It explains in detail the appearance of the Goddess Lalita to save the world from the clutches of the demon bhandasura.

There are three important sub-texts in this purana. The first of these texts is Lalitopakhyana, consisting of 45 chapters and is found in the last section of the purana . The last five chapters are especially well known. They extol the Divine mother, explain the significance of the mantra of the goddess (shodashakshari-vidya), the various mudras and postures to be practiced, meditations, initiations etc., and the mystical placement of the deities involved in Shri Chakra.

The next text is the celebrated lalita sahasranama, which consists of 320 verses in three chapters. The third text is the lalita trishati in which 300 names of the goddess is featured . There is a well known commentary on this work attributed to Adi shankaracharya.

Lalita trishati and lalitha sahasranama are dialogues between the sage Agastya and the god hayagrivapronounced as hayagriva. Hayagriva is the incarnation of vishnu who assumed the form of a horse to kill a demon by the same name.

Agastya was a sage of great renown, who is immortalized as a star in the celestial heavens(one of the seven Rishi-s, saptarshi or Ursa Major). He is the patron saint of Tamilnadu being a founder of a system of medicine called Siddha, and also having drunk the whole ocean in his kamandalum.

According to yaska's Nirukta, Agastya is the half-brother of the great sage, vasishtha. The story of the meeting of Agastya and Hayagriva is given in the lalitopakhyana and is quite interesting . Agastya was visiting several places of pilgrimage and was sad to see many people steeped in ignorance and involved in only sensual pleasures.

He came to kanchi and worshiped kamakshi and sought a solution for the masses . Pleased with the devotion and his caring for the society, Lord vishnu appeared before Agastya and provided the sage Agastya with the solution of `curing' the worldly folk from ignorance.

He explained that He is the primordial principle, and the source and the end of everything. Though He is above forms and gunas, He involves himself in them . He goes on to explain that a person should recognize that He is the pradhhana (primordial) transformed into the universe, and that He is also the purusha (conscious spirit) who is transcendental and beyond all qualities(guna-s) and forms.

However to recognize this, one has to perform severe penance, self-discipline etc . If (since) this is difficult, Lord vishnu advises that the worship of the goddess will achieve the purpose of life, given as liberation from bondage, very easily.

He points out that even other Gods like Shiva and Brahma have worshiped the goddess tripura . Vishnu concludes his discourse saying that this was revealed to Agastya so that he (Agastya) can spread the message to gods, sages, and humans.

Vishnu requests Agastya to approach his incarnation, Hayagriva and disappears from Agastya's sight. Agastya approaches Hayagriva with devotion and reverence. Hayagriva reveals to Agastya that the great Goddess, lalita, is without beginning or end and is the foundation of the entire universe .
The great goddess abides in everyone and can be realized only in meditation . The worship of goddess is done with the lalita sahasranama (1000 names) and Hayagriva teaches him this great sahasranama.

After this Agastya thanks Hayagriva and tells him that though he has heard about Sri Chakra upasana and the sahasranama he lacks the satisfaction of knowing all the secrets and catches hold of Hayagriva's feet . Hayagriva is taken aback and keeps quiet.

At this time Goddess Lalita appears to Hayagriva and tells him that both Agastya and his wife Lopamudra are very dear to her, and that Agastya is worthy of receiving the secret Lalita trishati and then disappears.

Hayagriva lifts up Agastya and tells him that he is indeed a great man since Lalita herself had commanded him to impart the trishathi to Agastya. He also tells him that he is fortunate to have Agastya as a disciple since he had the vision of Lalita due to Agastya . He then gives him the following trishathi.
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