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Friday, June 20, 2008

Sai Baba Wall Papers -01 June '08

Sai Temple Bhatha, Surat.

Old Samadhi Temple Shirdi.

I Can See Sai Baba Every Where !!

Samadhi Temple Shirdi <<>>

Sai Temple Bhatha.

SaiBaba : "Keep Faith In Me"

I Love U Sai baba!!

Friday, June 13, 2008


Aum Sairam

The power of Prayer is universally accepted by all religions and cults. Prayer helps in achieving not only personal benefits, cultural purposes and mental peace; it also helps for the social good. Nothing is equal to Prayer in protecting the well being of an individual as well as the society.

To achieve universal peace I request Sai devotees to pray Lord Sainath.

Oh! Sainath, the symbol of God in physical form, let your vast knowledge, true nature, energy and a heartful of compassion is the driving force of mine in all walks of life.

May the wicked turn good
May the good attain peace
May the peaceful be freed from all bondage
May the liberated redeem others.

May everybody be happy.
May everybody be free from disease
May everybody have good luck
May none fall on evil days.

May everybody surmount difficulties
May everybody have good fortune
May everybody realize his ambitions
May everybody rejoice every where.

Allah Malik

Kama Is Not Love

Aum Sairam

We misuse the word love a lot. We think and say that two people are in love when there is physical attraction and emotional attachment between two people. Assuming this meaning for love, some people even wonder why Krishna is called an Avatar because He had eight wives but also loved Radha and thousands of Gopikas and was loved by them all.

Krishna's love is not related to the physical body. Physical attraction and emotional craving is not love. It is Kama, desire. There is cheating and lust in the context of Kama when one does not honor one's commitments. God's love is true love, which Krishna gave to Rukmini, the other seven wives, Radha, Gopikas, Pandavas, and many other devotees. Each of the Gopikas was thinking that Krishna was with her. They were all His devotees and He was with every one of them. God can and does give His love at the same time to several devotees who love Him. In fact, God loves even those who do not love Him. They cannot see it because they have not opened themselves to receive it. Therefore there is no such thing as cheating in Divine love just like several children are all loved by one mother. Those who think Krishna is a playboy are misinterpreting the scriptures.

Since the mother's love is the most unselfish love that one experiences in one's life we often say Sai's love is that of a mother. In fact, Sai's love or Krishna's love is far superior to that of any mother in this world in the following sense. The love of an ordinary human mother is confined only to her children whereas God's love is not confined to one person or one community. God loves all His creation. Krishna loved not only women but men also. He was protecting Pandavas constantly. Because He taught Arjuna Gita does not mean that He loved Arjuna more or less than other Pandavas or Gopikas. He was showering His grace on each devotee in a way that is suitable to him/her for receiving it because different people grasp through different ways of communication. Baba was like that too. Baba used different ways to teach those who approached Him and different ways to draw people to Him.

There is significance in depicting Krishna as being surrounded by Gopikas. In general, women are considered less egoistic than men are. This is a general view, it does not mean that every man is egoistic and no woman has any ego.

A Gopika who is enjoying Krishna's company represents a devotee who has completely surrendered ego to the Lord. Krishna's influence was such that with His darshan, a devotee could easily lose the ego and is immersed in His divine love. The picture of One Krishna and several Gopikas conveys that He is the one and only one Supreme I, the Consciousness, and the devotees who are experiencing His divine love have absolutely no ego.

Allah Malik

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Courage Quote

Aum Sairam

May This Thursday [Baba's Day] Bring You Strength, Good luck, Success, Happiness and Joy

Every burden is a blessing.

Every difficulty slurred over will be a ghost to disturb your repose later on.
Every evening I turn my worries over to God. He's going to be up all night anyway.
Every man has his own courage, and is betrayed because he seeks in himself the courage of other persons.
Everyone has talent. What is rare is the courage to follow that talent to the dark place it leads.

Failure is success if we learn from it.
Fall seven times; stand up eight.
Fear defeats more people than any other one thing in the world.
Fear is met and destroyed with courage.
Fear is never a reason for quitting; it is only an excuse.

A great deal of talent is lost to the world for want of a little courage.
Every day sends to their graves obscure men whose timidity prevented them from making a first effort.

A man full of courage is also full of faith.
A man of courage flees forward in the midst of new things.
A smooth sea never made a skilled mariner.
A timid person is frightened before a danger, a coward during the time, and a courageous person afterwards.

All our dreams can come true - if we have the courage to pursue them.

Always direct your thoughts to those truths that will give you confidence, hope, joy, love, thanksgiving, and turn away your mind from those that inspire you with fear, sadness, depression.

An inferiority complex is a conviction by a jury of your fears.

Any coward can fight a battle when he's sure of winning, but give me a man who has pluck to fight when he's sure of losing.
Any time you try to win everything, you must be willing to lose everything.

The world isn't interested in the storms you encountered, but whether or not you brought in the ship.

There are two kinds of adventurers; those who go truly hoping to find adventure and those who go secretly hoping they won't.
There is in true beauty, as in courage, somewhat which narrow souls cannot dare to admire.
There is nothing that fear and hope does not permit men to do.
There would be nothing to frighten you if you refused to be afraid.
There's no substitute for guts.

Things never go so well that one should have no fear, and never so ill that one should have no hope.

This is no time for ease and comfort. It is the time to dare and endure.

Throughout the centuries there were men who took first steps down new roads armed with nothing but their own vision.

To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.

Allah Malik

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What is Love?

Aum Sairam

When mystics use the word love, they use it very carefully in the deeply spiritual sense, and where to love is to know; to love is to act.
If you really love, from the depths of your Consciousness, that love gives you a native wisdom. You perceive the needs of others
intuitively and clearly, with detachment from any personal desires; and you know how to act creatively to meet those needs, dexterously surmounting any obstacle that comes in the way.

Such is the immense, driving power of love.

Therefore, when I say that 'I love', it is not I who love, but in reality Love who acts through me. Love is not so much something I do as something that I am. Love is not a doing but a state of being – a relatedness, a connectedness to another mortal, an identification with her or him that simply flows within me and through me, independent of my intentions or my efforts.

When you are aware that you are the force that is Life, anything is possible. Miracles happen all the time, because those miracles are performed by the heart. The heart is in direct communion with the human soul, and when the heart speaks, even with the resistance of the head, something inside you changes; your heart opens another heart, and true love is possible.

Allah Malik

Self Realization

Aum Sairam

We know that death is certain and may snatch us at any time, we should be ever alert to achieve the object of our life, we should not make the least delay but make every possible haste to gain our object. So with all earnestness and speed we should drive to attain our end i.e., self realization. Hence we should day and night meditate on the self.

Shri Hemadpant says that "Sri Sai Baba's Life History" is our present Guru Charitra. We can see Guru Leela's in every chapter of this Charitra. If we read these leela's with knowing sense of subject and get memory of the subject and put the same into our practice, then we will get Sri Sai Baba's Blessings for our salvation. Sri Sai Baba says I will help them those who read or hear My

Sri Sai Baba promised His devotees Even after My physical non existence, I will be aware of My duty. He is still keeping his promise. As Sri Sadguru, He looks at His disciples Welfare. Sri Sai Baba makes them lead their lives with peace and happiness and get Satgati.

Allah Malik

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Caste Discrimination

Aum Sairam

Om Sarvamatha Sammathaya Namaha. This is one of the names in Sai Astottharam. Sri Sai showed us that all the castes are the same. He always used to say Sab Ka Malik Ek. This can be shown by Sri Sai's interest in conducting Urus and Ram Navami festivals together. He never looked at the caste of the person; he looked for the sincere, unalloyed devotion in the person's heart. That's why the people of different religions are attracted by Sri Sai's teachings as they contain the essence of every religion. There are lots of varieties of fruits in nature. There is no problem because of the different varieties. But, the problem comes when one starts comparing one kind of fruit with another kind of fruit and starts judging that particular fruit only is superior and the other one as inferior. Likewise, the same example applies to different castes in the society. It is better not to look down or look up at any caste in particular. Every one is important and needed for the equilibrium in the society.

All of us have come from the one divine source. Truth is one, but wise men talks about it in many ways. The absolute truth is eternal for every one. It is not limited to one caste, one person or one religion. As many religions so many paths to God.

Allah Malik

Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Path of Saintly Wisdom

Aum Sairam

Do you ever wonder how the Saints became so wise? Believe it or not, it wasn't because they studied harder, did more, or blocked out their negative emotions. Wisdom isn't about doing better. It isn't about acting more saintly. It is simply about accepting that you have access to all "knowing,” and using it.

I read once that Saint Germain said the reason he became a Saint so quickly was because he made lots of right choices. We all have that freedom of choice. Every minute you can choose to open the computer of your mind and search for an answer among its stored files or open yourself to the higher” knowing" of wisdom.

It is true that the higher wisdom registers through your mind, but it doesn't originate there. In fact, it may take some time before enough of your old mental clutter gets cleared away for wisdom to make itself known. This means that you have to give up needing answers immediately. Actually, wisdom is much more than just `answers'. It is the big picture of "knowing” rather than just the facts pertaining to the immediate question.

Isn't it nice to know that you don't have to die to have saintly wisdom? In fact you don't have to do anything other than reach beyond yourself to the wisdom held by all the Saints. It is like having access to the World Bank. The only combination to the vault that you need is openness and awareness. Be open to all possibilities, not only in your waking hours but also in your dream state. Be aware of symbols and information brought to you in unusual ways, both in your thoughts and from the outside. And last but not least, be able to sort through the mass of external information available and see if any of it resonates with your heart.

The path of Saintly wisdom is one of not only accessing higher knowing but of bringing it into everyday life. In every moment you must choose to go beyond what you already know to the vastness of true wisdom. You must not only accept its breadth and depth, but its simplicity. Wisdom builds one piece at a time, so you will have the chance to incorporate it into your life. The path of a Saint is about bringing heaven to earth.

Allah Malik

What is the Mind

Aum Sairam

Mind is different from the soul [Atma]. We are not our mind. But without the mind it is not possible to know our self. The states of bondage and emancipation are possible only with the mind. The Self is unchangeable—it is the mind only that undergoes changes. In this drama of existence, the mind is both the act and the actor; it is both the reflection and the reflector. That is, what we perceive with the mind is not the Self, but the mind only. For example, you have met many persons, and many different people have met you during the span of your life, yet not a single one of those persons will perceive you in exactly the same way as another perceive you.

Mostly what people see is what they project with their own mind; that is, they perceive their own mental projections. The same applies when we try to understand our lives through our own mind. Generally what we perceive is our own mental images; hence, we misunderstand ourselves, and we misunderstand others also. When we misunderstand ourselves and others, we are in a state of bondage. All that this means is that our mind is bound by its images and that we imagine we are bound by our mind. We only imagine we are bound by our mind when our mind is bound by images. The state of emancipation [Total Freedom] is attained only when all the samskaras [mental imprints] of the mind are erased. To erase the samskaras, the presence of the mind is required.

Allah Malik

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Spiritual Goals

Aum Sairam

Every day you awake is another chance to give thanks and praise for all the blessings you have. Remember today to think about your spiritual goals for the day, for they are the most important goals you will ever have. Without spiritual goals, all other goals are meaningless.

You can have material goals in your life, but have some spiritual goals as well; they will give more meaning to your life. Spiritual goals will ultimately lead you to remembering your Spirit.

At the end of the day, give thanks again… will feel satisfied that you have made another step closer to what you were put on this earth for, and that is to move closer to Sri Sai Baba, through your spiritual goals.

Allah Malik

Sacred Thoughts and Sayings

Aum Sairam

1 One may be unblemished and deeply learned, but rarely is one free from ignorance.
2 You may escape from all enemies but not from your evil deeds which pursue you and hunt you mercilessly.
3 Greatness springs from being true to one’s character enshrined like the holy respect for a woman.
4 Listen to good counsel, however meager, for, like a strong staff, it will help you from slipping.
5 Subdue with patience one that has harmed you in his insolent pride.
6 Even the frail can conquer if they select the right place to attack the enemy and act cautiously.
7 By goodness the cloud rains; the gods prosper; the earth is upheld; in goodness everything is established.
8 The heart is not alleviated by lamentation. Only in silence can you weep to your satisfaction.
9 The wise prefer the good to the pleasant, but the fool chooses the pleasant through greed and avarice.
10 Make the impossible possible, make room for us where there is no room, bringing back life to us for we are as good as dead.

Allah Malik

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Guru - Disciple Relationship

Aum Sairam

In reality this relationship commences when a disciple contacts the Guru for his materialistic problems and later this culminates into a spiritual relationship. The Guru element is a formless element before which a disciple makes complete surrender and because of this, initiation by the Guru is considered the first basic requirement of the spiritual aspirant. Learning in absence of a Guru is impractical. Systematic learning is possible only through a Guru.

On receiving initiation, the Guru-disciple relationship is established and this leads to success in life. In life, Guru may exist in many forms as father, brother, master or servant. In Gita, Lord Krishna says, "You can consider me as a father, brother or husband which implies that I shall bestow my grace in accordance with your views and feelings".

Some people seek initiation from Guru for their selfish interests, for getting cured from diseases or just for fun sake whereas there are some people who sincerely desire to attain totality and the Guru fulfills their wishes according to the feelings they have for their Guru. It is absolutely true that the Guru-disciple relationship is very deep. When strong links get established between the souls of disciple and Guru, their inner consciences get merged together. In such a situation, credit of pious deeds of the Guru gets transferred to the disciple and all the accumulated sins of the disciple get transferred to the Guru. Consequently on this account the Guru has to pay in terms of difficulties and pains for the misdeeds and sins of the disciples. It is because of this fact that a Guru initiates a limited number of disciples so that the Guru's sufferings on account of the disciple's sins are minimized.

Allah Malik

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Kill Those Demons

Aum Sairam

Shree Ram Navami symbolizes the victory of truth and righteousness and good over evil. The story of Ramayana depicts the relationship that should exist in this world between father and son, brothers, husband and wife. Most importantly the relationship between friends and importance of loyalty. To get the grace of Lord Rama one has to please Shri Hanuman. Shri Hanuman symbolizes the loyalty, love and dedication. The selfless service towards a master and unflinching faith in Master. Let us beg our Sri Sai, to give us the wisdom to kill the demons in the form of jealousy, anger, intolerance, greed, selfishness and instead replace them with the qualities of humbleness, humility, love, empathy and compassion. Dear friends, I am sure you all know it but let me remind you once again; we can overcome our evil qualities with the constant name of the Lord on our lips, which makes us conscious of our actions and makes us realize that we have to curb such actions. This effort would be appreciated by the lord and He will help us in all aspects of our life. This also paves way for happiness and joy after having attained peace of mind.

Let us hold on to the sweet name of lord like Shri Hanuman, and cross over the ocean of sansar filled with crocodiles in the form of our bad thoughts and actions on the bridge of lords love and support. Let us use the Lords name to kill the Demons that surface from time to time.

Salutations to the holy feet of Lord Rama.

Sri Sai bless and guide us always in the path of righteousness.

Allah Malik


Aum Sairam

Destiny is not comparable. Destiny of each person is unique by itself. So don't suffer by comparing and contrasting your destiny
with others.

Because the past was imperfect and future uncertain, we must not spoil the perfect present.

Difference of opinion should not lead to difference of mind. Half the problems of our life will not arise at all if we remember this.

Instead of conquering the world, conquer your mind. If you conquer your mind, you can conquer the world.

Do not ponder over negative thoughts as this is infectious, which gets into your system. Keep negative thoughts out of your being.

Do not ponder over negative traits in others, for then they will take root in you.

The science of worldly pleasures blinds people so much that they fail to see the light of god.

The Sadguru is like a tree that not only gives fruit but also shade to all, even to its enemies.

Live in the world as if the whole world belongs to you; depart from the world as if nothing belongs to you.

The Guru is always hidden in the disciple. When the worldly covers are taken out the real image of the Guru is seen in the disciple. There is no difference between the disciple and the Guru as they live in each other.

Allah Malik

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Aum Sairam

Everything in the world except the soul is transitory and subject to destruction. The soul alone is, in its nature, eternal.

In the world none can protect a living being from death. Therefore the only shelter one should seek in human life is true religion. Religion alone can be man’s Savior.

The soul has been passing through a chain of births and deaths and it is high time for it to think of its freedom from Samsara - a cycle of births and deaths. One should consciously realize that the soul’s nature is freedom and so it is but natural to think of its salvation from Samsara.

This soul has always been and is alone. It will suffer the fruits of its deeds and it is the lone pilgrim.

All souls are independent and generally none is really related to the other.

This body is unholy; it gives out and absorbs many unholy and impure substances. I, as a soul, am quite independent of my body which is subject to disease and death.

Attachment, avarice, ignorance, sense of futility etc. are binding the soul.

One should devote his time to acquiring knowledge and meditation and thereby save oneself from the bondage of fresh actions.

To act with full knowledge of the nature of the self is the way of cut the knot
of binding actions.

To think of the fourteen worlds in which the soul wanders in bondage.

To determine that a man cannot attain the gift of right knowledge of the nature of the self while going the way of the world. Even if such knowledge may be had, conscious abidance in the true nature of the Self will become difficult. Hence one should feel intense obligation of the enlightened Guru who explains the true nature of the Self.

Therefore one should appreciate the rare possibility of obtaining the right preceptor of religion and one should lose no time in following his advice, should he be available.

Allah Malik

Leela's Of Sadguru

Aum Sairam

Hardwar Kashi Mathura ya... Vrindavan Kabha Ganga Yamuna Mandir Masjid Sab Hai. Sai Baba

Sri Sai Baba is all the pilgrimage, Mathura to Mecca. He dwells in all temples, Mandir's to Mosques, Churches to Synagogues. Sri Sai children's constant remembrance of their father should manifest in the way they view other faiths. The unique Saint of Shirdi has proposed in unequivocal terms, the oneness of God and the various ways that lead to God. Several incidents during Sainath's tenure speak themselves to this fact. From the celebrations of Rama Navami and Urs together to the physical demise of Baba on a Vijayadashami as well as Moharram day dear to Hindus and Moslem's.

Sri Sai Baba appeared at the horizon of this century to teach us tolerance and as we approach the millennium, the task is far less completed. Some of the recent incidents across the globe are the reminders to the current state. Responsibility of Sri Sai children has to be respect to everyone, tolerance towards every faith, and the humility that Sri Sai Baba himself has stood as an example. Let us sing the glory of such a wondrous Saint who has consistently leaded His followers from the darkness of ignorance to the shine of realization. Let us all recite the poem written by Das Ganu Maharaj on Sri Sai Baba as follows:

You are Brahma, Vishnu and Siva The quintessence of the three gunas And on earth you manifest as Sri Sai the powerful In the early morning you become Brahma and spiritual knowledge flows from you And sometimes resorting to the qualities of tamas You assume the terrible form of Shiva Sometimes like Krishna you indulge in childlike pranks And at times you become the fables swan in the lake of your devotees' minds Considering your fondness for grantha how can you be called as Muslim? And yet if you are a Hindu how do can you dwell happily in a mosque? If your house be a mosque why does it have the sacred fire of the Hindus burning continuously in the dhuni that produces the udi? Such leela's of the Trinity manifest in you Are experienced by us daily, Oh 'Baba Sai.

Allah Malik

Monday, June 2, 2008

Aum Sairam

Take time to dream-it hitches your soul to the stars.
Take time to work-it is the price of success.
Take time to think-it is the source of power.
Take time to play-it is the secret of youth.
Take time to read-it is the foundation of knowledge.
Take time to laugh-it helps with life's loads.
Take time for health-it is the true treasure of life.
Take time for friends-they are the source of happiness.
Take time to love-it is the source of joy.
Take time to worship-it is the highway of reverence and washes the dust of earth from your eyes

Allah Malik

God Is With Us

Aum Sairam

There are moments and days when we feel overwhelmed by the gnawing need to find meaning. The way we think, the way we behave, the choices we make and do not make, the books we read, the way we spend our money are indications of this inner need to find meaning in our existence. It makes us wonder if perhaps Sri Sai can bring meaning into our lives, and if Sri Sai can really spare us from the pain of being alone.

Because Sri Sai is transcendent – that is, greater than we can comprehend – our lives do mean something, not because of what we do, but because of who we are and who Sri Sai is.

Because Sri Sai is transcendent we need never succumb to the meaninglessness that screams at us from the television screen, in the newspapers, in advertising, or even in the hushed silence of our own soul. Not even when our self esteem is at an all time low. Not even when we have made a mess of our lives. Not even when we see no purpose to our existence. Not even when it seems that everyone has reason to celebrate but us. Because Sri Sai is greater than we are, we can know that we are forever known, forever loved, and forever valued.

Just as Sri Sai's transcendence assures us that we have meaning, Sri Sai's immanence – that is, Sri Sai's being as near to us as our very breath – assures us that we are never alone or in total isolation – cut off from life and goodness, inconsequential as a grain of sand on the beach of earth. Because Sri Sai is immanent we need never go through any experience believing that no one cares, no one understands, no one will feel the pain with us. Not even when we feel alone. Not even when it seems we have been abandoned by those who said they loved us. Not even when the trials of life seem more than we can bear. Not even when our anger and agony are so deep as to be beyond words. Sri Sai can be with us, understand us, and feel our pain because Sri Sai became a human – a human wrapped in swaddling cloths. Sri Sai `who walked the talked on earth.

God beyond us became the God among us – and in one cosmic moment, made us forever one.

Allah Malik

The Master of Creation

Aum Sairam

You will never be able to understand thoroughly how great Sri Sai is. He is the very personification of perfection. If you know Him as I know Him, you would call Him the Master of Creation.

Rarely does one find the likes of Sadguru Sainath. Lovingly referred to as Baba by His followers, Sri Sai of Shirdi is one great soul that constantly defies one's definition of God. It may be helpful for a spiritual seeker to have an entity with certain attributes and if so how would one categorize Sri Sai. Is he a mendicant that roamed around in the streets of Shirdi a century ago, or is He the medicine man that treated those who came to Him seeking help?

Could He be a Hindu as were those treated by Him or was He a Muslim like those who trusted Him. The beauty of journey starts with these curious puzzles, as if to teach His devotees the limited-ness of man made boundaries!

Meher Baba, revered as one of the realized souls of our times, calls Sri Sai the Master of Creation, the personification of perfection. Sri Sai dwells in the imperfections of human life in order to emphasize the perfection.

The ubiquitous nature of supreme conscious and its realization in every self seems to have several boundaries to cross. Sri Sai has asked His devotees to be aware of these boundaries, the imperfections which seem to confine the absolute that should otherwise be universally accessible.

Sainath has said that it is not important whether one is Hindu or a Muslim, but it is very important to know the difference between "black" and “white" the darkness of ignorance and the brightness of perennial bliss.

Welcome one and all to yet another fold of His coffers where His children are to play, grow, learn and shine. Sri Sai said "My coffers are always open". It is for us to seek.

Allah Malik

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Blessed Are the Pure In Heart

Aum Sairam

Only one of the Beatitudes promises the grace to see Sri Sai. Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see Sri Sai. Perhaps the reason for this is that only those who struggle with the issues of the heart are able to quiet it like a mirrored lake on a windless dawn. Quiet it so still that it can reflect the very face of Sri Sai.

There is at once riddance or a shedding of all that is not essential and an embracing of the one thing that is.

In a time of confusion, complexity and myriad expectations, there is the temptation to be frantic. Such a frantic posture closes the door to stillness and inner calm. We make the mistake of believing that our security is found in results rather than clarity.

This is a time for loving the questions, more than having answers to them. It is a time for balance a time to re align the conscious with your unconscious.

When a person is in delirium from fever, they are not sure what is going on around them. They are engulfed in an opalescent world, hanging between reality and the land of dreams. When the fever is broken and the body emptied of disease, the person is refreshed in the assurance of reality.

In a time of spiritual fever, the soul must be swathed in gentle quiet and stillness. Take time now to enter the very center of your being where Sri Sai is present. Let go of all that is sickening your soul, letting it float silently from you. Look into the eyes of Sri Sai and see there your own heart beating and whole.

Allah Malik

Spiritual Surrender

Aum Sairam

The present day world wants individuality. It demands freedom. But true individuality and freedom can breathe only in the Divine. Surrender is the untiring breath of the soul in the Heart of Sri Sai.

Human individuality shouts in the dark. Earthly freedom cries out in the deserts of life. But absolute surrender universally sings of divine individuality and freedom in the lap of the Supreme.

In surrender we discover the spiritual power through which we can become not only the seers but also the possessors of Truth. This Truth is the omnipotent power. If we can surrender in absolute silence, we shall ourselves become the reality of the real, the life of the living, the center of true love, peace and bliss.

A lovely child attracts our attention. We love him because he conquers our heart. But do we ask anything from him in return? No! We love him because he is the object of love; he is lovable. In the same way we can and should love Sri Sai, for He is the most lovable Being. Spontaneous love for the Divine is surrender, and this surrender is the greatest gift in life. For when we surrender, the Divine in no time gives us infinitely more than we would have asked for.

Surrender is a spiritual miracle. It teaches us how to see Sri Sai with our eyes closed, how to talk to Him with our mouth shut. Fear enters into our being only when we withdraw our surrender from the Absolute.

Every action of ours should be to please Sri Sai and not to gain applause. Our actions are too secret and sacred to display before others. They are meant for our own progress, achievement and realization.

Allah Malik
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