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Monday, March 23, 2009

The Ant Philosophy

If they are headed somewhere and you try to stop them, they will look for another way.
They will climb over, they will climb under, they will climb around.
They keep looking for another way.

LESSON: To never quit looking for a way to get where you are supposed to go.

You can't be so native as to think summer will last forever.
So ants are gathering their winter food in the middle of summer.
You have got to think rocks as you enjoy the sand and sun.

LESSON: It is important to be realistic. Think ahead

During the winter, ants remind themselves, This won't last long; we will soon be out of here.
At the first warm day, the ants are out.
If it turns cold again, they will dive back down, but then they come out the first warm day.

LESSON: Stay positive at all times.

How much will an ant gather during the summer to prepare for the winter?
All that he possibly can.

LESSON: Do all you can!. and more!


1] Never Give Up
2] Look Ahead
3] Stay Positive
4] Do All You Can

Don't be encumbered by history, just go out do something wonderful.

Am I Happy And Powerful All The Time?

Aum Sairam

Being loving towards self and others. Being peaceful towards self and others. Having good wishes towards everyone, am I able to safeguard myself from others, from their 5 vices of lust, anger, desire, ego and attachment?

Do I become a scapegoat by following the values of peace and love?

Do others take me for granted?

Do I always use the power of tolerance to face the difficult and selfish characters because of only reason that I love Sri Sai and follow Sri Sai?

By following Sri Sai’s teachings, am I becoming a person who keep controlling myself, resisting myself, not resisting others ideas being imposed on me.

Do I feel day by day, Sri Sai’s teaching becomes very hard to follow and slowly lose my love and respect for Sri Sai and His teachings, and slowly get back to my old behavior of getting into vices once again and becoming arrogant – angry like before.

I am not hurting anyone but I cannot control others from hurting me for only reason I am practicing to be loving and peaceful.

Sri Sai has assured that you take one step and He will help us by the rest of steps.
By making us powerful.

Becoming powerful is making our conscious dwell on unlimited not limited. Becoming universal consciousness, unlimited consciousness instead of individual or limited consciousness.

When we remain in our original nature of peace and love without any waste thoughts, our consciousness becomes unlimited, by which

1] We become powerful to face any type of people or situations of the world.
2] We will be ever happy, ever alert
3] One moment we will be worrying about many things and the next moment, when we are in that unlimited consciousness, in a second all worries would have disappeared and we will be made to think that , am I the person who was worrying just before?
4] We will become fearless
5] We will become victorious in all endeavors
6] The whole day we will be happy and make others also happy and content
7] Our vision becomes equal to all
8] No one or no situations will have the power to make us sad
9] There will not be any confusion of thoughts
10] What is to happen, only those thoughts will appear in our mind
11] No trace of sorrow or difficulty will remain within us
12] Whatever thoughts arise in our mind will be fruitful and no waste thoughts will appear
13] What is going to happen in future will be revealed well before hand so that there is no uncertainties and no anxieties
14] Become more confident about things we perform

So to be ever happy and content for ourselves, making everyone happy and content at all times, we have to be in our original nature of peaceful and loveful along with the constant attention of being powerful [unlimited]

The method to become powerful:

Although it is said that thoughtless stage is not possible, but by practicing to be in thoughtless stage, help us to have unlimited consciousness. In other words it is like not having any waste thoughts and just practice living in the present.

If our conscious or mind try to see things in front of our eyes [living every moments] always, not thinking about the past or future, our conscious will become unlimited and with this practice, we can even think about past or future with the constant awareness of being in the present.

It is like having attention of the awareness, of conscious thoughts

All thoughts should be thoughts with the constant awareness of unlimited consciousness

By above practice of becoming powerful, it will be a temporary experience and may lead to arrogance, tension, pain in forehead etc.,which is generally seen among those who do thoughtless meditation.

To experience permanently and naturally, the unlimited consciousness, we should
1] Experience ourselves as a Point of light at the middle of eyebrow so that we get rid of body consciousness. This is possible only if we surrender our selves, our thoughts, worries to Sri Sai. Surrender is possible only if we have constant natural love for Sri Sai. Love for Sri Sai is possible only if our thoughts are pure, our food intake is pure.

2] By considering ourselves as soul, we will be able to be in our original nature of peace and love.

3] By being peaceful and loveful towards self and all, there will not be waste thoughts, then our consciousness will become unlimited from limited, thereby becoming powerful at all times.

Allah Malik

Karma And It’s Natural Result

Aum Sairam

Ajay still remembers sitting with his wife, Anju, in the doctor’s waiting room. Neither of them had the courage to read the results of Anju’s latest medical examinations. Then, Ajay opened the envelope, and they hastily glanced over the medical language of the report. They spotted the word “cancer,” and both began to cry as they realized the full import of that word.

“The doctor was very kind,” recalls Ajay, “but he obviously realized the gravity of the situation because he kept telling us before that we had to trust in God.

Before radiation treatment had begun, Anju’s doctor noticed involuntary movements in her right foot. Further test revealed that the cancer had spread to her brain. After just one week of treatment, the radiation was suspended, Anju slipped into a coma and died two months later, “I was glad that her suffering had ended,” explains Ajay, “but I missed her so much that I found myself wishing that my life would come to an end too. Often, I would cry out to God: ‘Why did you allow this to happen?’ ”

Like Ajay, countless people throughout the world are forced to face up the reality of suffering. Many times, it is the innocent who suffers. Think of the heartrending grief caused by the relentless armed conflicts that plague mankind. Or consider pain felt by numerous victims, child abuse, domestic violence and other evil committed by man and women have been willing to inflict on one another.

Let us see what Sri Sai explain in this matter

Karma is action and the consequence of action. Like a wave, its motion is inseparable from its substance. Physical or mental actions result is consequences directly related to their causes. "As you sow, so shall you reap." Thus, Karma denotes the natural results of action.

For example, if a person sow wheat, he should expect to reap wheat at harvest time. Similarly, what we receive in this life is determined by our good or bad action in past lives---and of course, by some of our actions in this life time.

By doing a bad act, you cannot expect to get a good result, and if you do good deed, you cannot get a bad reaction from it. The kind of seeds you sow will determine the nature of the crop they yield.

That we are not placed randomly in life fighter to succeed or fail in one lifetimes. We live many lives and learn as a result of our experience. The process takes place on a deep level over many lifetimes. Karma is an instrument of this learning process. The tragedies and blessings of life are not dealt with whimsically by God, but are the result of our own actions. We must take responsibility for the course of our own lives.

Allah Malik

Who Is Wealthy?

Aum Sairam

A saint was living happily in beautiful countryside, unmindful of the world and its cares. He used to sit and pray to God, and contemplate on the joy of his inner Atma. Nearby birds were chirping sweetly and a stream was softly gurgling. He was lost in his own inner joy.

One day, a wealthy merchant happened to pass by the saint’s home and observed the saint's devotion and sincerity. He felt deeply moved to see such a person divorced from all concerns and of such peaceful demeanor. He plucked up courage and approached the saint and offered his respect. The saint smiled at him and asked after his welfare. After exchanging pleasantries the merchant wished to take leave, but before doing so he offered the saint a bag of gold.

"I know that you will use the money for the good of others. Please take it." The saint realized that this was an opportunity to teach this man a lesson. "Just a moment." The saint replied. "I am not sure it is right for me to take your money. Are you a wealthy man? Do you have more money at home?” "Oh yes. I have at least one thousand more gold pieces at home," the merchant said proudly. Feigning interest, the saint asked "Do you want a thousand gold pieces more?” "Why not, of course! Every day I work hard to earn more money." the merchant said. "And do you wish for yet another thousand gold pieces more after that?" the saint continued. "Yes. Everyday I pray that I may earn more and more money" the merchant replied.

The saint’s expression became grave and he pushed the bag of gold back to the merchant. "In that case, I am sorry, but I cannot take your gold. A wealthy man cannot take money from a beggar." "How can you call yourself a wealthy man and me a beggar?" the puzzled merchant exclaimed, looking at the simple hut in which the saint was living. The saint replied, "I am a wealthy man because I am content with whatever God sends me. You are a beggar, because no matter how much you possess, you are always dissatisfied, and always begging God for more." Thereafter, the saint closed all further conversation and kept quiet. The merchant left, feeling somewhat rebuffed and hurt. But as he pondered on the saint’s words for sometime he realized the wisdom behind them. He found himself contemplating on his obsession with money and how the saint was obviously basing his happiness beyond worldly means. Humbled, he realized that God must be the bestower of real joy and not money.

Let us remember what Sri Sai says, “He who is filled with desires is the poorest man in the world.”

Allah Malik

Love Faith And Devotion

Aum Sairam

We are in the fast moving materialistic world where success is measured in terms of bank balance or the material acquisition we have made in short span of life or the influence we in have on the politicians or name and fame in the society. Only when we know we have achieved these milestones we know 'We Are Somebody'. Now when we measure everything, don’t you reckon it is but fair to measure our devotion towards Sri Sai as well. Well then how do we go about measuring our devotion. No, there is no device used to measure devotion nor there is a thermometer available to measure our love towards Sri Sai.

Then how do we measure it? Why does one think of Sri Sai? The big question. When we are in trouble we seek blessings of Sri Sai to help us get out of the sticky situation and bless us with what we desire. Well once that is granted we then keep asking for some other thing. Now the question is – Sri Sai is the giver no doubt but nothing is for free in this world or the world beyond, there is something we have to give back, there comes a point when our prayers are not answered or we feel the world has come to stagnation. Why is this so?.

The point is it is time now for us to reflect and see if our devotion towards Sri Sai has progressed on not. The yardsticks used for this measure of devotion is

A - How many times I think of Sri Sai in a day?
B - Do I think of Him always or only when I need something from Him?
C - Do I thank Sri Sai for what He has done?
D - Do I think of Sri Sai without asking Him anything for self?
E - Do I have this desire to read His books?
F - Do I engage in frequent conversations and talk only about Him?
G - Have I changed my prayers from giving me materialistic wealth to knowledge?
H - Do I give charity thinking of Sri Sai and that He may be in the form of beggar?
I - Do I long to be in His company always?
J - Am I being righteous always?
K - Do I evaluate my talk and thoughts always to see if they are appropriate as prescribed by Him?
L - Do I harm people knowing or unknowingly?
M - Am I being humble always?
N - Do I make every effort to curb my ego?
O - Do I fantasize being in the presence of Sri Sai?
P - Do I feel pain for others when they are in trouble?

If we keep asking us these questions regularly I am sure a stage will come when we have fulfilled all our questions and Sri Sai Himself will confirm our faith. There are different ways to measure the progress of our devotion but the sincerity in pleasing Sri Sai and obeying His word is important. So now let us ask this question to ourselves today – Have I Again Asked For Materialistic Fulfillment Today Or Asked For His Company?

Allah Malik

Grand Master’s Blessings

Aum Sairam

The path of spirituality is not a highway that one may tread easily. It is an arduous and an uphill task, tortuous and difficult. In such a weird setting, all baffling and bewildering, with no way out, God takes mercy on His creatures. He Himself comes down in vile man's attire, to suffer woe so that His children may be blessed. But again the same trouble confronts us.

To understand the teachings of the Master and strictly follow them from day to day, to confide in Him and to completely surrender one's self, body and soul, to His will, is not an easy thing to do. Unless God and Sadguru both take pity on a jiva, he cannot possibly see through to reality and escape from bondage. We with our limited understanding cannot even listen comprehendingly to the Master's words. But in the fullness of time when it so pleases God, He brings about a meeting between a jiva and Sadguru.

The Master is in the likeness of God, though in physical raiment. He, too, is endowed with the same attributes as God Himself. He, too, comes to save the sinners and administer His saving grace among the rest. He washes the jivas clean of their sins and gives the gift of His teachings, which acts as a sovereign remedy against all ills, physical, accidental and spiritual.

The grace of the Master is as limitless as His greatness, so much so that He forgives even those who talk ill of Him and accepts them as His very own. The Master truly is God. He is a sea of heaving compassion. All kinds of gifts eternally flow from Him like perennial springs of cool and refreshing water. The blessings of the Supreme Lord are limitless and do not at any time suffer from scarcity, but one partakes of them only by extraordinary merit. A particle of grace is enough to save a jiva from the ceaseless cycle of transmigration. Man by himself is just a helpless creature and can do nothing. He must not therefore feel vainglorious for what he seemingly does.

The panacea for all ills and the only way to win God's grace is perfect surrender in all humility at the feet of the Master Soul.

Allah Malik

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sai Dattatreya

Aum Sairam

Sri Sai devotees who accept Shri Sai Satcharitra as their authoritative scripture accept with equal reverence that Sri Sai is Dattatreya, who is a full incarnation of God and accept him as their Greatest Teacher. They accord the same position and importance to Avadhootagita attributed to Lord Dattatreya as they do to Shri Sai Satcharitra. Indeed both are celestial like Shri Bhagawad Gita since they shower infinite compassion and eternal wisdom on the suffering humanity.

The essence of Sai Datta philosophy is the oneness of the individual soul with universal soul. This is explained briefly as follows:

1. World of Plurality: The world of objects is jugglery akin to a mirage in the desert and the one immutable and auspicious alone is real.

2. The sages declare in many ways that all is God and that one is never the body and, therefore, one has neither birth nor death.

3. That individual who neglects his immortal self which is his real nature like despicable crow is speeding towards hell.

4. Means to attain Mukti: Know form to be unreal and the formless alone to be eternal. By absorbing this re-birth is destroyed.

5. Advice to the mind: Oh mind, give up finite. Abandon it. Give us even the notion that I have renounced. The pure and immortal principle will destroy, like poison both renunciation and non-renunciation.

6. Facing challenges of life: What I do, what I eat, what oblation I offer, what I give they do not concern me because I am the ever pure, unborn and immaculate one.

7. Concept of Jeevanmukti: The state of liberation while still living in this body is alone Jeevanmukti. If it is a state that is attained after the fall of the body, then even dogs and pigs will attain it.

8. Even now on this beautiful Thursday [Baba’s Day] Lord Dattatreya is blessing and guiding those earnest seekers who accept Him and surrender to Him.

Allah Malik

Philosophy Of Sri Sai

Aum Sairam

Every one of us is living in a dangerous world. The world of chaos, wars, natural calamities, scandals, corruptions and crime. It is difficult to enumerate all the vicissitudes of mankind, untold sufferings, pain and agony. There is a total degradation of physical, mental, ethical, social and spiritual values at the individual, national and international life. What is wrong with present global system?. Is there any effective solutions to the modern issues, conflicts and problems?. How do we face and manage this century?. Is there any future to mankind?. The future is bleak and gloomy, but there is a distinct ray of light, the hope for the future.

The Sai Philosophy - the philosophy of the global world, philosophy of love, philosophy of work, philosophy of knowledge and philosophy of universal mind.

The Sai Philosophy - based on eternal truths to guide mankind to the future.

The Sai Philosophy - the philosophy of the world, by the world and for the world.

What is Sai Philosophy?. What are its principles?. What are global and universal perspectives?. The Sai Philosophy is a simple, unique, integrated and unified approach to the global problem and issues with the assimilation of eternal philosophies of the world. The global Sai Philosophy is based on the following global principles.

Sri Sai taught and practiced the philosophy of one God. Sai Philosophy accepts and respects all the Gods of all the religions but when we go beyond different Gods, faiths and worships, there is a unifying single universal God. There is no duality of mind and body, matter and energy , God and Gods. In modern science, it is called grand unified theory of forces. The Sai Philosophy respects the unified theory of forces, religions, faiths into a single universal force and single universal God.

Equalism :
The Sai Philosophy is based on universal equality of men, women, color, castes and creeds and different faiths. The Sai Philosophy acknowledges the equality at all spheres of man kind.

The Sai Philosophy strongly believes in the secular religions, secular faiths and secular paths of liberation.

The Sai Philosophy is a practical and a living divine force. It not only assures material benefits but also guarantees the spiritual enlightenment.

The Sai Philosophy does not encourages unnecessary philosophical discourses and metaphysical investigations. The Sai Philosophy transcends all the theories and manifest as an effective divine force for the spiritual enfoldment of devotees.

The above basic principles are based on Faith and Patience. These are the only requirements for Sai Philosophy. The life, teachings and Leela's of Shirdi Sri Sai demonstrates the above principles. The Sai Philosophy constructs an ideal, individual, collective and global life of harmony and bliss. These principles are not only global but universal.

Let us not confine Shirdi to Shirdi,
Shirdi is beyond Shirdi
Let us not Bind Sai to Sai,
Sai is beyond Globe,
Sai is beyond Universe,
Sai is beyond Sai.

Allah Malik

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Control of Sin

Aum Sairam

The husband or wife gets attracted by a better ‘total personality’ of opposite sex, whom he or she meets in life. Mental attraction is hidden by several people by controlling their words. Words and actions of the body are inert and do not participate in the sin. When this body, which spoke or did some wrong activity is left over here [death], the soul is taken to hell in some other energetic body and is punished. If the body is a participant of the sin, it should be directly taken to hell and be punished. Therefore, in hell, the mind is punished through another new body. Therefore, the sin is in the mind and not in the body. Once mental attraction is there, the sin is recorded. The words and actions of the body are works of the inert energy and matter and have no sin.

Therefore, after marriage, getting attracted to another person is a sin and the soul is punished in hell. If the other side is also not chaste, will the sin get mutually cancelled leading to no punishment to either person? No. Both will be punished in hell.

To get rid of such sin and the consequent hell, control of mind cannot be the true path, which is impossible. Some control food [to reduce sexual desire], but it is not a permanent solution because such feelings are precipitated in the soul from several millions of births. You cannot control the mind through the body, when the mind is controlling your body. Such precipitated mind and felling, called as nature acquired from millions of births, finally decides the course of action.

The only permanent and real solution for this is to realize the real aim of human life and turn towards Sadguru Sri Sai. The attraction towards Sadguru Sri Sai in which the side attraction towards another person disappears like the flood of river. No other side attraction can exist, when the divine personality of Sri Sai appears. This attraction is totally different since it is the bond between Sadguru Sri Sai and the soul and not a bond between souls. There is no aspect of male or female here.

In this bond of love for Sadguru Sri Sai, both justice and injustice disappear. If one realises this divine knowledge he attains the Lord and crosses both good and bad. Both the hell and heaven are thrown out when you approach the divine Lords lotus feet.

Allah Malik

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Oh Sri Sai Help Me

Aum Sairam

Sri Sai will guide you continually, and satisfy your needs in parched places, and make your bones strong; and you shall be like a watered garden, like a spring of water whose waters never fail.

Imagine the beauty of a watered garden. The wild color of flowers flashing in the sun, the beads of dampness on green leaves, the shy hesitancy of buds beginning to unfold their petals, and the abandon of playfulness and joy unfettered by the cares and troubles of the world.

Imagine if our lives were like the watered garden. If our soul was as carefree in the hand of heaven as flowers are in the dance of the sun. Much of the arid and parched feeling that overtakes and even overcomes us at times comes because we are trying to be something other than what we are, or trying to manipulate and control our circumstances, or insisting that we are the only ones responsible for our lives. We stress and strain to be in control of our lives and sadly find ourselves feeling, not like a watered garden, but like dry, fissured cracks of dirt in a desolate desert.

Try being a flower for a day, simply being the willing recipient of Sri Sai’s great grace. Let the hand of heaven mold and shape you, warm you, nourish you. Watch yourself unfold and notice how you pirouette as playfully as a daisy in the soft breeze.

Oh Sri Sai, help me let go of my life for just a day, to become a flower in the sun.

Allah Malik

Monday, March 16, 2009

Truth and Love

Aum Sairam

Enjoy with every breath you take inside in your body. Let your soul be free from all false attatchments.

Truth is as small as drop and truth is as infinite as ocean. zero and infinity are very close to each other. In language of mathematics zero and infinity are reciprocal to each other , but in reality they are different sides of same coin.

Any one who realize this will understand purpose of life. Once we understand truth we will understand life.

Let every one enjoy life without burdens of false responsibilities & false status in society.
Truth is very simple but we have made it very complex. Lets come together and celebrate life. Truth is independent of caste, region, religion, sex and age.

Very purpose of life is celebration. Let's Celebrate every moment !!!

Allah Malik

Extracts from Shri Sai Satcharitra

Aum Sairam

The life of a Saint is neither logical nor dialectical. It shows us true and great path. The simple remembrances of my name as Sai Sai will do away with sins of speech And hearings. I am the mother origin of all beings; nothing will harm him, who trusts his attention towards me.

Sri Sai himself watered the soil for three years and grew a garden where stands present Samadhi Mandir.
Sri Sai always said, poverty is batter than kingship, for better than lordship.
The Lord is always brother of the poor.
Sri Sai always advocated daan [charity] and feeding the poor.
Sri Sai always used to say, Allah Malik [God is the sole owner].
Sri Sai said, body should neither be neglected nor fondled with and to be taken care to attain God vision or self realization.
Sri Sai said, whoever devoutly offers to me a leaf, flower, fruit or water of that pure hearted man, I accept that pious offerings.
Sri Sai always said to all that Ram and Rahim are one and the same.
Sri Sai said, woman and wealth are two main obstacles in the way of our spiritual life.
Sri Sai said, Objects of the sense enjoyment first to be offered to the Guru than attachment for them will naturally vanishes
Sri Sai often said, his devotees be at any distance, he will be drawn to Shirdi like sparrow with thread tied to its feet.
Sri Sai freely allowed worshiping of own deity.
Sri Sai taught by udi [ash] that our body composed of five elements, will fall down after all enjoyment and reduce to ashes.
Sri Sai approved aarti by Madhav Adkar, Aarti Sai Baba, Saukhyadatar jiva
charanarajatali sung at noon at 12.00 in the Mandir.

It is on account of rinanubandh" [former relationship] that we have come to gather, let us serve each other and be happy. Saints sees scandal monger removes the dirt [fault] of others by his tongue and in a way he obliges the person and is to be thanked. After performing many deeds of merits you are born as a human. One to lead righteous life with mind calm and composed.

Guru Purnima was the only festival which Sri Sai asked devotees to celebrate. Guru can be a good guide but Sadguru is an experience.

Allah Malik

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Words Of Sri Sai

Aum Sairam

When a person comes to Sri Sai, he must come with an open-minded outlook. Since He knows that all his actions hitherto, individual as well as social, have not so far secured him salvation, he should bid goodbye to them and ask Sri Sai for His instructions in the matter of spiritual practices.

Having obtained His instructions, he must then follow them scrupulously, and that alone should constitute his sole devotion. Whatever Sri Sai ordains, that must be taken as word of God, no matter whether it stands the test of mere human reason or not. Our intellect and our reason, after all, are limited and cannot reach the depths to which Sri Sai penetrates. He knows the why and wherefore of His instructions, and like a fully responsible Field Marshal issues His commands. We must therefore learn to obey him implicitly like a true soldier, and do what He bids.

Mere lip loyalty to Sri Sai never pays. Sri Sai wants full devotion to what He says, for therein lies the ultimate good of the disciple.

The words of Sri Sai cannot be detached from Him. It is from the abundance of the heart that the tongue speaks. Sri Sai is embedded in the word and His words are expressions of what is in Him; that is, word, Life-impulse, and power. How then can the two be separated from each other? His words undoubtedly pierce through the hearts of the aspirants and none other can know the sweet pangs from which they suffer.

The more one gives weight to Sri Sai's words, the more he grows in grace. True devotion to Sri Sai consists in acceptance of, and doing, what He commands. The thought of Sri Sai should ever be a companion, no matter what we may be doing. Sri Sai is hidden in His words, and His words are in fact the real..

The word of Sri Sai ever abides with the initiates. No power on earth can snatch it away. Fire cannot burn it nor can water sweep it off. It is indestructible and immortal. It fathers the fatherless and protects us at every step. It strikes at the root of all doubt and skepticism. Even the angel of death cannot come near it.

It is absolutely necessary to serve the will of Sri Sai, for in doing so lies the good of the disciple. Many people indeed go to temple or at Shirdi for Sri Sai, but that is not enough. For salvation, one has to obey Him in thought, word and deed.

Allah Malik

Friday, March 13, 2009


Aum Sairam

If you feel far away from Sri Sai, guess who moved?

Fear knocked. Faith answered. No one was there.

What you are is Sri Sai's gift to you. What you become is your gift to Sri Sai.

I am Sri Sai's melody of life and He sings His song through me.

We can never really go where Sri Sai is not, and where He is, all is well.

No matter what is happening in your life, know that Sri Sai is waiting for you with open arms.

Sri Sai promises a safe landing, not a calm passage.

Do your best and then sleep in peace. Sri Sai is awake.

Sri Sai has a purpose and plan for me that no one else can fulfill.

The will of Sri Sai will never take you to where The grace of Sri Sai will not protect you.

We are responsible for the effort, not the outcome.

We set the sail; Sri Sai makes the wind.

Begin to weave and Sri Sai will give you the thread.

When Sri Sai says "NO", it's because He has something better in store for you.

The task ahead of us is never as great as the power behind us.

Prayer: don't bother to give Sri Sai instructions, just report for duty.

It's my business to do Sri Sai's business, and it's His business to take care of my business.

Serenity is not freedom from the storm, but peace amid the storm.

How come you're always running around looking for Sri Sai? He's not lost.

The will of the majority usually is not be the will of Sri Sai.

Allah Malik

A Thankful Heart

Aum Sairam

Always thank Sri Sai for every little thing that He has given you and will continue to give you always. Never bear a sad face near Him, always give Him gratitude with the passing of each and every moment in your life. Life is really a gift from Sri Sai. Every human should treasure and value it endlessly. When anything wrong happens to us, our health deteriorates, what the thought that comes to ones mind? That Sri Sai I was so happy when I was fine and had great health, but now I am helpless. At that time we never valued how happy we were. but now we realize it. So always be grateful to Sri Sai for every little thing that He sends your way.

Show Him your gratitude, tell Him thanks, thank him for what He has made you today, thank Him for all your friends and relatives who love you so much, thank Him that you have enough money for yourself and also to help another. Thank Him for giving you the gift of praying. Thank Him that He has filled your heart with love and not made you a stone. Thank Him that you can be of help to His other children who need your help. You have so much to be thankful for in life. If you lack in something then you also benefit in another thing. He is with you always and forever, and His love is deeper than the deepest oceans for you. All you have to do is call unto Him, and feel His love and blessings pour on you.

Spread His love all around and thank Him for everything.

Allah Malik

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Perfect One

Aum Sairam

May This Thursday [Baba's Day] Bring You Strength, Good luck, Success, Happiness And Joy.

Sri Sai was proficient in several Yogic practices and His accomplishments are still not completely deciphered. The missing years before the Lord showed up in Shirdi is yet to be accounted for.

In fact, His simplicity was deceptively dissuading to even great sadhakas that approached Shirdi. The stories of Megha and Somdev are two such examples.

However, myth shattered, these great men did not waste a minute and had good fortunes of having enlisted in His Kingdom. Rarely did Sri Sai led His followers into His physical self, be it the Dhauthi that dismayed some of the accidental onlookers or the proficiency in Shri Bhagawad Gita. Nana had seen for himself. Abdul did mention that Sri Sai used to recite Kalma and other versed in Urdu. He also depicts incidents where Sri Sai chatted with Muslim scholars, although such events were rare in Shirdi and probably have not been always recorded.

No Mantras chanted and no benediction pronounced. He did not prescribe any Asanas, neither he approved fasting. Initiation may have a different connotation in spiritual world. But Sri Sai's magic then and now has drawn several to His mystic self.

Whether one would call this initiation or divine call, it is a fortune, a blessing to be revered. He is Rama the king, He is Krishna the thief [the Great one that stole butter], He is Mohammed, the Prophet, and the Messiah Jesus.

Let us on this Thursday [Holy Baba's Day] reaffirm our faith to the Simple One, and the Perfect One and contemplate on His self.

Allah Malik

To Fast Or Not?

Aum Sairam

Sri Sai never asked His devotees to pray on an empty stomach. He was against fasting as a person cannot concentrate on God. Still His devotees practice occasional fasts or even skipping a meal on Thursdays as on austerity towards Sri Sai.

Mahatma Gandhi was the most prolific faster, abstaining from food for a total of 14 times in protest of various social injustices. His fasts lasted from 3 to 21 days. His opinion on fasting was : '' It doesn't begin and end with mere deprivation of physical food."

But this pathway to God is often His-inter-prated. Christians and Muslims fast for a given period of time in a year. The fast of Sri Sai devotees on every Thursday is normally not so rigorous, only one meal is elucidated and the rest of the day's supply remains at its normal level.

Before considering a fast, you should ask yourself a few questions. What is the purpose of my fast ? What guidelines Sri Sai gave me about fasting ? How long should I attempt the discipline ? What benefits do I expect ?

In no instance in 'Shri Sai Satcharitra' was a fast undertaken without a purpose in mind. But these purposes vary widely.

As an aid to improve devotional life : Radhabai Deshmukh came to Sri Sai for Updesh, got none and resolved to fast which should end with either death or Updesh from Sri Sai

[Lord Jesus Christ fasted soon after baptism]

As a help in times of crisis - to get back the stolen money - a fakir advices a Goan devotee to give up what he liked best with the vow that he will not eat it, till he has 'Darshan' of Sri Sai.

As a means of showing concern for others - Mrs. Raj visits Shirdi and desires to fast on 'Holi' day . Sri Sai advices her against fasting and asks her to prepare 'Pooran Poli' in Dada Kelkar's house. Her presence was needed these.

As a way to strength : H.S. Dixit wanted to fast at night, but he gives it up as per Sri Sai's advice.

As an act of penance : Kusha Bhau and others avoid eating onions on 'Ekadashi' day. [Holy mother Ananda Mai asks one of her devotees to fast for a day on account of his misbehavior towards a brother devotee] Therefore your own goal should be clear. Precisely what is it, you what to accomplish with the fast.

Sri Sai does not want us to torture our body. He only asks us : "Do you remember Me before eating ? Am I not always with you ? Then do you offer Me anything before you eat?"

Shri Sai Satcharitra standards allow a great latitude. You should decide as to how long you intend to fast.
H.S. Dixit's idea was to fast on all nights.
Mrs. Raj wanted to fast during her stay in Shirdi.
Uighwar Rao wanted to fast on 'Ekadashi' day only.
N. Radhika fasted for three days.
Ravi Raj avoided only sugar till he had 'Darshan' of Sri Sai.

To make your fast as meaningful as possible; here are a few pointers:

Keep your fast a secret. I should not call attention to itself. It should not disrupt the household or go against medical advice.

Make creative use of the time given to you by the skipped meal. Read 'Shri Sai Satcharitra'. While skipping a meal once a week will make you healthily hungry, it is also an excellent aid to spiritual development.

Keep records : It is useful to write down all the benefits and difficulties you face with your fast.

As a secondary thought, consider saving the money you do not spend on your meal and giving it to the needy. It is a good idea to contribute towards 'Poor Feeding' done by Shirdi Sansthan.


Take time to evaluate your fast. How suc¬cessful were you in maintaining your discipline ? What benefits have you noticed ?

An increased sense of concentration for prayer.

The ability to distinguish between desire and basic needs.

More power for intercessory prayers.

Thankfulness, doing without highlights the good we have. In conclusion, by deliberately with¬holding from ourselves the usual source of nour¬ishment and strength, we are thrown upon the 'pure spiritual milk' of our Kamadhenu Sri Sai; we are drawn into a new dependence upon Him.

Allah Malik

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rang Barse

Aum Sairam


Sri Sai says “11th is Holy Day and enjoy Holi very lavishly with Me as I will be visiting your dwelling to sprinkle different colors on you and your entire family, which I will be bringing with Me and to bless you all. Of course, I had sent a message to you earlier to be in readiness to pep up with Me. Forgive and Forget all. Concentrate on Me. Remember, See, and Feel and Perceive Me in colorful mood and gaiety by seeing Me in every one. I am always with you to guide you, lead you and would never abandon you. I am always at your Beck and Call, waiting for you to call Me in any form and style even when you are fast a sleep; I am guarding and looking after your all comforts and interests. I am always a captive of my devotees. Have implicit Shradha and Saburi and all your desires will be fulfilled -Nama Japa- Aum Sai Ram or in any form with full devotion - all leads to Me."

Allah Malik

Festival Of Gaiety Fun And Forgiveness

Aum Sairam

Which are your best colors to play with. But His colors are all with detached approach to the materialistic world. Try and Please Him with your fervor and He would respond to lead you, guide you and pave the ground for all His devotees. He is the Master of the Universe, still waiting to attain to call of His devotees. He always says, "MALIK ACCHA KAREGA".

‘Rang Barse’- Significance of Holi Festival
Aum Isha Vasyam Idam Sarvam, Yat Kincha Jagatyam Jagat
Ten Tyaktena Bhunjitha, Ma Gridhah Kasyasvid Dhanam.
All this, whatsoever moves in this moving world is pervaded by God. Through such
renunciation you may enjoy. Do not covet anybody's wealth for whose indeed is wealth? ([Isha Upanishad]

Holika, commonly called Holi is a spring festival celebrated at the approach of the spring season, during the 3 or 4 days preceding the full moon day in the month of Phalgun. This is one of the most exuberant Hindu festivals, with people marking the end of winter by cleaning the house and the surroundings, of dirt and evil. The tender green leaves on the trees, the blossomed flowers in the gardens and the sweet calls of the Cuckoo mark the advent of a new season that is. The trees are smiling with their sprout of tender leaves and fruits hanging to decorate the blushing tree.

This is also known as a Baisakhi. To the Hindus, Baisakhi is the solar New Year, celebrated with joyous music and dancing. To the Sikhs, this festival is the anniversary of the... Holi or Holika, also called holikotsava, is an extremely popular festival observed throughout the country [India]. It is especially marked by unmixed gaiety, fun and frolics and is common to all sections of the people.

The festival of Holi actually starts the night before with a bonfire made up of all the dried leaves and branches left through the winter. It is a way of clearing these and making way for spring. Metaphorically though, the fire is meant to signify the destruction of evil - the burning of the ‘Holika’ – a mythological character. The heat from the fire is also a reminder that winter is behind and that the hot summer days are ahead.

Enjoy Holi very lavishly by forgiving all. Remember, see, feel and perceive Sri Sai in colorful mood and gaiety in every one.

Allah Malik

Monday, March 9, 2009

Points to Ponder

Aum Sairam

Life always gives us two choices when we are faced with troubles [1] Run from it. [2] Learn from it. Troubles and hurdles in our life are practical lessons in life designed by God solely for the purpose of evolving to a better human by learning through the mistakes. If we run from a problem we will always remain failures as we have never learnt to overcome the same hurdle. Hence accept the troubles as gift of God and learn from it to be better equipped in life for future and evolve as a better being.

Allah Malik

9 Reasons

Aum Sairam

[1] First and foremost because, in the words of Shri Hemadpant the author of Shri Sai Satcharitra, He has taken a vow to give you what you want.

[2] And that too immediately cash down. You ask with sincere devotion and patience and there is the result.

[3] He is so easily pleased. No hard penance, no unbearable fasts, not even difficult concentration and control of senses. In his own words, You look to Me and I look to you. Can there be anything simpler than this?

[4] He has left His mortal body 90 years ago and even today thousands of devotees have experienced His presence, having met their demands. What more guarantee is required?

[5] No money is required to worship Sri Sai. He is pleased even with flowers, fruits, leaves or even water devotionally offered. You do not have to spend for traveling upto Shirdi also, He is available even from where you are 'even beyond seven seas'.

[6] Ashes [Udi] from the fire burning eternally in His Dwarkamai is the cheapest and most infallible medicine of all diseases. The cost is only two paisa-faith and patience.

[7] His life history written by Shri Hemadpant contains all the wisdom of Vedas,Upanishadas and Geeta in the form of simple stories and anecdotes. Reading them alone and following the advice therein, one can reach the goal of liberation without fail.

[8] Repetition of His name SAI is so short, so sweet and so easy to pronounce No twisting of tongue and no difficult accents.

[9] Last but not the least, He, on fulfilling your demands in this world, ensures that you do not get caught in the dangerous network of this Sansar.

Slowly He moulds you, guides you and takes you step by step to liberation which is the key to eternal and everlasting bliss.

Allah Malik

Yesterday Today and Tomorrow

Aum Sairam

Today is the tomorrow I worried about yesterday
And today was such a lovely day, that I wondered why I worried about today yesterday
So today I am not going to worry about tomorrow
There may not be a tomorrow anyway
So today I am going to live as if there is no tomorrow
And I am going to forget about yesterday.

Today is the tomorrow I planned for yesterday
And nearly all my plans for today did not plan out the way I thought they would yesterday
So today I am forgetting about tomorrow and I will plan for today
But not too strenuously
Today I will stop to smell a rose
I will tell a loved one how much I love her
I will stop planning for tomorrow and plan to make today the best day of my life.

Today is the tomorrow I was afraid of yesterday
And today was nothing to be afraid of
So today I will banish fear of the unknown
I will embrace the unknown as a learning experience full of exciting opportunities
Today, unlike yesterday I will not fear tomorrow.

Today is the tomorrow I dreamed about yesterday
And some of the dreams I dreamt about yesterday came true today
So today I am going to continue dreaming about tomorrow
And perhaps more of the dreams I dream today will come true tomorrow.

Today is the tomorrow I set goals for yesterday
And I reached some of those goals today
So today I am going to set slightly higher goals for today and tomorrow
And if tomorrow turns out to be like today
I will certainly reach all of my goals one day!

Allah Malik


Aum Sairam

Sri Sai gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today
Have you used one to say "Thank You"

If Sri Sai answers your Prayer
He is increasing your faith

If Sri Sai delays
He is increasing your patience

If Sri Sai doesn’t answer
He has something better for you

Every second Sri Sai remembers you
Every minute Sri Sai blesses you
Every hour Sri Sai cares for you

Allah Malik

Compassionate Father

Aum Sairam

Next time when you think you are perfect, try walking on the Water. This is in reference to the incident when Jesus walked on water to reach his disciples sailing in a ship. This incident is often quoted to extol the virtues of Jesus and hold his magnificence high. At the same time, it takes a dig at the shortcoming or limitation of men who think they are perfect.

Spiritual journey with Sadguru is unique to every soul. There are no external yardsticks and no comparisons can be drawn from one individual to the other. The argument that all are equal is also questionable since each of us are unique; hence, the question that if all are equal or not is also irrelevant. One such revelation in the context of spiritual journey is the feeling of blessedness and a perception that one's pursuit, standing and understanding of Sadguru are superior to that of others. The episode of Anna Chinchanikar and Mavsibai in Shri Sai Satcharitra spells the fact that none but Sadguru is capable of judging others devotion.

In Sai path, everyone is in the process to perfection, each a work in progress. While one aspect of Sri Sai devotion is to perfect his / her own human nature towards divinity, by the grace of Sadguru, the other aspect is to spread the love, peace, compassion and harmony that Sri Sai has bestowed upon the self. A spiritually fulfilling journey for a Sri Sai devotee is the spreading of love, compassion, and forgiveness that Sri Sai has bestowed on him to others, however small that might be. None is perfect, all are just forgiven. Sri Sai, the merciful fakir, the compassionate father, and the Perfect One.

Allah Malik

The Bike Ride

Aum Sairam

When I met Sri Sai, life became rather like a bike ride. It was a tandem bike; I rode in the front and steered, and Sai was in the rear seat, helping to pedal.

I don't remember just when it happened, but Sri Sai suggested we change places. Life hasn't been the same since. Sri Sai makes the ride so exciting!

When I had control, I knew the way. It was safe and predictable, but rather boring always the shortest distance between two points. But when Sri Sai got in the captain's seat, He knew delightful "long cuts," up mountain roads and down again at breakneck speeds. It was all I could do to hold on!

I didn't want to question His judgment, but once I couldn't help myself. "Don't You think we should slow down just a little? I'm scared." He turned and smiled and touched my hand and said, "It's okay. Pedal."

Sometimes I got worried and anxious and asked, "Where are You taking me?"

"It's a surprise," He would say with a laugh. Gradually I learned to trust. I forgot my boring life and entered the adventure.

He took me to meet people with gifts that I needed--gifts of love, healing, acceptance, joy. They gave me their gifts to take on my journey—our journey, my Lord's and mine--and we were off again. He said, "Give the gifts away." So I did, to other people we met. But the strangest thing happened. I found that the more of those things I gave away, the more I had for myself to give to people we met along the way. And still our load was light.

At first I didn't trust Sri Sai to be in control of my life. I thought He would wreck it. But He knows the bike's capabilities and limits, and all sorts of tricks. He knows how to take sharp corners at high speeds, make the bike "jump" to clear rocks in our way, and He can even make it fly when the road disappears beneath us.

I am learning to not worry or want to get back in control, but just to relax and enjoy the view, the cool breeze on my face, and the delightful company of my constant companion, Sri Sai.

I still get tired sometimes because it is a long, hard ride, but Sri Sai just smiles and says, "Pedal."

Allah Malik

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Faith in God

Aum Sairam

It is an attitude. If we can make unpleasant things pleasant, I consider myself triumphant, victorious. It is a win! Simple example: I am a smoker and somebody tells me, “Don’t smoke.” This is very unpleasant to a smoker. But if he stops smoking, which is quite unpleasant, he has won; he is a winner. If an alcoholic stops drinking, yes! He is a winner. So, in making unpleasant things pleasant, there lies your success. There lies your win. That is sadhana.

Sadhana, spiritual practice, is nothing but making unpleasant things pleasant, making unpleasant things acceptable. Sometimes certain things happen in our lives which are not acceptable to us, which are shocks. Some calamity happens, death, property is stolen, job is gone, you are deserted by kith and kin -- some shocks, which are very unpleasant. When these unpleasant things are accepted with a spiritual background, with spiritual trust, with spiritual strength, YES! Then you are the winner. On the other hand, if you just take unpleasant things unpleasantly, you are the loser. You have lost the game. Success depends upon that.

When you are a legal heir, you have all the rights in the court of law, but if you just abandon that kingship and go to the forest, you are the winner. That’s what Lord Shri Ram did. Lord Shri Ram was the legal heir of the kingdom, but He left the kingdom went to the forest, so He became great. It is not pleasant to go to the forest for a king. He could make the unpleasant thing very pleasant. That made Him chivalrous. That made Him a hero for all ages to come.

So, your heroism lies in making unpleasant things pleasant, through some effort. This is only possible by reposing faith in God. It is only faith in God that will make unpleasant things acceptable.

“Why did God do this?”

Don’t question God. “Say Oh God, give me strength to face this. Give me courage to face this.” That should be our attitude.

Allah Malik

Concept of Avatar hood

Aum Sairam

In Shri Bhagavad-Gita Lord Sri Krishna declares:

"Yada Yada Hi Dharmasya Glanirbhavathi Bharatha Abhyudhanamadharmasya Thadathmanam Srujamyaham"
"Parithranaya Sadhunam Vinashayacha Dhushkrutham Dharmasamsthapanarthaya Sambhavami Yuge Yuge"

Whenever there is decline of Righteousness and rise of evil, the Lord incarnates from time to time to uphold Righteousness, to protect the Virtuous and to uproot evil. The avatar appears whenever the world is passing through a spiritual and moral crisis. The avatar comes in order to uphold dharma and to reveal the next evolutionary step in creation. It is easy to see how the modern world, through its moral regress and decline of values, is ripe for avatars.

One may ask why should the Lord Himself Incarnate? Why should he not set about the task of restoring Dharma through the many minor Gods that he has at His command? Emperor Akbar himself posed this question before the courtiers, for, he laughed at the Hindu idea of the Formless adopting Form and descending into the world, as an Avatar to save Dharma. Tansen asked for a week's time and got it granted by His imperial majesty. A few days later, when he was in the pleasure boat of the emperor, sailing across the lake with his family, Tansen threw overboard a doll made to look like the emperor's little son, crying at the same time, "Oh, the prince has fallen into the water!" Hearing this, the emperor jumped into the lake to rescue his son.

Tansen then disclosed that it was only a doll and that the son was safe. He allayed the anger of Emperor Akbar by explaining that he had perforce to enact this drama, in order to demonstrate the truth of the Hindu belief that God takes human form Himself, to save Dharma, without commissioning some other entity to carry out that task. Dharma is like the son, God loves it so dearly. Emperor Akbar could have ordered one among the many personnel he had on board, to jump in and rescue his son: but, his affection was so great and the urgency so acute that the emperor himself plunged into the lake, to pull out the "son". The decline in Dharma is so acute a tragedy, the intensity of affection that the Lord has for good men is so great, that He Himself comes.

Allah Malik

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Exile from Shirdi

Aum Sairam

Sri Sai all of a sudden asked one of His devotees to go away from Shirdi and not to return for one year to come. What a punishment it is! What penal code, what law He applied no one knows.

So this devotee was asked to go away from Shirdi - not to come back for a year. He cried and cried, and ultimately left the place in obedience to the commandment of Sri Sai. And towards the end of one year of exile, with a day left more to return, he was sitting in a garden and he was crying: “Oh Sai! What a punishment you have given me? This is not the way you should treat your devotees! Is this the reward I get from You my Sai? How do You expect me to be separated from You?”

Suddenly he finds a hand on his shoulder. He feels that gentle touch. He turns behind and to his utter surprise he finds a gigantic personality, 6 feet tall, wearing white dress, with a beautiful, soft expression and gentle and tender in His touch.

Well he couldn’t identify that Sri Sai has come to that garden far away from Shirdi! Then Sri Sai said: “Look here My son; you know why I asked you to get out from Shirdi? You fool! You have been thinking that this physical Form is the Divinity! You just think that I am present in Shirdi only! But I want you to experience Me everywhere! I want you to feel Me everywhere. That I am not limited to this place alone.

Sri Sai is not limited to this physical frame.” That was the message of Shirdi Sri Sai in those days to all His devotee’s.

Those of you who are familiar with this episode will surely be convinced of the fact that whether we are near or far does not matter; because Sri Sai is beyond time and space. Sri Sai is not a person to be near. If anyone claims that he is near and close to Sri Sai, please keep him away from you. All you can do is to admit that person immediately in a mental hospital. Because no one can be close to Sri Sai.

All are close to Sri Sai. It is not any exclusive right of anybody; no, all are close to Him. Sri Sai is not a person to be near. Sri Sai is not an object to be possessed. Sri Sai is not a claim. The experience of Sri Sai is not an achievement. Because some people say that: “I think I advanced spiritually.” He advanced in age – not spiritually.

Nobody can say that: “I advanced”. What is spiritual advancement?. Spiritual advancement cannot be measured in terms of degrees or in terms of number of years that one spends in close proximity with Sri Sai. Spiritual advancement is the realization of the Supreme Self - which is uniform in everyone. The Self is very much the same in every one - that cosmic principle is very much the same in everyone. That is spiritual realization. “Do not try to analyze, it is time to Realize.”

We cannot go on experimenting, we cannot go on expressing. That which is given to expression by word is a limitation Mind cannot comprehend, words cannot express. So, spirituality is not an expression but it is an experience.

Allah Malik

Love All – Serve All

Aum Sairam

It is the inevitable destiny of everything ultimately to go back to the source from which it came. The body, arising from matter, goes back to matter. The Spirit) issuing the Divine, goes back to the Divine. The Spirit is pure Consciousness. It ever remains as Consciousness. It is embodiment of Love and Light. One must seek to experience Ekatvam i.e., Advaita [Unity in diversity].

Advaita is expressed in three forms:

Bhava-Advaita - Oneness in mental attitude. The unity of the basic substance constituting the cosmos is perceived as the underlying Reality;

Kriya-Advaita - Oneness expressed in action. Every action is regarded as an offering to the divine and is thereby divinised;

Padaartha-Advaita - Oneness seen in all objects. Implies recognizing that every being or every object in the universe is composed of the same five elements [ether, air, fire, water and earth] which are divine in their origin;

Everyone should realize that the divine is equally present in all. Divinity [God] can be understood only when oneness is experienced in all these forms. Worldly love is momentary but God is the embodiment of love and his love is unbounded, unchanging and eternal. His infinite love is offered to all in equal measure. The Lord's love remains the same always. Bliss is the true nature of man which can be realized only when the love of God is experienced. One has to totally eradicate the sense of "my-ness", strive for the welfare of all and banish all thoughts of hatred and envy to experience the love of God.

One has to plough the land, feed it with water, sow the seed, pluck out the weeds, guard the crop by a fence from cattle and wait patiently for harvest time. So also, the heart has to be ploughed by means of virtues, fed with the water of divine love, seeds of divine name are sown, weeds of evil thoughts are to be destroyed, guard against the cattle of unsteadiness and doubt by putting the fence of discipline. Finally, the name of the Lord will flower into Meditation and rich harvest of knowledge can be reaped.

The Sri Sai name is proclaimed by trees when they wave their heads. The birds in their chirping call upon men to remember Sri Sai's name. The flowers in spreading their fragrance declare the glory of Sri Sai. The bees when they hum announce the bliss in Sri Sai's name. "Sai!" is the sound that reverberates from the sky and earth. Sri Sai can be experienced everywhere. "Sai" is not one's name. "Sai" is the Indweller reclining in the heart of everyone.

Our ancients glorified the Divinity that is equally present in all human beings and propagated this truth to the world. They summed up their message in one line: "Paropakaarah punyaaya; paapaaya parapeedanam [Helping others is meritorious; harming others is sinful". "Help ever; Hurt never". Use your life to spread joy not grief. Let no one suffer the slightest pain as a result of your thought, word or deed. Let this be your sadhana.

Realize that you are doing harm to God when you harm anyone by actions, words and thoughts. The cool rays of peace, truth, non-violence and love do not emanate when hot flames of intense desire and anger are rising from the heart. Your love to others will raise you to the highest level of spirituality. Extend your love by realizing that the Atma in everyone is the same. Developing this kind of universal love will be the basis for Unity.

The best way to love God is to Love All and Serve All

Allah Malik

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Leading A Life Of Fearlessness And Freedom

Aum Sairam

A choice between Deha Dharma and Atma Dharma

Life confronts us with so many choices every day. These choices always lead to only two scenarios - either it further our progress on the spiritual path or take us back. Now, progress on the spiritual path is defined as anything which helps us to reveal our true nature as a divine being, forever selfless and blissful. And the opposite that which gives us joys which are temporary and come from selfishly enjoying bodily pleasures. But how do we orientate ourselves towards the divine with our every step and breath?.

We can either make choices that further our life as a separate body, or make choices that are in consonance with the Atma or spirit [or the Self].

Man implies three things - doing, knowing and being. When the body acts alone without regard to the mind and the Atma, that person is considered to be in the animal state. When the mind acts in association with the body without regard to the Atma, that condition is described as demonic. When man acts in consonance with the Atma, he achieves oneness with the Divine. Hence, man has in him these three potentialities, he can manifest himself as an animal, a demon or God.

Therefore, eternal freedom or liberation can be obtained only from following the dictates of our Atma or Self and not the Deha or the Body.

The body is only an instrument and transient just like a water bubble. When we believe and live in this principle, we experience true freedom.

“The end of wisdom is freedom” .

Allah Malik

Is The World A Stage?

Aum Sairam

Brahma Satyam – Jagam Mithyam
[God is Truth – World is unreal]

Man returns to earth again and again until he has perfected his acting.

All the world’s a stage, and all men and women are merely players.

The soul is never born and never dies; it was not born and will not be born; without birth, without end, eternal, ancient; it is not killed when the body in which it lives is killed. Just as one casts off old clothes, so the soul casts off bodies in order to take on new ones.

As the apparel is to the body, the body is to the soul, a mere superficial, illusory covering. We have no affiliations based on this transitory body and am bound only by the permanent relationship arising out of pure Love.

Life is a dream; Realize it.

Man has no free-will whatsoever

Nature is your Preacher; your life is your Teacher.

Each of us has struggled upwards from stone to plant, from plant to animal, from animal to man! We have earned the human body by accumulated merit of many lives. Do not expect to find happiness in the ‘other world;’ that world too is impermanent! Once we have exhausted our merit there, we will have to return to earthly life once again.

We separated Myself from Myself so that we can become Myself.

The inescapable destiny of every living being is the attainment of Fullness.

From The Womb…To The Tomb…‘Life’ Is One Big School.

All of the above revelations from great personages and Avatars imply that life on earth is nothing but an evolutionary process towards a higher consciousness, one incarnation after another. So, our earthly sojourn is like a school of learning. We are exposed to a wide spectrum of experiences from all the outer and apparent imperfections and inconsistencies that are transient and unreal, but beheld from a human perspective as real.

Indeed, earthly life is a school of wisdom, where souls learn from direct and personal experiences and evolve from lesser truth to greater truth, and finally to fullness or enlightenment. No event ever happens on earth without a reason, and each soul learns its unique lessons while embodied in the human form.

There is nothing bad whatsoever in His entire creation. Hence, even what we refer to as bad is also a good experience, at least from an evolutionary standpoint.

We have to act our roles perfectly and remember that we are on the earthly stage doing His Will alone. Complete surrender is impossible as long as man is influenced by his mind, with all its waywardness. To free oneself from recurring cycles of birth and death man must have a perfect understanding of non-duality and experience his life as being completely in God’s Hands. This is true surrender.

If our present is but the result of our past, the habits formed are over a long period. But, whatever be the nature of the character one has come by, it can certainly be modified by modifying the accustomed processes of thought and imagination. No one is incorrigible. By conscious effort, habits can be changed and the character refined. By selfless service, by renunciation, by devotion, by prayer and by methodical reasoning and logic, old habits can be discarded and new one’s acquired for taking us along the divine path.

Allah Malik

Celebrate The Day For God Is In Control

GOD: Hello. Did you call me?

Me: Called you? No... Who is this?

GOD: This is GOD. I heard your prayers. So I thought I will chat.

Me: I do pray. Just makes me feel good. I am actually busy now. I am in the midst of something.

GOD: What are you busy at? Ants are busy too.

Me: Don't know. But I can't find free time. Life has become hectic. It's rush hour all the time.

GOD: Sure. Activity gets you busy. But productivity gets you results. Activity consumes time. Productivity frees it.

Me: I understand. But I still can't figure out. By the way, I was not expecting YOU to buzz me on instant messaging chat.

GOD: Well I wanted to resolve your fight for time, by giving you some clarity. In this net era, I wanted to reach you through the medium you are comfortable with.

Me: Tell me, why has life become complicated now?

GOD: Stop analyzing life. Just live it. Analysis is what makes it complicated.

Me: Why are we then constantly unhappy?

GOD: Your today is the tomorrow that you worried about yesterday. You are worrying because you are analyzing. Worrying has become your habit. That's why you are not happy.

Me: But how can we not worry when there is so much uncertainty?

GOD: Uncertainty is inevitable, but worrying is optional.

Me: But then, there is so much pain due to uncertainty.

GOD: Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.

Me: If suffering is optional, why do good people always suffer?

GOD: Diamond cannot be polished without friction. Gold cannot be purified without fire. Good people go through trials, but don't suffer. With that experience their life becomes better not bitter.

Me: You mean to say such experience is useful?

GOD: Yes. In every terms, Experience is a hard teacher. She gives the test first and the lessons afterwards.

Me: But still, why should we go through such tests? Why can't we be free from problems?

GOD: Problems are Purposeful Roadblocks Offering Beneficial Lessons [to] Enhance Mental Strength. Inner strength comes from struggle and endurance, not when you are free from problems.

Me: Frankly in the midst of so many problems, we don't know where we are heading..

GOD: If you look outside you will not know where you are heading. Look inside. Looking outside, you dream. Looking inside, you awaken. Eyes provide sight. Heart provides insight.

Me: Sometimes not succeeding fast seems to hurt more than moving in the right direction. What should I do?

GOD: Success is a measure as decided by others. Satisfaction is a measure as decided by you. Knowing the road ahead is more satisfying than knowing you rode ahead. You work with the compass. Let others work with the clock.

Me: In tough times, how do you stay motivated?

GOD: Always look at how far you have come rather than how far you have to go. Always count your blessing, not what you are missing.

Me: What surprises you about people?

GOD: When they suffer they ask, "why me?" When they prosper, they never ask "Why me" Everyone wishes to have truth on their side, but few want to be on the side of the truth.

Me: Sometimes I ask, who am I, why am I here. I can't get the answer.

GOD: Seek not to find who you are, but to determine who you want to be. Stop looking for a purpose as to why you are here. Create it. Life is not a process of discovery but a process of creation.

Me: How can I get the best out of life?

GOD: Face your past without regret. Handle your present with confidence. Prepare for the future without fear.

Me: One last question. Sometimes I feel my prayers are not answered.

GOD: There are no unanswered prayers. At times the answer is NO some times its WAIT - the time is not right. Think about it.

Me: Thank you for this wonderful chat.

GOD: Well. Keep the faith and drop the fear. Don't believe your doubts and doubt your beliefs. Life is a mystery to solve not a problem to resolve. Trust me. Life is wonderful if you know how to live.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Captain Hate

Aum Sairam

Captain Hate, who was staying in Bikaner, was a great devotee of Sri Sai. Once Sri Sai appeared to him in his dream and said Did you forget Me? Hate then immediately held Sri Sai's Feet and replied, If a child forgets his mother, how could it be saved? Then Hate went into the garden and took out fresh walpapadi vegetables, and arranging shidha [ghee, wheat-flour and Dal etc.] and Dakshina, was about to offer all this to Sri Sai when he was awakened and came to know that the whole thing was a dream. Then he decided to send all these things to Sri Sai at Shirdi. When he came to Gwalior some days afterwards he sent Rs.12/- by money order to a friend, with instructions that Rs. 2/- should be spent in buying shidha articles and walpapadi vegetables, and those should be offered to Sri Sai with Rs. 10/- as Dakshina. The friend went to Shirdi and purchased the things mentioned, but walpapadi was not available. In a short time a woman turned up with a basket on her head, which curiously enough contained the vegetables. It was purchased and then all the things were offered to Sri Sai on behalf of Captain hate. Mr. Nimonkar prepared the naivedya [rice and walpapadi vegetables] next day and offered the same to Sri Sai. All the people were surprised to see that Sri Sai while dining, took and ate walpapadi, and did not touch rice and other things. Hate's joy knew no bounds when he heard of this from his friend.

At another time Captain Hate wished that he should have in his house a coin of rupee consecrated by Sri Sai with His touch. He came across a friend who was bound for Shirdi. With him Hate sent his rupee. The friend went to Shirdi and after the usual salutation gave first his Dakshina which Sri Sai pocketed. Then he gave Hate's rupee, which Sri Sai took in His hand and began to stare at it. He held it in front, tossed it up with His right thumb and played with it. Then He said to the friend, Return this to its owner with the Prasad of Udi, tell him that I want nothing from him, ask him to live in peace and contentment. The friend returned to Gwalior, handed over the consecrated rupee to Hate, and told him all the happened at Shirdi. This time Hate was much pleased and realized that Sri Sai always encouraged good thoughts, and as he wished intently, Baba fulfilled the same accordingly.

Allah Malik
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