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Om Sri Sai Nathaya Namah.

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Friday, March 4, 2011

Om Namo Sainathaya Namah - Naam Jaap by Sri Suresh Wadkar

Aum Sai Ram

Today I am posting a Naam Jaap Album - "Om Namo Sainathaya Namah" sung by Sri Suresh Wadkar. This is one of the melodious albums with Naam Jaap for nearly 1 hr followed by the Aarti in Hindi. The lyrics are as below:

Om Namo Satchitanand Sainathaya Namah,
Shri Ram Chandraya Namaha, Shri Sai Krishnaya Namah,

Sant Swarupaya Namaha, Shri Sai Devaya Namah,
Shirdinathaya Namaha, Shri Satya Devaya Namah,

Sai Keshvaya Namaha, Sai Madhvaya Namah,
Anantrupaya Namaha, Bhakt Vatsalaya Namah,

Dattrupaya Namaha, Sadguru Devaya Namah,
Kaarunya Rupaaya Namaha, Shantipradaya Namah,

Satcharitaya Namaha, Divya Darshanaya Namah,
Shirdi Teerthaya Namaha, Shri Sai Devaya Namah.

To Download this ablum visit:
Om Namo Sainathaya Namah by Sri Suresh Wadkar

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