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Friday, October 9, 2015

How Did Lord Krishna & The Pandavas Die?

Aum Sai Ram.

What Happened After The Mahabharata War Is Something You Weren't Taught In School.

Mahabharata is a nearly perfect example of how to go about your life except, of course, the war. The war of Kurukshetra, is considered to be one of the bloodiest wars ever fought in human history. It was so monstrous that despite lasting for only eighteen days, it resulted in the death of almost 80 percent of the Indian male population, and its narrative forms more than a quarter of the book. What’s widely known is that the Pandavas won and the Kauravas lost. Ever imagined what happened after the Pandavas won? Who all survived? How long did the Pandavas rule Hastinapur? How did they finally die or were they actually murdered? And most importantly, what happened with Lord Krishna? Well, here are the (probable) answers.

1) After winning the war of Kurukshetra, Pandavas are crowned the rulers of Hastinapur with Yudhistira being at the helm of affairs. A grief-stricken Gandhari curses Krishna wishing for him and the whole Yadav clan a painfull death just like her sons (Kauravas).

2) Pandavas rule Hastinapur for 36 long years. Meanwhile, Gandhari’s curse to Lord Krishna starts taking shape. Witnessing ominous events in Dwarka, Krishna leads an exodus of the entire Yadav clan to Prabhasa. In Prabhasa, a murderous rebellion ensues amongst the clan, and the Yadavs end up killing each other to the extent of almost wiping out their entire race.

3) While trying to extinguish the rebellion, a hunter mistakenly shoots an arrow at the ‘mortal’ Lord Krishna, ultimately killing him. Thereafter, Krishna merges in the image of Vishnu and leaves his mortal human body. After the demise of Lord Krishna, Ved Vyasa tells Arjuna that the purpose of his and his brothers’ lives is over.

4) At about the same time, Dwapara Yuga is on the verge of ending, and Kali Yuga is about to start. Looking at the chaos and adharma creeping into his kingdom, Yudhistira crowns Parikshit as the king, and the Pandavas, along with Draupadi, decide to climb the Himalayas as a final penance to reach heaven. A stray dog (Lord Yama in disguise) joins them on their way to the top.

5) As the pack climbs up, one by one, they start falling to their death. It starts with Draupadi, and Bheem is the last to fall to death. The reasons for their death are associated with their desires, issues, and troubles caused by their pride. Only Yudhistira, who didn’t take pride in anything, along with the dog, makes it to the gateway of heaven atop the Himalayas.

6) At the gateway of heaven, Lord Yama, disguised as the dog, reveals his identity and before letting Yudhistira enter heaven, takes him on a tour through the gallows of hell. In hell, Yudhistira witnesses his brothers and Draupadi redeeming their sins. Lord Indira, then, takes Yudhistira to heaven and promises him that his brothers and Draupadi will be there.

This is how Lord Krishna and the Pandavas, the most important characters of Mahabharata, left the mortal world. After this, began the Kali Yuga, which is the world as we know today.

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